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Safety and Crime Rates: ZIP Code 78660

Overview of ZIP Code 78660

ZIP Code 78660 is an area located in the state of Texas, primarily covering the city of Pflugerville and its surrounding regions. This ZIP code area is known for its suburban setting, attractive for families and professionals seeking proximity to the Austin metropolitan area while enjoying a quieter residential environment.

Crime Statistics and Analysis

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes in ZIP Code 78660 include offenses such as homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. According to recent data:

  • Homicide Rate: The homicide rate for this ZIP code is relatively low, indicating a rare occurrence of this type of violent crime.
  • Robbery: Incidents of robbery have been reported but remain below the national average, reflecting moderate safety conditions.
  • Aggravated Assault: Aggravated assaults in ZIP Code 78660 have shown a slight increase but still stay within a manageable range, allowing for effective law enforcement intervention.

Property Crimes

Property crimes, including burglary, theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson, tend to be more common but are consistently monitored by local authorities:

  • Burglary: Instances of burglary have seen fluctuations but have generally decreased due to community vigilance and enhanced security measures.
  • Theft: Petty theft remains a concern, although it has not escalated to alarming levels.
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: Vehicle-related thefts in ZIP Code 78660 are reported at average rates, prompting residents to adopt preventive measures such as using anti-theft devices and secure parking.
  • Arson: Arson cases are infrequent, suggesting effective monitoring and preventive awareness within the community.

Law Enforcement and Community Initiatives

Law enforcement agencies, particularly the Pflugerville Police Department, play a vital role in maintaining and improving safety standards within ZIP Code 78660:

  • Police Presence: The area benefits from an active and supportive police presence, including regular patrols and responsive emergency services.
  • Community Programs: Numerous community programs, such as neighborhood watch groups and public safety workshops, foster a collaborative environment between law enforcement and residents.
  • Crime Prevention: Strategies such as crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) and technological solutions like home surveillance systems are increasingly adopted to mitigate crime risks.

Safety Tips for Residents

Residents of ZIP Code 78660 are encouraged to take the following safety precautions to help maintain a low crime rate:

  • Engage in neighborhood watch programs and report suspicious activities to local authorities.
  • Secure all doors and windows with high-quality locks and install security systems where possible.
  • Keep personal belongings and valuables out of sight, especially in vehicles.
  • Participate in community events and safety workshops to stay informed about crime trends and protective measures.


While ZIP Code 78660 remains a generally safe area with a supportive community and proactive law enforcement, it is essential for residents to remain vigilant and adopt recommended safety practices. Continued collaboration between the police and the public will help maintain and further decrease the area’s crime rates, ensuring a secure living environment for all.

Proximity to Essential Services for ZIP Code 78660

Healthcare Facilities

Residents of ZIP Code 78660 have access to a range of healthcare facilities. Notable hospitals and clinics include:

  • Pflugerville Health Center: Located just a few minutes away, this center offers comprehensive medical services including general practice, pediatrics, and family medicine.
  • St. David’s Emergency Center: A nearby 24/7 emergency center providing urgent care, imaging services, and laboratory services.
  • Seton Medical Center Williamson: Although slightly further away, this full-service hospital offers a wide array of specialized medical services.

Educational Institutions

Within ZIP Code 78660, families have access to various highly-ranked schools and educational institutions:

  • Pflugerville Independent School District (PISD): Serving a majority of residents, PISD offers numerous elementary, middle, and high schools with strong academic programs.
  • Hendrickson High School: Known for its stellar academic, arts, and athletics programs.
  • Central Texas College: A community college offering associate degrees and various certifications.

Shopping Centers and Grocery Stores

Convenient access to shopping and groceries is a significant benefit for residents of 78660:

  • Stone Hill Town Center: Featuring major retailers like Target, Home Depot, and Best Buy, along with various dining options.
  • HEB Plus!: A large supermarket offering a wide selection of groceries, household goods, and fresh produce.
  • Costco Wholesale: For bulk purchases, Costco provides everything from groceries to electronics.

Public Transportation

Public transportation in ZIP Code 78660 is facilitated by:

  • Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Capital Metro): Offers bus services connecting Pflugerville with Austin and surrounding communities.
  • MetroRail: Although the closest station is in nearby Leander, it provides a reliable commuting option to downtown Austin.

Parks and Recreational Facilities

Outdoor enthusiasts within ZIP Code 78660 can enjoy numerous parks and recreational facilities:

  • Typhoon Texas Waterpark: A fantastic spot for family fun during the summer.
  • Lake Pflugerville Park: Offers walking trails, fishing piers, and kayak rentals.
  • Northeast Metropolitan Park: Features sports fields, BMX tracks, and a skate park.

Emergency Services

Emergency services for residents are robust and reliable:

  • Pflugerville Police Department: Ensures safety with regular patrols and quick response times.
  • Pflugerville Fire Department: Provides fire suppression, rescue, and emergency medical services.

Libraries and Community Centers

Educational and community-oriented resources are aplenty in 78660:

  • Pflugerville Public Library: Offers a vast collection of books, digital resources, and various community programs.
  • Pflugerville Recreation Center: Provides fitness equipment, classes, and various community events.

Dining and Entertainment

Residents of ZIP Code 78660 have diverse options for dining and entertainment:

  • Downtown Pflugerville: Features various local eateries, bars, and cultural events.
  • Cinemark Stone Hill Town Center: A movie theater offering the latest film releases.
  • Main Event Entertainment: Offers bowling, arcade games, and laser tag.

Quality of Local Schools in ZIP Code 78660

Overview of ZIP Code 78660

The ZIP Code 78660, located in the vibrant city of Pflugerville, Texas, is home to a diverse range of educational institutions. This region is known for its commitment to academic excellence and offers a variety of options to cater to the different needs of students and parents.

Public Schools

Pflugerville Independent School District (Pflugerville ISD) serves the majority of the ZIP Code 78660 and is highly regarded for its quality education standards.

Elementary Schools

  • Rowe Lane Elementary School: Rated highly for its exceptional teachers and curriculum. Student-Teacher Ratio: 15:1 and Test Scores: Above State Average.
  • Springhill Elementary School: Known for a strong focus on early childhood education and development. Student-Teacher Ratio: 16:1.

Middle Schools

  • Park Crest Middle School: Offers extensive extracurricular activities and has a rigorous academic program. Test Scores: Above Proficiency in Mathematics.
  • Kelly Lane Middle School: Emphasizes STEM education and holistic student development. Student-Teacher Ratio: 14:1.

High Schools

  • Pflugerville High School: Noted for its college readiness programs and advanced placement options. Graduation Rate: 93% and College Readiness Score: High.
  • Weiss High School: A relatively new institution that has quickly gained a reputation for its innovative teaching methods. Student-Teacher Ratio: 17:1.

Private Schools

For families seeking private education, ZIP Code 78660 offers several notable options.

  • Century Christian Academy: A faith-based institution known for its personalized learning approach and small class sizes. Average Class Size: 12 Students.
  • St. Mary’s Academy: Offers a rigorous academic program with a strong emphasis on community service and moral development.

Charter Schools

Charter schools provide additional educational options, focusing on specialized curricula and innovative teaching methods.

  • Pflugerville Charter Academy: A top-tier school known for its STEM-focused programs and high academic standards. Test Scores: Significantly Above State Average.
  • Harmony Science Academy: Offers a comprehensive STEM curriculum with an emphasis on hands-on learning and real-world applications.

Special Programs and Extracurricular Activities

Many schools within ZIP Code 78660 provide a variety of special programs and extracurricular activities aimed at holistic student development.

  • Advanced Placement (AP) Programs: Available at most high schools, offering students the opportunity to earn college credits while in high school.
  • STEM Clubs: Focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, encouraging practical and collaborative learning.
  • Arts and Music Programs: Offered across various levels, these programs support the development of artistic skills and creativity.

Community Involvement and Parental Feedback

The community takes an active role in the local education system, providing feedback and support through various channels.

  • PTA/PTO Involvement: Strong parent-teacher associations actively participate in school events and decision-making processes.
  • Community Events: Regularly organized events facilitate community engagement and offer students additional learning opportunities outside the classroom.
  • Parental Feedback: Surveys and forums are routinely conducted to gather feedback from parents, ensuring that schools meet the community’s expectations and needs.


Overall, the schools in ZIP Code 78660 offer a rich tapestry of educational opportunities. With options ranging from public and private schools to charter institutions, families can choose environments best suited to their children’s educational needs.

Public Transportation Access in ZIP Code 78660

ZIP code 78660, which encompasses parts of Pflugerville, Texas, offers a range of public transportation options. This report provides an in-depth look at the various modes of public transit available, accessibility features, route details, and the overall infrastructure supporting public transportation within the zip code.

Public Bus Services

Pflugerville, located in the 78660 ZIP code, is served primarily by Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CapMetro). CapMetro is the main public transit provider for the Austin metropolitan area, including Pflugerville.

Route Options

  • Route 50: This route connects the Tech Ridge Park & Ride to the Howard Station and runs through several important stops in the Pflugerville area.
  • Route 275: An express route offering service between Pflugerville and key locations in north Austin, ideal for daily commuters.
  • Feeder Services: Feeder bus routes link residential neighborhoods within 78660 to larger transit hubs and arterial roads, facilitating easy transfers to other CapMetro services.

CapMetro’s buses are equipped with Wi-Fi, and provide real-time tracking information through the CapMetro app, making commutes more convenient.


CapMetro ensures that all its buses are wheelchair accessible and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Features include low-floor designs, kneeling buses, and ramps or lifts for easy boarding.

Rail Services

Currently, Pflugerville does not have a direct rail service. However, residents in ZIP code 78660 can access nearby rail services:


  • Howard Station: Located a short drive from 78660, this station is part of the Capital MetroRail line offering direct services to downtown Austin. Ample parking is available for commuters.
  • Kramer Station: Another important station within a reachable distance from Pflugerville, facilitating easy travel to major destinations in Austin.

Future Developments

There are ongoing discussions and planning for possible rail extensions that could directly serve Pflugerville in the future as part of broader Project Connect initiatives by CapMetro.

Park & Ride Facilities

To support public transportation usage, Pflugerville offers several Park & Ride facilities:

  • Tech Ridge Park & Ride: Providing extensive parking space for vehicles, this facility is crucial for commuters utilizing bus services.
  • Howard Station Park & Ride: Although slightly outside the ZIP code, it is heavily utilized by residents for MetroRail services.

Additional Services

To augment traditional public transportation modes, Pflugerville also benefits from a variety of supplemental services:

Ride-Sharing and On-Demand Transit

CapMetro’s on-demand services and partnerships with ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft enhance connectivity. Pickup, CapMetro’s ride-hailing service, offers door-to-door transportation within designated zones in the 78660 area.

Bike and Scooter Sharing

Public bike and electric scooter-sharing programs, facilitated through apps available in Pflugerville, provide flexible last-mile connectivity options, linking residents to major transit routes and hubs.


Public transportation in the 78660 area continues to evolve, offering a blend of bus routes, Park & Ride facilities, and supplemental on-demand services, striving to enhance accessibility and convenience for all residents.

Neighborhood Atmosphere in ZIP Code 78660

Overview of ZIP Code 78660

Located in the greater Austin metropolitan area, ZIP Code 78660 covers portions of Pflugerville, TX. Known for its vibrant community and suburban charm, this area is a sought-after locale for both families and young professionals alike.

Community Demographics

The population within ZIP Code 78660 is diverse, with a healthy mix of age groups, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The community is characterized by a family-friendly atmosphere, offering numerous amenities for all age groups.

Housing and Real Estate

The housing market in 78660 offers a combination of single-family homes, townhouses, and apartment complexes. This diversity allows prospective residents to find a home that fits their budget and lifestyle. Properties often feature modern amenities and spacious yards, making them ideal for families with children.


The area is served by the highly-rated Pflugerville Independent School District (PISD). Parents can choose from a range of public and private schools that are known for their academic excellence and extracurricular activities. The presence of several parks and recreational facilities adds value to the educational experience.

Parks and Recreation

One of the highlights of living in ZIP Code 78660 is the abundance of parks and recreational opportunities. Some popular destinations include:

  • Pflugerville Lake: A hub for water activities, picnicking, and outdoor fitness.
  • Heritage Park: Known for its trails, sports fields, and community events.

These parks provide a natural escape and foster a strong sense of community.

Shopping and Dining

Residents of ZIP Code 78660 have access to a variety of shopping and dining options. Major shopping centers include Stone Hill Town Center and Pfluger Crossing, featuring a mix of national retailers and local businesses. The dining scene is equally diverse, offering everything from fast-casual eateries to fine dining and international cuisine.

Transportation and Commute

Commuting from ZIP Code 78660 is relatively convenient, thanks to its close proximity to major highways such as I-35 and Highway 130. Public transportation options are available, and the city of Austin is just a short drive away, making it easy for residents to enjoy the amenities of a larger metropolitan area.

Safety and Law Enforcement

Safety is a priority in ZIP Code 78660, with a strong presence of local law enforcement ensuring a secure and peaceful living environment. Community programs and neighborhood watches help to enhance the overall safety, making it a reassuring choice for families.

Community Events and Activities

The sense of community in ZIP Code 78660 is bolstered by a calendar full of local events and activities. Annual festivals, farmers’ markets, and holiday celebrations offer plenty of opportunities for residents to socialize and engage with their neighbors.

Healthcare Facilities

The area is well-served by numerous healthcare facilities, including clinics, hospitals, and specialized medical services. Access to quality healthcare adds to the overall appeal of living in this ZIP Code.

Real Estate Market Trends in ZIP Code 78660

Market Overview

The real estate market in ZIP Code 78660, located in Pflugerville, Texas, has seen significant developments over recent years. This report explores various facets of the market, offering insights into pricing trends, inventory, and demand.

Home Prices

Median Home Price: As of the latest data, the median home price in ZIP Code 78660 stands at approximately $300,000. This represents a year-over-year increase of 5%.

Price per Square Foot: The average price per square foot in this area is around $150, which is slightly higher compared to nearby regions.

Market Inventory

  • Active Listings: Currently, there are about 200 active listings in ZIP Code 78660, indicating a balanced market.
  • Days on Market: Homes in this ZIP code spend an average of 30 days on the market before being sold.
  • New Construction: New construction has contributed significantly to the housing inventory, with numerous new housing developments emerging in recent years.

Market Demand

ZIP Code 78660 has witnessed high demand due to multiple factors:

  1. Location: Being strategically located near major highways and employment hubs draws in buyers from various demographics.
  2. Amenities: The area is rich in amenities, including parks, schools, and shopping centers, making it a desirable location for families.
  3. Community: Pflugerville offers a friendly community vibe, coupled with a lower cost of living compared to Austin, attracting more buyers.

Types of Homes

The real estate market in ZIP Code 78660 is diverse, featuring a mix of:

  • Single-family homes: Most popular among buyers, with a variety of styles and sizes.
  • Townhomes: Increasing in popularity due to their affordability and low maintenance.
  • Apartments and Condos: Provide a more affordable entry point into the housing market.

Price Trends by Neighborhood

Neighborhood Median Price Price per Sq Ft
Falcon Pointe $350,000 $170
Blackhawk $330,000 $165
Highland Park $270,000 $140

Future Projections

Growth Forecast: The real estate market in ZIP Code 78660 is expected to continue its upward trajectory, driven by ongoing infrastructure developments, a healthy job market, and an influx of new residents.

Investment Opportunities: With a consistent appreciation in home values, ZIP Code 78660 presents lucrative investment opportunities for both residential buyers and real estate investors.


The real estate market dynamics in ZIP Code 78660 indicate robust growth and high demand, making it an attractive location for potential homeowners and investors. With various housing options, a prime location, and a welcoming community, this area promises continued prosperity in the real estate sector.

Property Taxes in ZIP Code 78660

Overview of Property Taxes

Property taxes in the ZIP Code 78660, covering Pflugerville, Texas, are determined by several factors, including the assessed property value and the tax rate set by local authorities. These taxes are a primary source of revenue for local governments and fund essential services such as public education, infrastructure, and emergency services.

Assessed Property Value

The assessed property value is the estimated market value of a property determined by the Travis County Appraisal District (TCAD). Property assessments are usually conducted annually. Homeowners receive a notice of their property’s appraised value each year; they can appeal this value if they believe it is incorrect.

Factors Influencing Assessed Value:

  • Market conditions
  • Property improvements
  • Comparable property sales
  • Economic factors

Property Tax Rates

Property tax rates in ZIP Code 78660 are determined by various local taxing entities, including Travis County, the City of Pflugerville, Pflugerville Independent School District (PISD), and other special districts such as the Emergency Services District.

Example of Tax Rates:

  • Travis County: 0.3744%
  • City of Pflugerville: 0.4976%
  • Pflugerville ISD: 1.3580%
  • Emergency Services District: 0.1000%

These rates are applied to the assessed value of your property to calculate your total property tax bill. Rates can change annually based on budgetary needs and voter-approved measures.

Calculating Property Taxes

To calculate the property taxes for a home in ZIP Code 78660, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the assessed value of your property.
  2. Apply the appropriate tax rates from each taxing entity.
  3. Add the total tax liability from each entity to get the total property tax due.

For example, a property assessed at $300,000 with the combined tax rate of 2.33% (an approximation of the total rates) would result in an annual property tax of $6,990.

Property Tax Exemptions

Several exemptions can reduce the taxable value of a property, thus lowering the overall property tax bill.

Common Exemptions Include:

  • Homestead Exemption: Reduces the assessed value for a primary residence.
  • Over-65 Exemption: Available to residents aged 65 or older, offering additional tax relief.
  • Disabled Person Exemption: Provides relief to qualifying disabled individuals.
  • Veterans Exemption: Available to disabled veterans and their surviving spouses.

Homeowners must apply for these exemptions through the TCAD and meet specific eligibility requirements. It is important to apply by the deadline to benefit from the reduced taxable value.

Payment and Due Dates

Property tax bills are typically mailed to homeowners in October and are due by January 31 of the following year. Late payments are subject to penalties and interest.

Payment Options:

  • Online payment through the Travis County Tax Office website.
  • Mail payment to the Travis County Tax Office.
  • In-person payment at designated locations.
  • Escrow payments through mortgage lenders.

Property Tax Appeals

If homeowners believe their assessed property value is too high, they can file a protest with the Travis County Appraisal Review Board (ARB). The protest process involves presenting evidence to support a lower valuation, which may include recent sales of comparable properties, appraisal reports, or photographs documenting property condition.

The deadline for filing a protest is May 15 or 30 days after receiving the appraisal notice, whichever is later.

Impact of Property Taxes on Homeowners

Property taxes significantly impact the overall cost of homeownership in ZIP Code 78660. Understanding how these taxes are calculated, available exemptions, and the payment process is crucial for all homeowners to ensure they only pay what is required and can take advantage of available savings.

Community Amenities in ZIP Code 78660

Recreational Facilities

The community in ZIP Code 78660, primarily encompassing Pflugerville, TX, offers a variety of recreational facilities suitable for all ages. The Gilleland Creek Pool and Park is a popular destination, featuring a swimming pool, playgrounds, and picnic areas. The Gilleland Creek Trail provides scenic hiking and biking options.

The Typhoon Texas Waterpark offers families thrilling water attractions and slides. Lake Pflugerville supports kayaking, windsurfing, and fishing, enhancing the outdoor experience with a recreation trail and beach area for relaxation and fun.

Parks and Green Spaces

ZIP Code 78660 is home to many parks and green spaces that cater to various outdoor activities. Heritage Park and Stone Hill Park offer vast playgrounds, open fields, and shaded picnic spots. The city’s emphasis on green space ensures residents enjoy access to nature and the outdoors.

The Peckham Park and Blackhawk Park are perfect for community gatherings, sports events, and outdoor exercises. Paved trails and well-maintained landscapes make these parks a hub of communal and ecological harmony.

Community Centers

The Pflugerville Recreation Center provides a comprehensive range of services for the community. Facilities include a gymnasium, fitness center, indoor track, and various instructional programs. The center acts as a focal point for community interaction and physical wellness.

Additionally, the Pflugerville Public Library offers more than just books. It hosts educational workshops, cultural events, and social gatherings, fostering intellectual growth and community bonding.

Shopping and Dining

Residents in ZIP Code 78660 have access to diverse shopping and dining experiences. The Stone Hill Town Center provides extensive retail options, ranging from major department stores to boutique shops.

For dining, options abound at Pflugerville’s local restaurants and cafes, offering an array of cuisines that cater to every palate. This culinary diversity ensures a vibrant and dynamic dining scene.

Educational Facilities

Educational institutions in ZIP Code 78660 include renowned public schools that are part of the Pflugerville Independent School District (PFISD). Schools such as Hendrickson High School and Pflugerville High School are noted for their academic rigor and extracurricular activities.

Additionally, the community supports several private schools and early childhood centers, providing families with a range of educational choices.

Healthcare Services

The ZIP Code 78660 area is well-served by healthcare facilities. St. David’s Urgent Care and Texas MedClinic offer immediate medical services. Comprehensive healthcare needs can be met at {{ St. David’s HealthCare}}.

Access to specialized medical services, dental care, and wellness programs ensures that residents have reliable and convenient healthcare options.

Transport and Connectivity

ZIP Code 78660 boasts efficient transport links. The TOLL 130 and I-35 are major highways facilitating easy commuting. Public transport is supplemented by the Capital Metro bus routes, ensuring connectivity within Pflugerville and to neighboring cities.

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