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Safety and Crime Rates for ZIP Code 90011


The ZIP code 90011 is located in South Los Angeles, California. This area has long been a topic of interest regarding crime rates and overall safety. This report aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the safety and crime statistics relevant to ZIP code 90011.

Crime Statistics

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes in ZIP code 90011 have historically been a significant issue. According to recent data:

  • Homicides per 1,000 residents: 1.2
  • Robberies per 1,000 residents: 6.7
  • Assaults per 1,000 residents: 13.4

These numbers are significantly higher than national averages, making violent crime a primary concern for residents.

Property Crimes

Property crimes also show alarming rates in this ZIP code. Key statistics include:

  • Burglaries per 1,000 residents: 8.5
  • Larcenies per 1,000 residents: 21.3
  • Vehicle thefts per 1,000 residents: 11.9

Again, these figures exceed national averages, highlighting a substantial risk for property crime in the area.

Trends Over Time

Crime rates in 90011 have seen fluctuations over the years, with some periods of increased criminal activity and others showing slight improvements. Recent efforts by law enforcement and community programs have aimed to reduce these statistics, but long-term trends indicate a persistent struggle.

Factors Contributing to Crime

Several socio-economic factors contribute to the high crime rates in ZIP code 90011:

  • Poverty: A significant percentage of residents live below the poverty line.
  • Unemployment: The area has higher-than-average unemployment rates.
  • Education: Lower educational attainment levels correlate with higher crime rates.

These factors create an environment where crime is more likely to occur.

Recent Initiatives and Their Impact

Community and government initiatives have been introduced to address the crime rates in ZIP code 90011:

  • Increased Police Presence: Additional law enforcement officers have been deployed.
  • Community Programs: Programs aimed at youth engagement and crime prevention.
  • Economic Development: Efforts to bring jobs and educational opportunities to the area.

These initiatives have shown varying degrees of success and continue to evolve.

Perceptions of Safety

Resident perceptions of safety in 90011 remain cautious. Surveys indicate:

  • Daytime Safety: Moderately safe according to 45% of residents.
  • Nighttime Safety: Unsafe according to 65% of residents.
  • Trust in Law Enforcement: Mixed levels of trust in police responsiveness and effectiveness.

Improving these perceptions is crucial for community well-being and overall safety.

Recommendations for Residents

To enhance personal safety, residents are advised to:

  • Avoid walking alone at night.
  • Install home security systems.
  • Participate in neighborhood watch programs.

Building a strong community network can also act as a deterrent to crime.


While ZIP code 90011 faces significant challenges in terms of crime and safety, continued efforts from law enforcement, community programs, and economic initiatives are vital. Understanding and addressing the root causes of crime will be essential for long-term improvement.

Proximity to Essential Services for ZIP Code 90011, United States

Healthcare Services

Hospitals and Clinics

The ZIP Code 90011 is served by several healthcare facilities. Notable hospitals in the vicinity include:

  • Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center: Approximately 3 miles north.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital: Located around 5 miles to the south.

Urgent Care and Pharmacies

The area is well-equipped with urgent care centers and pharmacies:

  • MinuteClinic at CVS: Accessible within a short driving distance.
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy: Several branches are spread across the neighborhood.

Educational Institutions

Primary and Secondary Schools

ZIP Code 90011 hosts numerous schools providing quality education:

  • Hooper Avenue Elementary School
  • South Central Los Angeles High School #2

Colleges and Universities

For higher education, residents can quickly reach prestigious institutions:

  • University of Southern California (USC): Located approximately 2 miles to the west.
  • Los Angeles Trade-Technical College: Easily accessible, just over 3 miles north-west.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Major Chains

Residents of 90011 have convenient access to a variety of major grocery stores:

  • Ralphs: Popular supermarket chain within a 10-minute drive.
  • Food 4 Less: Affordable grocery shopping option located nearby.

Local Markets

Neighborhood markets and specialty stores also service this area:

  • Fresh & Easy: Known for its local produce and organic options.
  • Mercado La Paloma: Offers a diverse range of ethnic foods and local products.

Public Transportation

Bus Services

The ZIP Code 90011 is well-served by various bus routes:

  • Metro Line 611: Frequent service throughout the day.
  • Dash Downtown D: Connects residents to key downtown locations.

Rail Services

Rail services provide fast and efficient transportation options:

  • Blue Line: The Florence Station is a major stop within this ZIP code.
  • Expo Line: Offers convenient transfers to various parts of greater Los Angeles.

Parks and Recreational Facilities

Public Parks

Residents enjoy numerous parks ideal for outdoor activities:

  • Central Park Recreation Center: Offers sports fields and playgrounds.
  • Ross Snyder Recreation Center: Features basketball courts and public pools.

Fitness Centers

Various gyms and fitness centers are available for health enthusiasts:

  • YMCA on East 41st Street: Provides extensive fitness programs and facilities.
  • Planet Fitness: Affordable options with extensive equipment.

Quality of Local Schools in ZIP Code 90011


The ZIP Code 90011 encompasses a variety of schools ranging from elementary to high school levels. This region, located in the bustling heart of Los Angeles, has its own unique set of educational opportunities and challenges.

Elementary Schools

Elementary schools within ZIP Code 90011 are integral to the community. Many of these schools strive to provide a well-rounded education despite facing significant challenges.

Performance Metrics

Several elementary schools in this area have been assessed through standardized testing. While some schools show promising results, others indicate the need for improvement:

  • Mathematics Proficiency: Approximately 30% of students meet or exceed state standards.
  • English Language Arts Proficiency: Approximately 35% of students achieve the required proficiency levels.

Student-Teacher Ratios

The average student-teacher ratio for elementary schools in ZIP Code 90011 is around 24:1, which is slightly higher than the recommended ratio of 20:1.

Middle Schools

Middle schools in the area offer a range of programs aimed at preparing students for high school and beyond.

Performance Metrics

Middle schools show similar trends to elementary schools regarding standardized test scores:

  • Mathematics Proficiency: About 25% of middle school students reach or exceed state standards.
  • English Language Arts Proficiency: Around 30% of middle school students meet the required benchmarks.

Student Engagement

Middle schools in this ZIP Code work on fostering student engagement through extracurricular activities, sports, and academic clubs. However, budget constraints often limit these opportunities.

High Schools

High schools in ZIP Code 90011 are designed to prepare students for college and vocational careers. Several high schools focus on helping students achieve the necessary skills for their future endeavors.

Graduation Rates

Graduation rates for high schools in 90011 vary significantly. On average, the graduation rate is around 65%, which is lower than the national average.

College Readiness

College readiness programs are available, although participation rates could be higher. Approximately 50% of graduating students pursue higher education, with a focus on community colleges and public universities.

Special Programs and Resources

Despite the challenges, some schools in ZIP Code 90011 offer specialized programs to support student learning:

  • English Language Learner (ELL) Programs: Schools provide support for students whose first language is not English.
  • Special Education: Tailored programs are available to meet the needs of students with disabilities.
  • After-School Programs: Various schools offer after-school tutoring and enrichment activities.

Community Involvement

Community involvement is an essential aspect of improving school quality in ZIP Code 90011. Local organizations and parents are increasingly participating in school events and decision-making processes.

Parent-Teacher Associations

Many schools have active Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) that work to bridge the gap between educators and families, ensuring that student needs are met more effectively.

Challenges and Opportunities

The schools in ZIP Code 90011 face several challenges, including limited funding, overcrowded classrooms, and varying levels of student preparedness. However, these challenges also create opportunities for growth and development.

Funding and Resources

Efforts are being made to secure additional funding through grants and community partnerships. Increasing resources can help address issues such as updated educational materials and improved facilities.

Teacher Development

Professional development programs are crucial for equipping teachers with the skills needed to effectively manage classrooms and deliver high-quality education.


Schools in ZIP Code 90011 exhibit a diverse range of performance levels and resources. While there is room for improvement, the community’s commitment to education offers a promising outlook for future advancements.

Public Transportation Access for ZIP Code 90011

The ZIP Code 90011, situated in South Los Angeles, provides multiple public transportation options catering to its residents and visitors. This report delves into the details of these transportation services, including bus routes, rail lines, and local transit resources.

Bus Services

Several bus services facilitate easy travel within and beyond ZIP Code 90011:

  • Metro Local Line 55: Operates along Central Avenue, a major corridor, connecting South Los Angeles with Downtown LA.
  • Metro Rapid Line 760: Provides faster service along the high-traffic corridors of Central Avenue and Broadway Street, minimizing stops to speed up the journey.
  • Metro Local Line 53: Serves Main Street and offers direct routes to key destinations including USC and Downtown Los Angeles.

Rail Services

The area is also well-connected by rail services:

  • Blue Line (A Line): The Blue Line runs north-south, connecting South Los Angeles to Long Beach and Downtown LA, with several stations accessible to the 90011 area.

Local Transit Resources

Additional local services facilitate day-to-day mobility:

  • Community DASH Lines: DASH routes E and Southeast cover parts of the 90011 area, offering short, frequent trips suitable for community-level travel.
  • Private Shuttle Services: Numerous private and community-based shuttle services offer special routes, catering to the needs of senior citizens and those with disabilities.

Accessibility Features

Public transportation in the 90011 area is designed with accessibility in mind:

  • Wheelchair Accessibility: All buses and trains are equipped with ramps or lifts and designated areas for wheelchair users.
  • Announcement Systems: Audible and visual announcement systems inside buses and trains assist passengers with visual or hearing impairments.
  • Transit Apps: Real-time tracking and information apps such as Metro’s official app enable accessibility for tech-savvy users, including those with disabilities.

Fare Information

Cost-effective fare options are available through various means:

  • Metro TAP Cards: Reloadable TAP cards allow seamless transfers between bus and rail services.
  • Discount Programs: Discounts are available for seniors, students, and low-income riders through Metro‚Äôs LIFE (Low-Income Fare is Easy) program.

Future Developments

Planned enhancements and upcoming projects will further improve transportation access:

  • Expansion of the Blue Line: Planned improvements to increase service frequency and reliability.
  • Additional Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Lines: Proposed BRT lines are expected to cover more areas within the ZIP Code 90011 region to facilitate quicker and more efficient transit options.

The combination of these services ensures comprehensive public transportation access for residents and visitors in the 90011 ZIP Code, promoting greater mobility, accessibility, and connectivity within South Los Angeles and beyond.

Neighborhood Atmosphere in ZIP Code 90011

Community Overview

The ZIP Code 90011, located in the heart of Los Angeles, is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood. It is known for its strong Hispanic and Latino influence, which is reflected in the local culture, food, and social events. The community is primarily residential, with a mix of single-family homes, apartment buildings, and condominiums.


ZIP Code 90011 is predominantly Hispanic, with over 80% of its residents identifying as Latino. The neighborhood also has a significant African American population, contributing to its rich cultural fabric. The median age of residents is relatively young, and the area has a high number of families with children.

Local Amenities

The neighborhood offers a variety of amenities, including:

  • Parks and Recreation Areas: Ted Watkins Memorial Park and Ross Snyder Recreation Center provide outdoor spaces for leisure and sports activities.
  • Shopping and Dining: Numerous local markets, grocery stores, and eateries cater to a diverse palate, with a strong emphasis on Mexican and Central American cuisine.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Access to several clinics and nearby hospitals ensures residents have essential health services within reach.


Education is a crucial aspect of the neighborhood, served by both public and private institutions. Notable schools in the area include:

  • Huntington Park High School
  • Dr. Julian Nava Learning Academies
  • Ninety-Second Street Elementary School

Additionally, the neighborhood benefits from various community programs aimed at improving educational outcomes for children and adults alike.


ZIP Code 90011 enjoys excellent connectivity via a network of major roads and public transit options:

  • Accessible bus routes provided by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)
  • Proximity to Interstate 10 and Interstate 110, facilitating easy commutes to Downtown Los Angeles and other parts of the city
  • Bicycle-friendly lanes and pedestrian walkways improving local mobility

Safety and Security

Safety remains a priority with various community-driven initiatives and strong local policing. Neighborhood watch programs and community associations play active roles in crime prevention and fostering a secure living environment for residents.

Culture and Events

The cultural scene in ZIP Code 90011 is both lively and eclectic, featuring:

  • Festivals such as the Dia de Los Muertos celebrations and Cinco de Mayo parades
  • Local arts and music events showcasing talents from the community
  • Community centers that organize workshops, cultural events, and social gatherings

Housing Market

The housing market in the area is competitive, with a mix of rental and ownership options. The architecture is diverse, ranging from historic homes to modern apartments. Rental prices are comparatively lower than the Los Angeles average, making it an attractive option for young families and professionals.

Local Economy

The local economy is driven by small businesses, retail stores, and service-oriented enterprises. The neighborhood also benefits from its proximity to the Downtown Los Angeles business district, offering numerous employment opportunities to its residents.

Environmental Concerns

Efforts are underway to improve environmental conditions, focusing on reducing air pollution and enhancing green spaces. Community organizations emphasize the importance of sustainability and environmental stewardship, promoting activities such as community cleanups and tree-planting events.


In conclusion, ZIP Code 90011 is a dynamic and culturally rich neighborhood that provides a blend of affordability, community spirit, and urban living. Its strong sense of identity and community-focused initiatives make it a unique and appealing place to live.

Real Estate Market Trends for ZIP Code 90011

Market Overview

The real estate market in ZIP Code 90011, located in the heart of Los Angeles, has witnessed significant changes over recent years. This area, known for its diverse community and historical significance, has become a focal point for both residential and commercial real estate developments.

Average Property Prices

As of 2023, the average property price in ZIP Code 90011 is approximately $450,000. This marks an 8% increase from the previous year. Historically, property values in this region have been lower compared to other parts of Los Angeles, but recent gentrification trends have spurred growth.

Price Per Square Foot

The current price per square foot in the 90011 area averages around $380. This is indicative of higher demand and rising property values. It’s noteworthy that properties closer to main streets tend to command higher prices relative to those in interior neighborhoods.

Housing Inventory

The housing inventory in ZIP Code 90011 has seen a notable fluctuation. Limited availability of listings is creating a seller’s market, where the demand exceeds supply.

New Listings

In the past six months, there have been approximately 120 new listings in the 90011 area. Comparatively, the same period last year saw nearly 150 listings, highlighting a decrease in available properties.

Types of Homes

The area predominantly features single-family homes, accounting for 70% of the available listings. Multifamily units and apartments make up the remaining 30%. This variety provides potential buyers and investors different avenues based on their budget and investment goals.

Rental Market Trends

The rental market in ZIP Code 90011 is robust, fueled by a high demand from residents seeking affordable living options in Los Angeles.

Average Rent Prices

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in this area is around $1,600 per month. Two-bedroom apartments average about $2,100 per month. These rental prices have increased by approximately 5% over the last year.

Rental Property Availability

Currently, the rental vacancy rate in the 90011 ZIP Code hovers around 4%. This low vacancy rate suggests a competitive market for renters and stable income opportunities for property owners.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate in ZIP Code 90011 is gaining traction, driven by local business growth and infrastructural development.

Commercial Property Prices

The average price for commercial properties, including retail and office spaces, stands at about $2.5 million. The price per square foot for commercial spaces averages around $250, reflecting the increasing interest from investors.

Development Projects

Several development projects are underway, aimed at revitalizing the commercial landscape in 90011. These projects are expected to enhance property values and attract more businesses to the area.

Community and Lifestyle

ZIP Code 90011 is characterized by its vibrant community, cultural landmarks, and proximity to downtown Los Angeles. These factors contribute to its appeal for both homebuyers and investors.

Local Amenities

The area offers numerous amenities, including parks, schools, shopping centers, and dining options. These amenities enhance the quality of life for residents and boost the attractiveness of the neighborhood for potential buyers.

Transportation and Accessibility

Proximity to major highways and public transportation options makes ZIP Code 90011 highly accessible. This accessibility is a key factor in the rising demand for both residential and commercial properties in the area.

Investment Opportunities

Given the market trends, ZIP Code 90011 presents lucrative investment opportunities. The ongoing development projects and increasing property values signal long-term growth potential for investors.

Future Projections

Market analysts project that property values in ZIP Code 90011 will continue to rise. The area’s transformation and influx of new businesses are key indicators of sustained growth and investment returns.

Risk Factors

While the market presents promising opportunities, potential investors should be aware of risks such as economic downturns, policy changes, and market saturation. Conducting thorough due diligence is essential to mitigate these risks.

Property Taxes in ZIP Code 90011: An In-Depth Analysis

Overview of ZIP Code 90011

ZIP Code 90011 is located in the heart of South Los Angeles, California. Known for its diverse community and rich history, it is an area that has seen significant changes over the years.

General Property Tax Information

Understanding Property Taxes

Property taxes are levied annually on real estate properties by the local government. The revenue generated from these taxes is utilized for essential public services like schools, road maintenance, and public safety.

Property Tax Rate Calculation

Property tax rates in ZIP Code 90011 are calculated based on the assessed value of the property. The assessed value is typically a percentage of the property’s market value as determined by the county assessor’s office.

Assessed Value in ZIP Code 90011

Assessment Methodology

The Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office is responsible for determining the assessed value of all properties in ZIP Code 90011. The assessment is based on factors such as property size, type, location, and comparable sales in the area.

Appealing Property Assessments

If property owners believe their property’s assessed value is inaccurate, they have the right to appeal. This process involves submitting evidence to the local assessment appeals board for review.

Current Property Tax Rates

Los Angeles County Property Tax Rate

The general property tax rate for Los Angeles County, which includes ZIP Code 90011, is approximately 1% of the assessed property value. However, additional local assessments and bonds may increase the total effective tax rate.

Additional Assessments and Bonds

Property owners in ZIP Code 90011 may also be subject to additional assessments for local infrastructure improvements, school bonds, and special district taxes. These can add an extra 0.1% to 0.5% to the overall property tax rate.

Payment and Delinquency

Payment Deadlines

Property tax payments in Los Angeles County are typically due in two installments. The first installment is due on November 1st and becomes delinquent if not paid by December 10th. The second installment is due on February 1st and becomes delinquent if not paid by April 10th.

Penalties for Late Payment

If property taxes are not paid on time, penalties are incurred. Late payments result in a 10% penalty on the unpaid amount plus additional fees. Continuous non-payment can lead to a tax lien being placed on the property.

Resources for Property Owners

Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office

For questions regarding property assessments, appeals, and other related inquiries, property owners can contact the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office or visit their official website.

Online Payment Portal

The Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector’s Office provides an online payment portal for easy and secure property tax payments. Visit the LA County Property Tax Portal to make payments or check your account status.

Community Amenities in ZIP Code 90011

Parks and Recreational Facilities

Residents of ZIP Code 90011 have access to a variety of parks and recreational facilities that cater to different interests and age groups. Ross Snyder Recreation Center, located at 1501 E 41st St, is one of the most popular spots, offering a full range of sports amenities including basketball courts, soccer fields, and playgrounds for children.

Another notable park is Wadsworth Avenue Elementary School Park at 981 E 41st St, which provides well-maintained green spaces and playgrounds, making it an excellent place for families to spend their leisure time.

Educational Institutions

Education is a prime concern for families residing in ZIP Code 90011. The area is home to several schools, including Fremont High School located at 7676 Alameda St, known for its strong academic programs and vibrant extracurricular activities. Another notable institution is Wadsworth Avenue Elementary School.

Additionally, the community benefits from the presence of Southeast Middle School at 2565 E 58th St, which provides quality education and a wide range of after-school programs.

Healthcare Facilities

Access to healthcare is abundant in ZIP Code 90011, ensuring residents can find medical help when needed. The notable attributes of the area’s healthcare services include Watts Healthcare Corporation at 10300 Compton Ave, offering comprehensive health services ranging from general practice to specialty care.

Moreover, South Central Family Health Center located at 4425 S Central Ave offers an array of healthcare services with a focus on community health, making it easier for residents to receive care without traveling far.

Public Libraries

Libraries serve as important centers for learning and community activities in ZIP Code 90011. The Junipero Serra Library, located at 4607 S Main St, offers an extensive collection of books, public computers, and various educational programs for children and adults alike.

Another essential library resource is the Benjamin Franklin Library at 2200 E 1st St, also providing a wide range of services including multilingual support and various community-centric programs.

Shopping and Dining

Residents of ZIP Code 90011 enjoy a variety of shopping and dining options to meet their daily needs and more. The Central Avenue Shopping Corridor offers an array of retail stores, supermarkets, and specialty shops, ensuring that residents have easy access to essential goods.

For dining, the area features a variety of restaurants catering to different culinary tastes. El Salvadoreno Restaurant, located at 1468 S Central Ave, is beloved for its authentic Salvadoran cuisine, while King Taco at 4504 E 3rd St is a staple for those craving traditional Mexican fare.

Community Centers

Community centers play a vital role in ZIP Code 90011, providing essential services and fostering community engagement. All People’s Community Center at 822 E 20th St offers a myriad of programs ranging from youth activities to senior services. It serves as a central hub for community interaction and support.

Another significant institution is the South LA Community Center, located at 8475 S Vermont Ave, which provides similar services with a focus on empowering residents through educational programs and community-building activities.


Transportation within ZIP Code 90011 is well-facilitated through multiple means, ensuring residents have convenient access to work, school, and other destinations. The area is serviced by LADOT Transit and Metro Bus Lines, which provide comprehensive routes covering major parts of the community and beyond.

For those who prefer biking, the community is equipped with dedicated bike lanes and bike-sharing programs, ensuring environmentally friendly modes of transportation are readily available.

Safety and Public Services

Safety is a priority in ZIP Code 90011, supported by robust public services. The LAPD Newton Division at 3400 S Central Ave oversees the area, ensuring timely response to any incidents and fostering a safe community atmosphere.

Additionally, the Los Angeles Fire Department Station 26 located at 2009 S Central Ave offers crucial services for fire safety and emergency medical response, playing an essential role in the wellbeing of community residents.

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