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Safety and Crime Rates in ZIP Code 11221

Overview of Crime Statistics in ZIP Code 11221

The ZIP Code 11221, encompassing parts of Bedford-Stuyvesant and Bushwick in Brooklyn, New York, has a diverse range of crime statistics. As a historically significant area undergoing rapid gentrification, understanding its current safety and crime situation is crucial for residents and potential movers.

Types of Crimes Reported

Violent Crimes

  • Assault: A prominent issue in 11221, with rates higher compared to some neighboring ZIP Codes.
  • Robbery: Incidents of robbery have seen fluctuations, often tied to broader socio-economic trends.
  • Homicide: While not exceedingly common, occasional cases do impact the overall safety perception in the area.

Property Crimes

  • Burglary: Burglary remains a concern, though recent trends show a slight decline, potentially due to increased security measures.
  • Larceny-Theft: This is one of the most reported property crimes in the area, often involving unattended personal property.
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: Car theft is less frequent but still present, requiring vigilant parking and anti-theft measures.

Other Notable Crimes

  • Drug-Related Crimes: Drug possession and trafficking remain notable issues, despite law enforcement efforts.
  • Vandalism: Vandalism, including graffiti, is common and contributes to quality of life concerns.

Crime Rate Trends

Over the past decade, crime rates in ZIP Code 11221 have shown a complex pattern. There has been a general decrease in violent crimes, correlated with city-wide initiatives to improve public safety and community policing. However, fluctuations in property crime rates reflect economic pressures and population changes.

Recent years report a mixed but overall downward trend in serious crimes, following increased community engagement and modernization of policing tactics.

Community Safety Initiatives

The community has responded proactively to combat crime, engaging in numerous safety initiatives:

  • Neighborhood Watch Programs: Residents participate in neighborhood watch groups, fostering a sense of community vigilance.
  • Police-Community Collaboration: Regular meetings between police officers and community members help address local crime issues effectively.
  • Public Safety Campaigns: Awareness campaigns educate residents on safety practices and crime prevention measures.

Resources for Residents

Residents of ZIP Code 11221 have access to various resources that assist in maintaining and improving safety:

Public Opinions and Perception

Public perception of safety in 11221 has evolved, with many residents indicating an increased feeling of security compared to previous years. Gentrification has brought new businesses and improved infrastructure to the area, although it has also led to some displacement and economic disparities.

Residents often cite the importance of continued vigilance and community solidarity in maintaining and improving neighborhood safety.


While ZIP Code 11221 faces various challenges related to crime and safety, ongoing community efforts and law enforcement collaboration show promise in addressing these issues. Consistent improvement over the years highlights the resilience and proactive nature of this Brooklyn neighborhood.

Proximity to Essential Services for ZIP Code 11221

Healthcare Facilities

The ZIP Code 11221, encompassing areas in Brooklyn, New York, is well-served with healthcare facilities. Residents have access to several hospitals and urgent care centers within a short distance. Notable facilities include:

  • Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center: Located less than two miles from the center of 11221, offering comprehensive healthcare services.
  • Interfaith Medical Center: Approximately three miles away, providing a wide range of medical treatments and emergency services.
  • Doctors on Call: Multiple clinics scattered throughout the area that offer convenient, non-emergency medical care.

Educational Institutions

Education in ZIP Code 11221 spans from elementary to high schools, ensuring residents have access to quality education at various levels. Some prominent institutions include:

  • PS 123 Suydam Elementary School: A reputable elementary school known for its dedicated staff and strong academic programs.
  • Brooklyn School for Social Justice: A high school offering focused curricula on social issues and community engagement.
  • Achievement First Bushwick Charter School: Provides a rigorous college-preparatory education with an emphasis on academic excellence.

Groceries and Supermarkets

Residents of 11221 benefit from numerous grocery stores and supermarkets, ensuring convenient access to fresh produce and essential food items:

  • Food Bazaar Supermarket: Located on Broadway, well-known for its diverse range of international food products.
  • Associated Supermarket: A local chain with several locations offering affordable and varied grocery items.
  • Bushwick Farmers Market: Seasonal availability offering fresh, locally-grown produce.

Public Transportation

Public transportation in ZIP Code 11221 makes commuting and travel accessible for residents, supported by multiple lines and options:

  • Subway Services: The J, M, and Z trains run through the area, providing links to Manhattan and other parts of Brooklyn.
  • MTA Bus Lines: Several bus routes, including the B26, B38, and B52, traverse the neighborhood, offering convenient travel options.
  • Citi Bike Stations: Multiple bike-sharing stations for those opting for an eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Recreational Facilities and Parks

The ZIP Code 11221 features various parks and recreational facilities, enhancing the quality of life for its residents:

  • Herbert Von King Park: Provides open green space and amenities such as amphitheaters, playgrounds, and an arts and cultural center.
  • Hattie Carthan Community Garden: A community-managed garden promoting local agriculture and sustainability.
  • Bushwick Playground: An area with sports facilities, playgrounds, and picnic sections.

Retail and Dining Options

ZIP Code 11221 boasts a variety of retail shops and dining establishments, catering to diverse tastes and preferences:

  • Broadway Junction Shopping District: A hub for various retail stores, boutiques, and specialty shops.
  • Saraghina Pizzeria: Renowned for its artisanal pizza and Italian cuisine, located on Halsey Street.
  • LunÀtico: A popular bar and restaurant offering live music and an eclectic menu, perfect for evening outings.

Emergency Services

Emergency services are readily available to residents of 11221, ensuring safety and prompt response time during critical situations:

  • NYPD Precinct 81: The 81st Precinct, providing policing services and community safety measures.
  • FDNY Engine 214/Ladder 111: Fire and rescue services stationed within the area ready to respond to any emergencies.
  • 911 Emergency Call Services: Integrated emergency call services that ensure quick dispatch of police, fire, and medical response units.

Overall, ZIP Code 11221 offers exceptional proximity to essential services, making it a well-equipped and convenient location for residents in Brooklyn, New York.

Quality of Local Schools in ZIP Code 11221


ZIP Code 11221, encompassing parts of Bedford-Stuyvesant and Bushwick in Brooklyn, New York, is home to a variety of educational institutions. The quality of these schools is a crucial factor for many families considering the area. This report assesses the local schools based on standardized test scores, teacher quality, available extracurricular activities, and parent reviews.

Public Schools

Elementary Schools

PS 26 Jesse Owen School: Known for its nurturing environment, PS 26 offers robust academic programs and strong teacher-student relationships. The school has a student-teacher ratio of 15:1.

PS 44 Marcus Garvey Elementary School: This school has been praised for its focus on arts and physical education, complementing its solid academic curriculum. Parent reviews highlight a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

Middle Schools

PS 81 Jean Paul Richter: A middle school celebrated for its “STEAM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) program, PS 81 has strong community support and active parental involvement.

MS 267 Math, Science & Technology: This middle school offers an advanced curriculum with an emphasis on analytical skills and technology. The school frequently organizes science fairs and clubs, enhancing student engagement.

High Schools

Bedford Academy High School: A top-performing high school, Bedford Academy has a reputation for academic excellence and a high graduation rate. The school offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses and a variety of extracurricular activities.

Boys and Girls High School: Although undergoing improvements, this school is dedicated to student success, offering tutoring and mentorship programs to help students excel.

Charter Schools

Success Academy Bed-Stuy 1: Part of the renowned Success Academy Charter Schools network, this school is known for high academic standards and a rigorous curriculum. They boast competitive standardized test scores and a comprehensive support system for students.

Achievement First Bed-Stuy: This K-12 charter school fosters a college-oriented mindset from an early age. The school emphasizes character education and community values, alongside strong academics.

Private Schools

Several private schools offer alternatives to public and charter schools in the 11221 area:

St. Francis Xavier School: A Catholic school providing education from Pre-K through 8th grade, known for its personalized attention and moral education.

Brooklyn Waldorf School: Focused on holistic education, this private institution emphasizes creative learning and individualized student-driven projects.

Extracurricular Activities

Many schools in ZIP Code 11221 offer a variety of extracurricular programs to foster overall development:

  • Sports: Including basketball, soccer, and track teams.
  • Arts: Programs such as music, theatre, and visual arts.
  • STEM Clubs: Various schools offer robotics, coding, and science clubs.
  • Community Service: Encouraged across most schools to build a sense of civic duty.

Parent Reviews and Community Involvement

Parents often cite strong community involvement as a key strength of schools in the 11221 ZIP Code.

“The teachers and staff are incredibly dedicated and approachable, making sure every child’s needs are met.”

“Our school hosts regular community events that help bring parents, students, and staff together, creating a strong support network.”


In ZIP Code 11221, local schools offer a diverse range of educational opportunities. With dedicated staff, comprehensive curricula, and strong community involvement, these schools strive to provide a high-quality education to all students.

Public Transportation Access in ZIP Code 11221


The ZIP code 11221 encompasses parts of Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, New York. This area is well-served by a variety of public transportation options, making it convenient for residents and visitors to navigate the neighborhood and the greater New York City area.

Subway Services

Lines and Stations

Several subway lines run through or near the 11221 ZIP code, providing efficient transit options:

  • A and C Lines: The A and C subway lines run along Fulton Street with accessible stations such as Nostrand Avenue and Kingston-Throop Avenues.
  • J, M, and Z Lines: The J, M, and Z lines run along Broadway, with stations like Kosciuszko Street and Myrtle Avenue.
  • G Line: The G line runs along Flushing Avenue with stations like Myrtle-Willoughby and Bedford-Nostrand Avenues.


Many subway stations in the 11221 area are equipped with elevators and ramps, ensuring accessibility for passengers with disabilities. Key accessible stations include:

  • Nostrand Avenue (A, C Lines)
  • Myrtle Avenue (J, M, Z Lines)

Bus Services

Local Buses

The MTA operates several bus routes that serve the Bedford-Stuyvesant area within the 11221 ZIP code. Prominent routes include:

  • B26: Runs across Fulton Street, connecting Downtown Brooklyn and Ridgewood, Queens.
  • B38: Travels along DeKalb Avenue, linking Downtown Brooklyn to Ridgewood.
  • B46: Runs north-south along Utica Avenue, providing transit to the Eastern Parkway and Kings Plaza.
  • B52: Connects Dumbo through Gates Avenue to Ridgewood.

Express Buses

For longer commutes, express bus services such as the BM15 provide rapid transit from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Bicycle Infrastructure

For those who prefer cycling, the 11221 area offers extensive bicycle lanes and CitiBike stations:

  • Bicycle lanes are integrated along major roads such as Bedford Avenue and Stuyvesant Avenue.
  • CitiBike stations are strategically located near popular landmarks and subway stations, facilitating bike-sharing initiatives.

Pedestrian Accessibility

Bedford-Stuyvesant is pedestrian-friendly, with well-maintained sidewalks and crosswalks. Key features include:

  • Well-marked crosswalks and traffic signals to ensure pedestrian safety.
  • Regular street maintenance and lighting for nighttime safety.

Ride-Sharing and Other Services

The 11221 ZIP code also benefits from extensive ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. These services offer convenient and flexible transit options for residents and visitors alike.

Additionally, other services including Zipcar and Revel ensure that alternative transportation methods are readily available.

Parking Facilities

Parking can be challenging in Brooklyn but there are several municipal and private parking facilities available:

  • Municipal parking at locations such as Fulton Street Municipal Lot.
  • Private parking garages that offer hourly and daily parking rates.

Future Developments

The public transportation landscape in the 11221 area is continually evolving. Upcoming initiatives and developments include:

  • Expansion of dedicated bus lanes to improve transit times.
  • Introduction of more CitiBike stations to enhance connectivity.
  • Upgrades to subway stations to further improve accessibility.


The 11221 ZIP code in Brooklyn offers a comprehensive network of public transportation options that facilitate convenient and efficient travel for all its residents and visitors.

Neighborhood Atmosphere for ZIP Code 11221


Located in the vibrant and culturally rich borough of Brooklyn, New York, ZIP Code 11221 encompasses parts of Bedford-Stuyvesant and Bushwick. Known for its historic brownstone buildings, diverse population, and artistic community, this area offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern vibrancy.

Historical Background

Bedford-Stuyvesant, often abbreviated as Bed-Stuy, is one of New York City’s most culturally significant neighborhoods. The area has played a crucial role in the African-American community’s history, particularly during the Civil Rights Movement. Bushwick, on the other hand, has transformed from a predominantly industrial area to one of Brooklyn’s most sought-after artistic hubs.

Community and Diversity

The 11221 ZIP Code is known for its diverse demographic makeup. You’ll find a rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and traditions represented here. This diversity is reflected in the neighborhood’s array of restaurants, shops, and community events. It offers a welcoming atmosphere where people from various backgrounds coexist and contribute to a vibrant community life.

Local Amenities

The area is home to numerous parks, schools, and community centers, making it ideal for families and individuals alike. Key amenities include:

  • Saratoga Park: A beautiful green space offering playgrounds, sports facilities, and picnic areas.
  • JHS 57 Ron Brown School: One of the many educational institutions serving the local community.
  • Pratt Institute: Located nearby, this prestigious art and design college contributes to the neighborhood’s creative atmosphere.

Real Estate and Architecture

The neighborhood boasts a mix of housing options, from historic brownstones and row houses to modern apartment complexes. The architecture here showcases the area’s evolution over the years, combining classic and contemporary styles. This eclectic mix attracts both long-time residents and newcomers looking for a dynamic living environment.

Dining and Entertainment

The 11221 area offers an exciting culinary scene, with a wide variety of eateries ranging from cozy cafes to high-end restaurants. Popular spots include:

  • Bed-Vyne Brew: A local favorite for craft beers and live music.
  • Saraghina: Known for its wood-fired pizzas and rustic Italian dishes.
  • Little Skips: An eco-friendly café offering delicious pastries and coffee.

Nightlife and entertainment are equally vibrant, with numerous bars, music venues, and art galleries to explore. Whether you’re looking for a quiet evening or a lively night out, there’s something for everyone here.


Accessibility is a strong point for ZIP Code 11221. The area is well-served by public transportation, including several subway lines (A, C, J, M, Z) and numerous bus routes. This makes commuting to other parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan convenient and efficient.

Safety and Community Initiatives

While safety is a concern in any urban area, the community in 11221 is proactive about creating a secure environment. Numerous neighborhood watch groups and community organizations work together to maintain safety and improve quality of life. Local police precincts are also actively involved in community outreach programs.

Educational Opportunities

Education is a priority in the 11221 area, with a variety of public and private schools catering to different educational needs. Notable institutions include:

  • PS 123 Suydam: A well-regarded public elementary school.
  • Brooklyn College Academy: Offers college preparatory programs for high school students.

Art and Culture

The local arts scene is thriving, thanks to numerous galleries, studios, and cultural centers. Street art is also a prominent feature of the neighborhood, with murals and installations adding a splash of color and creativity to the streetscapes.

Places to explore:

  • Bushwick Collective: An outdoor gallery showcasing works from artists around the world.
  • Restoration Plaza: A cultural and community hub offering a range of arts and educational programs.

Community Events

Throughout the year, the 11221 ZIP Code hosts a variety of community events, including street fairs, farmers’ markets, and cultural festivals. These events foster a sense of community and provide opportunities for residents to come together and celebrate their neighborhood’s diversity and vibrancy.


ZIP Code 11221 offers an unparalleled living experience characterized by diversity, cultural richness, and a strong community atmosphere. Whether you’re drawn by its historical significance, vibrant arts scene, or welcoming vibe, this Brooklyn neighborhood has something unique to offer each resident.

Real Estate Market Trends for ZIP Code 11221

Overview of ZIP Code 11221

ZIP Code 11221 encompasses a portion of Brooklyn, New York, specifically the neighborhoods of Bedford-Stuyvesant and Bushwick. This area has seen significant changes over the past decade, influenced by urban development, demographic shifts, and economic factors. Understanding the real estate market trends in ZIP Code 11221 helps both buyers and sellers make informed decisions.

Home Prices

The real estate market in ZIP Code 11221 has experienced substantial appreciation in home prices. According to recent data, the median home price in this area is approximately $750,000, reflecting a year-over-year increase of 5%. This growth is attributed to increased demand and limited housing inventory.

Properties in ZIP Code 11221 vary widely in price, with single-family homes, townhouses, and multi-family units. While single-family homes tend to be at the higher end of the spectrum, multi-family properties offer more affordability and investment opportunities.

Rental Market

The rental market in ZIP Code 11221 is equally vibrant, driven by a mix of long-term residents and an influx of new tenants drawn by the area’s amenities and transportation links. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is approximately $2,500 per month, with slight variations depending on the location and condition of the property.

Rental demand remains robust, fueled by the presence of young professionals, students, and families seeking proximity to Manhattan and other parts of Brooklyn.

Market Supply and Inventory

The housing inventory in ZIP Code 11221 has been relatively tight, contributing to upward pressure on home prices. Recent developments and renovations have added some supply, yet it often falls short of demand. New construction projects and updated listings periodically increase the inventory, providing fresh options for both buyers and renters.

Of particular interest are historically significant brownstones and refurbished townhouses that attract higher-end buyers looking for unique and character-filled properties.

Demographic Shifts

ZIP Code 11221 has witnessed noteworthy demographic changes over the recent years. There is a growing diversity of residents, including an increase in younger, more affluent professionals. This shift has implications on the types of housing that are in demand, with many buyers and renters seeking modern amenities and ready-to-move-in properties.

Additionally, the area’s cultural vibrancy and community amenities, including parks, cafes, and art spaces, have made it an attractive location for newcomers.

Economic Influences

The local economy in ZIP Code 11221 plays a vital role in housing market trends. Economic indicators such as employment rates, income levels, and business development activities directly influence real estate dynamics. The area’s proximity to business hubs in Brooklyn and Manhattan positively impacts its appeal and property values.

Moreover, public investments in infrastructure, public transportation improvements, and community development projects further enhance the area’s desirability.

Forecast and Future Trends

Looking forward, the real estate market in ZIP Code 11221 is expected to continue its upward trajectory. Factors such as ongoing urban renewal projects, improved public amenities, and persistent demand in the rental market support a positive outlook.

Potential challenges include interest rate fluctuations and broader economic conditions. However, the intrinsic appeal of the area, combined with strategic investments, positions ZIP Code 11221 as a resilient and promising market for investors, homeowners, and renters alike.


The real estate market trends in ZIP Code 11221 highlight a dynamic and evolving landscape. With rising home prices, a vibrant rental market, and significant demographic and economic developments, this area remains a focal point for real estate activities in Brooklyn. Continued investment and strategic market positioning are essential for capitalizing on the opportunities within this thriving community.

Property Taxes in ZIP Code 11221

Overview of Property Taxes

Property taxes in ZIP Code 11221, located in Brooklyn, NY, are an essential consideration for homeowners and prospective buyers. The property tax system funds local services, including schools, public safety, and infrastructure maintenance.

Calculation of Property Taxes

In ZIP Code 11221, property taxes are calculated by assessing the market value of a property and applying the applicable tax rate. The process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Assessment: The New York City Department of Finance determines the market value of properties.
  2. Tax Class Determination: Properties are categorized into different tax classes (1-4) based on their type and usage.
  3. Tax Rate Application: Each class has a specific tax rate that is applied to the assessed value.

Tax Rates for Different Property Classes

The tax rates vary based on the property class, with rates reviewed annually by the New York City Council. For the latest tax year, the rates are as follows:

  • Class 1: Including 1-3 unit residential properties, the rate is generally lower.
  • Class 2: Encompassing residential buildings with more than four units, including cooperatives and condominiums.
  • Class 3: Properties owned by utilities and special franchises.
  • Class 4: All other properties, such as commercial and industrial buildings.

Property Tax Exemptions and Abatements

Residents of 11221 may be eligible for various property tax exemptions and abatements, helping to reduce the total tax burden. Some common programs include:

  • School Tax Relief (STAR) Program: Provides tax relief for owner-occupied homes.
  • Senior Citizen Homeowners’ Exemption (SCHE): Offers reductions for senior citizens on fixed incomes.
  • Veterans’ Exemption: Available for veterans and their families.
  • Disability Homeowners’ Exemption (DHE): Provides relief for homeowners with disabilities.

Payment and Due Dates

Property taxes in 11221 are payable in quarterly or semi-annual installments. Key due dates for payments are:

  • July 1
  • October 1
  • January 1
  • April 1

Failure to pay on time can result in penalties and interest, making it crucial for property owners to stay current on their tax obligations.

Appealing Property Assessments

If you believe your property’s assessed value is inaccurate, you have the right to appeal. The process involves:

  1. Filing a request for review with the NYC Department of Finance.
  2. Providing evidence, such as recent sales data or a professional appraisal, to support your claim.
  3. Attending a hearing, if required, to present your case.

Contact Information for Property Tax Assistance

For assistance with property taxes in ZIP Code 11221, you can contact the NYC Department of Finance:

NYC Department of Finance
Phone: 311 (within NYC) or (212) 639-9675 (outside NYC)
Contact Page

Understanding and managing property taxes in ZIP Code 11221 ensures homeowners can effectively handle their financial responsibilities while potentially benefiting from available programs.

Community Amenities in ZIP Code 11221

Parks and Recreational Areas

Residents of ZIP code 11221 have access to a variety of parks and recreational areas that offer green spaces and leisure activities. Notable mentions include:

  • Marcy Playground: A community favorite, featuring playground equipment, basketball courts, and picnic areas.
  • Saratoga Park: Known for its beautifully landscaped gardens and walking paths.
  • Hebert Von King Park: Offers a cultural arts center, dog run, and ample sitting areas.

Public Libraries

The Brooklyn Public Library system serves the ZIP code 11221 with branches that aspire to provide educational and informational resources:

  • Macon Library: Hosts various events from book clubs to educational programs, and offers computer access.
  • Marcy Library: Features a vast catalog of books, multimedia resources, and community events.

Educational Facilities

Education is a cornerstone of the 11221 community, featuring numerous public and private institutions:

  • Public Schools:
    • PS 5 Dr. Ronald McNair
    • PS 297 Abe Stark
    • Bedford Stuyvesant Collegiate Charter School
  • Private Schools:
    • Beth Jacob of Boro Park
    • St. Mark’s Day School

Community Centers

Community centers play a pivotal role in fostering social interactions and providing essential services:

  • Bed-Stuy Restoration: Offers economic development programs, arts and culture events, and social services.
  • YMCA: Located on Bedford Avenue, providing fitness programs, swimming lessons, and youth development activities.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare options in ZIP code 11221 encompass a range of facilities to meet various medical needs:

  • Woodhull Medical Center: A full-service hospital offering emergency services, specialized care, and outpatient services.
  • Interfaith Medical Center: Provides comprehensive healthcare, including mental health services and primary care.

Public Transportation

Efficient public transportation supports the community’s mobility, with numerous routes and options available:

  • Subway: The A, C, J, Z, and M lines serve the area, ensuring connectivity to greater NYC.
  • Buses: Several bus routes including the B43, B44, and B52 provide extensive coverage within the neighborhood and beyond.

Shopping and Dining

A plethora of shopping and dining options exist within ZIP code 11221, catering to varied tastes and preferences:

  • Shopping: Local boutiques, grocery stores, and street vendors offer a delightful variety of goods, from fresh produce to unique fashion items.
  • Dining: The area is home to an eclectic blend of dining establishments, including:
    • Peaches: Known for its Southern cuisine and warm, inviting atmosphere.
    • Chez Oskar: A French bistro offering a relaxed dining experience with a touch of sophistication.
    • Sarai’s Kitchen: Highly recommended for those craving authentic Caribbean dishes.

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