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Safety and Crime Rates in ZIP Code 11230: A Comprehensive Overview

General Crime Statistics

ZIP Code 11230, covering areas in Brooklyn, New York, is primarily known for its diverse community and vibrant neighborhoods. Understanding the crime statistics here is crucial for both residents and visitors.

  • Violent Crimes: The violent crime rate in 11230 is comparatively lower than the New York City average, with incidents such as assault, robbery, and homicide being moderately less frequent.
  • Property Crimes: Property crimes including burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft are noted but not disproportionately high when compared with other Brooklyn precincts.
  • Total Crime Rate: The overall crime rate in 11230 is rated average relative to the broader New York metropolitan area.

Police Presence and Law Enforcement

The area is primarily served by the 70th Precinct of the New York City Police Department (NYPD), which maintains initiatives to ensure community safety through regular patrolling and community policing strategies.

  • Response Time: The response time to criminal incidents is noted to be efficient, thanks to the robust presence of precinct officers and their familiarity with the local hotspots.
  • Community Engagement: Programs like Neighborhood Policing ensure that officers build positive relationships with residents, which helps in proactive crime prevention.

Recent Crime Trends

Analyzing recent reports, certain trends have been observed in ZIP Code 11230:

  • Decrease in Major Crimes: Over the past five years, major crimes have seen a slight but steady decline, aligning with city-wide trends in reduced violent crime.
  • Rise in Cyber-related Incidents: There has been an uptick in cyber-related crimes, reflecting broader national trends.
  • Localized Hotspots: Specific areas within the ZIP code, particularly around busy commercial districts, report higher incidences of petty theft and property crimes.

Community Safety Measures

Several initiatives have been employed by the community and local authorities to enhance safety and reduce crime rates:

  • Neighborhood Watch Programs: Active neighborhood watch groups work closely with the NYPD to monitor suspicious activities and enhance overall community vigilance.
  • Security Enhancements: There is an increased presence of surveillance cameras and improved street lighting in crime-prone areas, deterring potential offenders.
  • Community Outreach: Regular community meetings with police officials facilitate direct communication, allowing residents to voice their concerns and collaborate on safety strategies.

Crime Prevention Tips for Residents

Residents in ZIP Code 11230 can adopt several practices to enhance their safety:

  • Home Security: Installing robust locks, alarm systems, and outdoor lighting helps secure homes against burglaries.
  • Personal Safety: Staying aware of surroundings, avoiding poorly lit areas at night, and keeping personal belongings secured can reduce the risk of muggings and thefts.
  • Reporting Suspicious Activities: Promptly reporting any suspicious behavior to the authorities can prevent potential crimes.

Emergency Contacts and Resources

For residents and visitors in ZIP Code 11230, it is important to be aware of the key emergency contacts:

  • Emergency Services: Dial 911 for immediate police, fire, or medical assistance.
  • 70th Precinct: The local precinct can be contacted directly at (718) 851-5511 for non-emergency police assistance.
  • Community Resources: Local community centers often provide information sessions on crime prevention and safety awareness.

Being informed about the safety and crime rates in ZIP Code 11230 helps residents and visitors make informed decisions and take proactive measures to ensure their well-being in the community.

Proximity to Essential Services in ZIP Code 11230

Healthcare Facilities

The 11230 ZIP code area offers robust access to healthcare services. Key hospitals such as Maimonides Medical Center and NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital are located within a short driving distance. Numerous clinics and urgent care facilities, including CityMD Urgent Care and Brooklyn Immediate Care, provide additional healthcare options.

Pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy are dispersed throughout the area, ensuring easy access to medications and health-related needs.

Educational Institutions

ZIP Code 11230 is home to numerous reputable educational institutions. Public schools such as Midwood High School and Edward R. Murrow High School rank highly in academic performance. Additionally, private schools including Yeshiva Ohr Shraga Veretzky and Brooklyn Amity School offer alternative education options.

For higher education, CUNY Brooklyn College is readily accessible, catering to a wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Shopping Centers and Grocery Stores

Residents of 11230 benefit from numerous shopping centers and grocery stores. Key shopping destinations include the Kings Highway Shopping District and Flatbush Avenue, featuring a variety of retail outlets and specialty shops.

Grocery needs are met with ease thanks to stores such as Key Food Supermarkets, ShopRite, and Trader Joe’s. These stores offer a diverse selection of products from fresh produce to household supplies.

Public Transportation

This ZIP code boasts exceptional public transportation options. The New York City Subway system provides extensive coverage with stations like Avenue J, Avenue M, and Kings Highway along the B and Q lines. Additionally, the B6, B11, and B68 bus routes facilitate easy intra-city travel.

This efficient public transit network ensures convenient access to various parts of New York City, making commuting straightforward for residents.

Recreational Facilities

Recreational amenities abound in the 11230 area. Parks such as Avenue H Park and Midwood Playground offer green spaces for outdoor activities. Marine Park Golf Course and Prospect Park are also within reachable distance, providing comprehensive recreational options.

Fitness enthusiasts can find numerous gyms and fitness centers including 24 Hour Fitness and Planet Fitness to maintain an active lifestyle.

Dining and Culinary Options

Dining options in 11230 are diverse and abundant, ranging from local favorites to international cuisine. Notable establishments include Di Fara Pizza, renowned for its classic pies, and Chez Jacob, offering delectable West African dishes. For kosher dining, restaurants like Tea for Two and Subsational are popular choices.

Numerous cafes and bakeries, such as Bagels & Co. and Pomegranate, complement the area’s culinary landscape, making it a food lover’s paradise.

Banking and Financial Services

Financial services are readily accessible in 11230, with major banks such as Chase Bank, Bank of America, and TD Bank providing a full range of banking products and services. Additionally, numerous ATMs and credit unions, like Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union, ensure that financial transactions are both convenient and secure.

Utilities and Public Services

The area is well-served by essential utilities and public services. The New York City Department of Sanitation manages waste and recycling collection efficiently. The New York City Police Department and New York City Fire Department maintain safety through local precincts and fire stations such as Station House 255. Public library services are provided by the Brooklyn Public Library’s Midwood Branch.

Community and Social Services

ZIP Code 11230 offers a wealth of community and social services. Facilities like Midwood Senior Center and Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island provide vital support and resources to residents. Furthermore, numerous non-profits and religious organizations contribute to a strong sense of community and mutual aid.

Quality of Local Schools in ZIP Code 11230

Overview of Educational Institutions

ZIP Code 11230, encompassing parts of Brooklyn, NY, is home to a diverse array of educational institutions ranging from public schools to private academies. This report delves into the quality and characteristics of these schools, analyzing key aspects such as academic performance, special programs, and community involvement.

Public Schools

Elementary Schools

Several elementary schools within ZIP Code 11230 are known for their strong academic performance and robust extracurricular programs. Examples include:

  • PS 193 Gil Hodges School – Renowned for its sensory-friendly classrooms and a strong emphasis on STEM education.
  • PS 99 Isaac Asimov – Known for high test scores and a comprehensive arts program.

Both schools emphasize community involvement and provide after-school programs aimed at holistic child development.

Middle Schools

The middle schools in 11230 also showcase a commitment to academic excellence. Some notable options include:

  • JHS 62 Ditmas – Offers Advanced Placement classes and a variety of athletics programs.
  • Andries Hudde Junior High School – Known for its robust special education department and strong parent-teacher association.

High Schools

High schools in this ZIP Code are diverse, with options for various educational focuses:

  • Midwood High School – Recognized for its rigorous academic curriculum and high graduation rates.
  • Edward R. Murrow High School – Offers specialized programs in the arts and technology.

Private Schools

11230 hosts several private institutions that offer alternative educational environments:

  • Bnos Yisroel of Midwood – A reputable institution for girls, focusing on both religious and secular education.
  • Yeshiva Ohr Shraga Veretzky – Provides a strong focus on traditional Jewish education along with modern academic subjects.

Special Programs and Initiatives

Schools in the 11230 area are known for several special programs and initiatives designed to enrich student learning:

  • STEM Programs – Many schools offer enhanced courses in science, technology, engineering, and math to prepare students for future careers.
  • Arts and Music – Schools such as Edward R. Murrow High School have exceptional arts programs, often leading to higher student engagement and improved academic performance.
  • Language Programs – Dual language and ESL (English as a Second Language) programs are prevalent, catering to the diverse student population in the area.

Academic Performance Metrics

Academic performance in ZIP Code 11230 is generally above average, showcasing strong results in standardized tests and college readiness. According to recent data:

  • Schools like Midwood High School boast graduation rates above 90%.
  • PS 99 Isaac Asimov consistently ranks high for math and reading proficiency.
  • JHS 62 Ditmas has shown improvement in state assessment scores over the past few years.

Community and Parental Involvement

Community involvement plays a crucial role in the success of local schools in 11230. Parent-teacher associations are active in most public schools, organizing events and supporting school initiatives. Programs for parent involvement include:

  • School Events – Regular cultural and academic events encourage family participation.
  • Volunteering – Opportunities abound for parents to volunteer in classrooms, on field trips, and during school events.


In summary, the schools in ZIP Code 11230 offer robust educational opportunities characterized by high academic performance, diverse programs, and strong community and parental involvement. These factors contribute significantly to the overall quality of education in the area, making it a desirable place for families seeking excellent educational options for their children.

Public Transportation Access in ZIP Code 11230

Overview of ZIP Code 11230 Public Transportation

ZIP Code 11230, located in the borough of Brooklyn, New York City, boasts a robust and efficient public transportation system. This area is served by various modes of transportation, including buses, subways, and shared transit services.

Subway Services

Lines and Stations

The primary subway lines serving ZIP Code 11230 are the B and Q trains. Key stations include:

  • Avenue H Station: Serves the Q line, located at Avenue H and East 16th Street.
  • Avenue J Station: Shared by the B and Q lines, found at Avenue J and East 16th Street.
  • Avenue M Station: Another joint station for the B and Q lines, situated at Avenue M and East 16th Street.


A number of these subway stations are equipped with elevators and ramps, ensuring accessible travel for individuals with disabilities. Station upgrades are continually being implemented to improve accessibility and comfort.

Bus Services

Buses are a crucial part of the public transportation network in ZIP Code 11230. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) operates several bus routes catering to this area:

  • B6: Runs along Avenue J and connects to key points in Brooklyn.
  • B11: Travels along 49th Street providing connections to other boroughs.
  • B68: Moves along Coney Island Avenue, offering a direct route to Prospect Park and Downtown Brooklyn.

Shared and Alternative Transit Services

Residents and visitors in ZIP Code 11230 have access to various shared and alternative transit options, including:

  • Citibike: Numerous docking stations are available for convenient bike-sharing.
  • Ride-hailing Services: Uber, Lyft, and local taxi services are readily available for personalized transit needs.
  • Car-Sharing Services: Zipcar and other car-sharing options offer flexible vehicular access without the need for ownership.

Cost and Fare Information

The cost of public transportation in ZIP Code 11230 is standardized under the MTA pricing system:

  • Subways and Buses: A single ride costs $2.75. Discounted fares are available for senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, and students.
  • Unlimited Ride MetroCard: Provides unlimited rides on MTA subways and buses for a fixed period (e.g., 7-Day and 30-Day options).
  • Pay-Per-Ride: Refillable MetroCards are available, offering a bonus credit for larger refill amounts.

Future Developments

Numerous projects are underway to enhance public transportation access and convenience in ZIP Code 11230:

  • Station renovations and elevator installations to improve accessibility.
  • Introduction of new bus routes and increased frequency to reduce wait times.
  • Technological updates such as contactless payment systems and real-time tracking apps to streamline user experience.

Environmental Impact

Utilizing public transportation in ZIP Code 11230 significantly lowers the carbon footprint compared to private car usage. The investment in green transportation initiatives promotes a healthier environment by reducing air pollution and traffic congestion.

Neighborhood Atmosphere in ZIP Code 11230

Community Diversity

The ZIP Code 11230, primarily representing the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, is renowned for its cultural diversity. The area boasts a rich blend of different ethnicities, including Jewish, Pakistani, Mexican, and Russian communities. Residents embrace a tapestry of languages, traditions, and cuisines, fostering a unique and harmonious environment.

Residential Character

The residential landscape of 11230 is defined by a mix of single-family homes, apartment buildings, and historic houses. Tree-lined streets create a serene and picturesque setting, making it an attractive location for families and professionals alike. The neighborhood exudes a quaint suburban feel while retaining the vibrancy of urban living.

Local Amenities and Services

Convenience is a hallmark of 11230, with numerous amenities and services readily available. From grocery stores and pharmacies to boutique shops and eateries, residents have access to a wide range of essential services. Key highlights include:

  • Several supermarkets including Shop Fair and Pomegranate
  • A variety of restaurants offering international cuisines
  • Well-regarded educational institutions such as Midwood High School
  • Efficient public transportation options including the B and Q subway lines

Parks and Recreation

For those seeking outdoor activities and green spaces, 11230 offers several parks and recreational areas. Some notable spots include:

  • Avenue H Plaza: A small but beloved community spot for relaxation and events.
  • Avenue M Playground: Equipped with play structures and sports facilities for children and youth.
  • The West Playground: A popular destination for soccer enthusiasts and outdoor gatherings.

Safety and Community Involvement

The community within 11230 is committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming atmosphere. Local neighborhood associations and community watch programs actively engage residents in creating a secure environment. The nearby 70th Precinct works diligently to ensure a low crime rate, enhancing the overall sense of safety.

Educational Opportunities

Education is a cornerstone of the neighborhood, with several esteemed schools providing quality education. Notable institutions include:

  • Midwood High School: A top-rated public high school famous for its academic excellence.
  • Yeshiva of Flatbush: A private Jewish school offering a rigorous dual curriculum.
  • P.S. 193 Gil Hodges: An elementary school known for its strong community ties and educational programs.

Dining and Nightlife

The culinary scene in 11230 is as diverse as its population. Residents enjoy a wide array of dining options ranging from casual eateries to fine dining. Popular spots include Claire’s Kosher Market, Di Fara Pizza, and Sahara Restaurant. Although the neighborhood is quieter at night, several late-night cafes and bakeries serve as cozy hangouts.

Connectivity and Public Transport

Public transport plays a crucial role in the daily lives of 11230 residents. The neighborhood is well-connected via the B and Q subway lines, providing easy access to Manhattan and other parts of Brooklyn. Additionally, several MTA bus routes serve the area, enhancing overall mobility.

Real Estate Market

The real estate market in 11230 offers a mix of affordability and variety. Prospective homeowners and renters can choose from single-family homes, co-ops, and modern apartment complexes. The demand for housing in this ZIP code is consistently high due to its favorable location and community amenities.

Shopping and Entertainment

Shopping enthusiasts will find plenty to explore in 11230. Kings Highway, in particular, features an array of retail stores, ranging from fashion boutiques to electronics shops. Entertainment options include local movie theaters, community centers hosting cultural events, and seasonal street fairs.


Overall, ZIP code 11230 offers a balanced environment that combines urban advantages with suburban tranquility. The neighborhood’s diverse population, robust amenities, and engaging community spirit make it a highly desirable place to live.

Real Estate Market Trends for ZIP Code 11230

Overview of the Real Estate Market

In ZIP Code 11230, located in Brooklyn, New York, the real estate market has seen significant changes over recent years. This report highlights current trends, property values, and key factors influencing the market.

Property Prices

The median home price in ZIP Code 11230 has fluctuated over the past year. As of the latest data, the median home price stands at $750,000, reflecting a 5% increase from the previous year. This growth indicates a strong demand in the area.

  • Single-family homes: The median price is approximately $800,000.
  • Condominiums: The median price is around $650,000.
  • Multi-family units: Usually priced at $1,200,000 and higher.

Rental Market

Rental properties in ZIP Code 11230 remain popular among residents, with the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment being $2,000. For two-bedroom apartments, the average rent rises to $2,700.

  • Increase in rental prices: Over the past year, rental prices have increased by 3%.
  • Vacancy Rates: The area maintains a low vacancy rate of 2.5%, indicating a robust rental market.

Market Trends and Influencing Factors

Several key factors contribute to the current trends in the real estate market of ZIP Code 11230.

Economic Factors

The local economy’s health plays a significant role. Brooklyn has experienced economic growth, attracting more buyers and renters to ZIP Code 11230.

Interest Rates

Fluctuations in mortgage interest rates directly impact buying power. Recently, rising interest rates have led to a slight cooling in the aggressive price increases seen in previous years.

Transportation and Infrastructure

ZIP Code 11230 benefits from excellent transportation links, including multiple subway lines. This accessibility makes it a desirable location for commuters, driving demand in the housing market.

New Developments

Several new residential developments are underway. These projects include high-rise condominiums and mixed-use developments, incorporating residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.

  • High-rise Condominiums: Projects like XYZ Towers are expected to add 200 new units to the market.
  • Mixed-Use Developments: Developments such as ABC Complex will provide 150 residential units along with retail and office spaces.

Buyer and Seller Tips

For Buyers

Buyers should be prepared for a competitive market. It is crucial to get pre-approved for a mortgage and work with experienced local real estate agents who can navigate the competitive landscape of ZIP Code 11230.

For Sellers

Sellers can benefit from the current strong market conditions. Properly staging homes and making necessary upgrades can attract higher offers and quicker sales.


The real estate market in ZIP Code 11230 remains vibrant and dynamic, with significant opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Staying informed about market trends and local economic factors is essential for making well-informed decisions.

Property Taxes in ZIP Code 11230

Overview of Property Taxes in ZIP Code 11230

Property taxes are a critical component of the local government’s revenue and are essential for maintaining public services such as education, infrastructure, and public safety. ZIP Code 11230, located in Brooklyn, New York, is no exception. Property owners within this ZIP code are subject to specific tax rates and assessment practices dictated by both New York City and the state of New York.

Assessment and Valuation Process

The New York City Department of Finance is responsible for assessing property values in ZIP Code 11230. Properties are assessed annually based on their market value, which reflects the estimated amount for which a property would sell under normal conditions.

  • Market Value: Determined by analyzing data from property sales, income for rental properties, and the overall economy.
  • Assessed Value: The market value is then multiplied by an assessment ratio to arrive at the property’s assessed value.
  • Tax Class: Properties are categorized into four tax classes (1, 2, 3, and 4), each with different assessment ratios and tax rates.

Property Tax Rates

Property tax rates in ZIP Code 11230 vary based on the tax class of the property:

  • Class 1: Includes one- to three-family homes, vacant land zoned for residential use. The Class 1 tax rate is approximately 21.045% of the assessed value.
  • Class 2: Includes all other residential property such as apartment buildings, co-ops, and condos. The Class 2 tax rate is around 12.267% of the assessed value.
  • Class 3: Comprises utility properties, such as substations and power lines. The tax rate for Class 3 is typically higher.
  • Class 4: Encompasses all other properties, including office buildings and factories. The tax rate is approximately 10.694% of the assessed value.

Exemptions and Abatements

Property owners in ZIP Code 11230 may qualify for various exemptions and abatements that can reduce their tax liability:

  • STAR (School Tax Relief): Provides a partial exemption from property taxes for owner-occupied, primary residences.
  • Senior Citizen Homeowners’ Exemption (SCHE): Available to residents aged 65 and older who meet income requirements.
  • Disabled Homeowners’ Exemption (DHE): Offered to residents who have documented disabilities and meet income criteria.
  • Veterans Exemption: Provides tax reductions for eligible veterans and their family members.

How to Pay Property Taxes

Property taxes in ZIP Code 11230 can be paid through various methods:

  • Online via the NYC Department of Finance website.
  • By mail, using a check or money order sent to the NYC Department of Finance.
  • In-person at a Department of Finance business center.

Delinquent Property Taxes

If property taxes in ZIP Code 11230 are not paid on time, they may become delinquent, leading to penalties, interest charges, and potentially even foreclosure. The NYC Department of Finance provides installment plans to help property owners manage their tax payments and avoid these issues.

Resources and Assistance

For more information or assistance with property tax matters in ZIP Code 11230, property owners can visit the NYC Department of Finance website or contact their local tax office. Consulting a tax professional can also provide personalized guidance based on individual circumstances and current laws.

Community Amenities in ZIP Code 11230, United States

Recreational Facilities

Parks and Green Spaces

Residents of ZIP Code 11230 enjoy access to several well-maintained parks and green spaces. Some notable mentions include:

  • Midwood Playground: This local favorite offers a variety of play structures, sports courts, and a lush environment perfect for family outings.
  • Avenue H Plaza: Ideal for relaxation and small gatherings, this plaza also hosts community events and markets.

Sports and Fitness

Fitness enthusiasts can take advantage of:

  • NYSC Gym: A fully equipped fitness center providing modern workout machines, group classes, and personal training.
  • Marine Park Golf Course: Just a short drive away, this course offers a great escape for golf lovers looking to practice their swing.



The ZIP Code 11230 area is served by a variety of educational institutions that cater to different age groups. Some prominent schools include:

  • Midwood High School: Known for its excellent academic programs and a wide array of extracurricular activities.
  • PS 193 Gil Hodges School: A well-regarded elementary school that focuses on foundational learning and character development.


For those seeking knowledge and resources, the Midwood Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library is a treasure trove of books, periodicals, and digital resources.

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and Clinics

The ZIP Code 11230 area offers robust healthcare options to ensure residents have access to quality medical services:

  • Maimonides Medical Center: A comprehensive hospital facility offering specialized healthcare services.
  • NYU Langone Hospital – Brooklyn: Known for their excellent emergency care and specialized treatment options.


Convenience in healthcare is facilitated by numerous pharmacies, including:

  • Walgreens Pharmacy: Located centrally, offering a range of health and wellness products.
  • CVS Pharmacy: Provides prescription medications along with over-the-counter drugs and health supplies.

Shopping and Dining

Retail Stores

Residents in ZIP Code 11230 have access to a variety of shopping options for their daily needs and lifestyle preferences:

  • Target: A one-stop-shop for groceries, clothing, electronics, and home goods.
  • Ocean Avenue Plaza: A local shopping hub featuring a mix of retail stores and essential services.

Restaurants and Cafes

Diverse dining choices are a hallmark of the community, including:

  • Di Fara Pizza: Renowned for its classic New York-style pizza, it’s a must-visit for pizza lovers.
  • Madaras Cafe: A cozy spot offering delicious coffee and pastries, perfect for a leisurely morning or afternoon break.


Public Transit

Residents benefit from a well-connected public transit system that includes:

  • Subway Lines: The B and Q lines ensure swift travel to other parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan.
  • Bus Services: Numerous bus routes, including the B11 and B68, provide extensive coverage and convenience.

Road Access

For those who prefer driving, the area is well-serviced by road networks:

  • Ocean Parkway: A major thoroughfare that facilitates easy north-south travel.
  • Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE): Provides quick access to other parts of New York City and beyond.

Community Services

Police and Fire Departments

Safety and security in the ZIP Code 11230 area are overseen by:

  • 70th Precinct NYPD: Ensuring law enforcement and community safety with a proactive approach.
  • FDNY Engine 276/Ladder 156: Offering fire safety services and emergency response to residents.

Community Centers

The area is home to several community centers that offer a range of programs and services:

  • Midwood Development Corporation: Focuses on community development, youth programs, and neighborhood beautification projects.
  • Brooklyn Jewish Community Council: Provides social services, support, and enrichment programs for residents.

Religious Institutions

Places of Worship

ZIP Code 11230 is a diverse community with various places of worship for different faiths, including:

  • Young Israel of Midwood: A prominent synagogue offering religious services, educational programs, and community events.
  • Our Lady of Refuge Church: A welcoming Roman Catholic church that provides spiritual guidance and community services.

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