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Safety and Crime Rates in ZIP Code 11229: An In-Depth Analysis


ZIP Code 11229 covers the neighborhoods of Sheepshead Bay, Homecrest, and parts of Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn, New York. This report provides a comprehensive look at the safety and crime rates in this region, utilizing the latest data and statistics to paint an accurate picture of the area’s security landscape.

Crime Statistics

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes significantly impact perceptions of safety. In ZIP Code 11229, the following are the most notable violent crime statistics over the past year:

  • Homicides: 2 incidents were reported, indicating a low rate compared to city averages.
  • Assaults: 130 cases documented, showing a slight increase of 5% from the previous year.
  • Robberies: 45 incidents, reflecting a decrease of 10% from the last annual report.
  • Rape: 8 cases reported, consistent with the nationwide average for similar urban settings.

Property Crimes

Property crimes often affect residents’ quality of life. Data for ZIP Code 11229 includes:

  • Burglary: 60 incidents, a 12% decrease year-over-year.
  • Larceny-Theft: 230 cases, primarily involving motor vehicles and personal property.
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: 20 stolen vehicles, marking a slight increase of 2% from the previous period.

Trends and Comparisons

Crime trends in ZIP Code 11229 indicate a generally stable environment, with certain areas of improvement in property crimes. Compared to broader Brooklyn and New York City crime rates, ZIP Code 11229 fares better in several metrics, suggesting proactive community and law enforcement efforts.

Law Enforcement and Community Safety Initiatives

Local law enforcement agencies, including the NYPD’s 61st Precinct, actively engage with the community to enhance safety. Their initiatives include:

  • Regular neighborhood patrols to deter criminal activity.
  • Community policing programs aimed at building trust and cooperation.
  • Crime prevention workshops focusing on education and awareness.

Resident Safety Measures

Residents of ZIP Code 11229 contribute to maintaining a safe environment through various measures:

  • Participation in Neighborhood Watch programs.
  • Utilization of home security systems and neighborhood alert apps.
  • Active involvement in community meetings and safety briefings.

Emergency Services and Resources

The area offers a range of services designed to respond promptly to emergencies, including:

  • Emergency response units from the NYPD and FDNY located within close proximity.
  • Local hospitals and urgent care centers providing quick medical attention.
  • 24/7 hotlines for reporting crimes and seeking emergency assistance.

Conclusion on Safety and Crime in ZIP Code 11229

Overall, the safety and crime dynamics of ZIP Code 11229 illustrate a semi-urban region with manageable crime rates and strong community involvement. Efforts by local law enforcement, combined with resident initiatives, contribute significantly to maintaining a relatively safe environment.

Proximity to Essential Services for ZIP Code 11229

Healthcare Services

Residents of ZIP Code 11229 have access to a range of healthcare services. Some notable facilities include:

  • Coney Island Hospital: A comprehensive medical center offering emergency services, specialized care, and outpatient services.
  • Various urgent care centers: Numerous urgent care facilities like CityMD Urgent Care provide immediate medical attention without the need for an appointment.
  • Primary care physicians and specialists: A variety of doctors specializing in internal medicine, pediatrics, and more are within close proximity.

Educational Institutions

The ZIP Code 11229 is served by a selection of public and private educational institutions:

  • Public Schools: Schools such as P.S. 194 Raoul Wallenberg and I.S. 278 Marine Park cater to K-8 students with robust academic programs.
  • Private Schools: Institutions like the Mary Queen of Heaven School offer alternative education options.
  • Libraries: The Sheepshead Bay Library provides residents with access to books, digital resources, and community events.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

ZIP Code 11229 residents enjoy convenient access to numerous grocery stores, including:

  • Stop & Shop: A large supermarket offering a wide range of products from fresh produce to household items.
  • NetCost Market: Catering to diverse ethnic communities, this market provides a unique selection of imported goods.
  • Smaller local grocers: Neighborhood shops such as the Gourmet Fresh Market specialize in fresh and organic produce.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is readily available, making commuting convenient for residents:

  • Subway Stations: Major stations like the Sheepshead Bay station (B and Q lines) offer rapid transit options.
  • Bus Services: Numerous MTA bus routes such as the B4, B36, and B49 serve the area, connecting residents to nearby neighborhoods and attractions.
  • Bike Share Programs: Citi Bike stations provide a sustainable and flexible transportation alternative.

Parks and Recreational Facilities

Outdoor and recreational areas are plentiful in ZIP Code 11229:

  • Marine Park: The largest park in Brooklyn, offering extensive green spaces, sports facilities, and walking trails.
  • Kelly Park: A smaller park that provides playgrounds and community gathering spaces.
  • Various fitness centers: Gyms like NYSC and Retro Fitness offer comprehensive fitness programs.

Retail and Dining

The 11229 area is rich with shopping and dining options, from major retailers to local eateries:

  • Sheepshead Bay Road: A bustling commercial strip with a variety of stores, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Avenue U: Known for its diverse culinary scene offering everything from modern American to traditional Asian cuisine.
  • Shopping centers: Locations like the Kings Plaza Mall provide a wide array of retail shops and services.

Financial Services

Residents of ZIP Code 11229 have multiple options for financial services:

  • Bank Branches: Institutions such as Chase Bank, Bank of America, and Citibank have branches within the area.
  • Credit Unions: Options like Brooklyn Cooperative FCU offer community-focused banking services.
  • ATMs and currency exchanges: Conveniently located ATMs and services cater to quick cash withdrawals and currency needs.

Safety and Emergency Services

Ensuring a secure environment, the ZIP Code 11229 area is well-served by safety and emergency services:

  • Police Stations: The 61st Precinct of the NYPD is dedicated to maintaining public safety and order.
  • Fire Stations: Engine Company 246/Ladder Company 169 provides fire protection and emergency response services.
  • Community Watch Programs: Initiatives like neighborhood watch groups contribute to a safe living environment.

Quality of Local Schools in ZIP Code 11229, United States

Elementary Schools

The ZIP Code 11229, located in Brooklyn, New York, is served by several elementary schools that have garnered positive feedback from parents and educational experts. Among these:

  • PS 195 (Manuel De Dios Unanue School): This school is highly regarded for its strong academic programs and dedicated staff. It scores above average in math and reading proficiency tests.
  • PS 206 Joseph F Lamb School: PS 206 is another top-performing school, with notable programs in arts and sciences. It has been praised for its inclusive environment and strong community involvement.
  • PS 254 Dag Hammarskjold School: PS 254 is recognized for its commitment to student achievement and personal development, offering various extracurricular activities and support services for students.

Middle Schools

Middle schools in ZIP Code 11229 also demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence and student growth:

  • IS 278 Marine Park: Known for its rigorous academic standards and a variety of enrichment programs. IS 278 offers a robust curriculum that prepares students well for high school.
  • IS 239 Mark Twain for the Gifted and Talented: This school is particularly notable for catering to gifted students with specialized programs in areas such as science, math, and the arts.

High Schools

The high school options in ZIP Code 11229 provide students with quality education and opportunities for college and career readiness:

  • James Madison High School: This school offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses, college preparatory programs, and a wide range of extracurricular activities. It has a strong reputation for academic success and college admissions.
  • Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences: Known for its focus on science and technology education, this high school provides students with opportunities to engage in research and advanced studies.

Special Programs and Extracurricular Activities

Schools in ZIP Code 11229 offer a variety of special programs and extracurricular activities to enhance student learning and personal development:

  • PS 195: Offers music, art, and physical education programs that enhance the standard curriculum.
  • PS 206: Features a strong after-school program that includes sports, tutoring, and clubs.
  • IS 278: Provides opportunities in athletics, arts, and technology, including robotics clubs and science fairs.
  • James Madison High School: Offers a broad range of extracurriculars including debate club, theater productions, and various sports teams.

Parental and Community Involvement

Community and parental involvement are vital components of the educational experience in ZIP Code 11229:

  • Many schools have active Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) that organize events and fundraising activities.
  • Community partnerships with local businesses and organizations help provide additional resources and learning opportunities for students.
  • Regular workshops and meetings keep parents informed and engaged with their children’s educational journey.


Overall, the schools in ZIP Code 11229 provide a high-quality education with strong academic programs, diverse extracurricular activities, and robust community support. These elements combine to create a nurturing and effective learning environment for students at all levels.

Public Transportation Access in ZIP Code 11229


ZIP Code 11229, located in Brooklyn, New York, is well-served by an array of public transportation options. These options include subway lines, bus routes, and other forms of transit that facilitate easy access to different parts of New York City. This report provides an in-depth look at the public transportation facilities available in ZIP Code 11229.

Subway Lines

The following subway lines serve the area:

B Line

The B line has a station at Kings Highway, providing express service to Manhattan and other key destinations.

Q Line

The Q line also stops at Kings Highway, offering both local and express service options for riders.

F Line

The F line can be accessed at the Avenue U station, serving as a crucial link for commuters traveling to and from the area.

Bus Routes

Numerous bus routes operate throughout ZIP Code 11229, enhancing connectivity within Brooklyn and beyond:

B2 Bus

The B2 bus route runs along Avenue R and Avenue U, providing a direct link to key subway stations.

B3 Bus

This route connects the Kings Plaza shopping center to Bay Ridge, passing through major thoroughfares like Avenue U and several other neighborhoods.

B31 Bus

The B31 bus runs along Gerritsen Avenue, connecting the Gerritsen Beach area with the Kings Highway station.


Accessibility is a key consideration for public transportation in ZIP Code 11229. Subway stations like Kings Highway are equipped with elevators and ramps, ensuring they are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Similarly, most buses serving this area are wheelchair-accessible, equipped with ramps and priority seating.

Real-Time Information

For convenience, real-time information on subway and bus schedules is readily available through various digital platforms:

MTA Website and App

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) provides up-to-date schedules, service alerts, and trip planning tools on their official website and mobile app.

Google Maps

Google Maps offers real-time transit updates, making it easier for commuters to plan their journeys efficiently.

Additional Services

Other transportation services enhance the transit options in ZIP Code 11229:

NYC Ferry

The NYC Ferry service, accessible from nearby Sheepshead Bay, offers a convenient alternative for travelling to Manhattan and other waterfront destinations.

Citi Bike

Citi Bike stations are located throughout the ZIP Code 11229 area, providing a flexible and eco-friendly transportation option for short distances.


Overall, ZIP Code 11229 boasts comprehensive public transportation networks that cater to the diverse needs of its residents. With multiple subway lines, bus routes, and additional services, commuting within and outside the area is both straightforward and convenient.

Neighborhood Atmosphere in ZIP Code 11229

About the Area

ZIP Code 11229 covers areas in Brooklyn, New York, including neighborhoods like Sheepshead Bay and Homecrest. This region is known for its diverse cultural makeup and a variety of amenities, making it an appealing place for many different types of residents.

Community and Demographics

The community in ZIP Code 11229 is characterized by a mix of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. The area is home to a substantial number of immigrants, contributing to a rich tapestry of languages, cuisines, and traditions. This diversity fosters a welcoming and inclusive neighborhood atmosphere.

Housing and Architecture

Housing options in ZIP Code 11229 range from single-family homes to apartment buildings. The area features classic Brooklyn brownstones, mid-century homes, and modern apartment complexes. This mix of old and new gives the neighborhood a unique architectural flavor that appeals to a broad range of tastes and preferences.

Local Amenities

Residents of ZIP Code 11229 enjoy access to a variety of amenities. Restaurants and Cafes: The area is teeming with dining options, ranging from quaint cafes to vibrant ethnic restaurants. Whether you’re in the mood for Italian, Russian, or Asian cuisine, you’ll find something to satisfy your palate.

Parks and Recreation: Sheepshead Bay offers plenty of green spaces and waterfront areas for outdoor activities. Marine Park is a popular destination for those who enjoy jogging, picnicking, or simply taking a relaxing stroll.

Shopping and Services: Convenience is a major benefit of living in 11229. Grocery stores, pharmacies, and retail shops are readily accessible, ensuring that residents don’t need to travel far for their daily needs.

Education and Schools

ZIP Code 11229 is served by several reputable schools. Public Schools: The area boasts a number of public schools that cater to different educational levels, from elementary to high school. Some of the notable institutions include P.S. 194 Raoul Wallenberg and James Madison High School.

Private Schools: There are also several private and parochial schools in the area, such as St. Mark Catholic Academy, which provide additional educational options for families.


The transportation network in ZIP Code 11229 is robust and well-connected. Subways: The B and Q lines serve the area, providing convenient access to Manhattan and other parts of Brooklyn. Sheepshead Bay Station and Avenue U Station are key stops in the neighborhood.

Buses: Numerous bus lines, including the B3, B36, and B49, offer extensive coverage throughout the area, making it easy to get around without a car.

Roadways: For those who drive, major roadways like the Belt Parkway and Ocean Parkway facilitate quick and efficient travel.

Safety and Health

The neighborhood places a high priority on safety and healthcare. Police Presence: The 61st Precinct of the NYPD serves the area, helping to maintain law and order. Regular patrols and community engagement initiatives contribute to a secure living environment.

Healthcare Facilities: Numerous medical facilities, including New York Community Hospital and a variety of clinics and pharmacies, ensure that residents have ready access to healthcare services.

Events and Activities

The community in ZIP Code 11229 enjoys a vibrant calendar of events and activities. Local Festivals: The annual Sheepshead Bay Summer Festival is a highlight, featuring food, music, and entertainment for all ages.

Community Centers: Places like the Kings Bay YM-YWHA offer a plethora of programs, from fitness classes to cultural workshops, catering to all age groups and interests.


ZIP Code 11229 in Brooklyn, New York, stands out for its dynamic blend of cultures, amenities, and opportunities, fostering a vibrant and welcoming neighborhood atmosphere that appeals to a diverse population.

Real Estate Market Trends for ZIP Code 11229

Property Values

In ZIP Code 11229, property values have shown a steady increase over the past few years. This upward trend is driven by a combination of factors including economic growth, demand for housing, and limited inventory.

  • Median Home Price: As of the latest data, the median home price is approximately $850,000.
  • Year-over-Year Growth: The area has experienced a 5% increase in home prices over the last year.

Housing Inventory

The housing inventory in ZIP Code 11229 is relatively low compared to previous years. This limited supply is contributing to the rising home prices.

  • Current active listings: Around 120 homes are currently on the market.
  • New listings: There has been a 10% decrease in new listings compared to the previous year.

Rental Market

The rental market in ZIP Code 11229 is highly competitive, with demand outpacing supply.

  • Median Rent: The median rent for an apartment is around $2,500 per month.
  • Rent Growth: Rent prices have increased by 3% over the past year.


The demographics of ZIP Code 11229 have remained relatively stable, with a mix of families, young professionals, and retirees.

  • Population: Approximately 80,000 residents
  • Age distribution: 25% under 18, 60% between 18-64, 15% 65 and older
  • Household Income: Median household income is around $70,000.

Neighborhood Insights

ZIP Code 11229 encompasses several neighborhoods, each with its own unique characteristics.

  • Emmons Avenue: Known for its vibrant dining scene and waterfront views.
  • Sheepshead Bay: A family-friendly area with good schools and parks.
  • Marine Park: Offers more suburban-like settings with larger home lots.

Schools and Education

Schools in ZIP Code 11229 are highly rated, making it an attractive area for families.

  • Elementary Schools: Several well-regarded public and private options.
  • High Schools: Known for their rigorous academic and extracurricular programs.

Market Forecast

Looking forward, the real estate market in ZIP Code 11229 is expected to remain strong. Analysts predict continued price appreciation and stable demand, though rising interest rates may temper growth slightly.

  • Price Predictions: Experts forecast a 4-5% increase in home prices over the next year.
  • Inventory Expectations: Housing inventory is expected to remain tight, further driving up prices.


The ZIP Code 11229 real estate market offers a mix of growth and stability, making it an attractive option for both buyers and investors. With increasing property values, low housing inventory, and a competitive rental market, it is important for prospective buyers and renters to act quickly to secure their desired properties.

Property Taxes in ZIP Code 11229

Overview of Property Taxes

Property taxes in the ZIP code 11229, located in Brooklyn, New York, play a crucial role in funding local services such as education, public safety, and infrastructure. This locality is predominantly residential, featuring a mix of single-family homes, multi-family buildings, and some commercial properties.

Assessment Process

The property tax assessment in ZIP code 11229 is conducted by the New York City Department of Finance. Properties are assessed based on their market value, which is determined using mass appraisal techniques, comparable sales data, and income/expense information from property owners.

Market Value Calculation

  • Residential Properties: Market value is generally assessed using sales data from similar homes in the area.
  • Commercial Properties: Market value is determined based on the potential rental income the property can generate.

Assessed Value

The assessed value is a percentage of the market value. In New York City, different property classes have different assessment ratios:

  • Class 1: 6% of market value (includes one to three-family homes)
  • Class 2: 45% of market value (includes condos, co-ops, and multi-family properties)
  • Class 3: Utilities and special franchises
  • Class 4: 45% of market value (includes commercial properties)

Tax Rates

Property tax rates in ZIP code 11229 are set annually by the New York City Council. The tax rate is applied to the assessed value to calculate the yearly property tax bill. For the fiscal year 2022-2023, the property tax rates were as follows:

  • Class 1: 21.045%
  • Class 2: 12.235% (applied to residential class 2)
  • Class 3: 12.907%
  • Class 4: 10.694%

Exemptions and Abatements

Homeowners in ZIP code 11229 may qualify for various property tax exemptions and abatements to reduce their tax burden. These include:

Common Exemptions

  • STAR (School Tax Relief) Program: Reduces school district property taxes for eligible homeowners.
  • Senior Citizens Homeowners’ Exemption (SCHE): Offers a reduction for senior citizens with limited income.
  • Veterans Exemption: Provides tax reductions for eligible veterans.

Property Tax Abatements

  • J-51 Program: Offers tax exemptions and abatements for the renovation and rehabilitation of residential apartment buildings.
  • 421-a Program: Provides tax exemptions for new multi-family residential buildings.

Payment and Due Dates

Property taxes in ZIP code 11229 are billed annually in two installments:

  • First half: Due July 1st
  • Second half: Due January 1st

The payments can be made online, by mail, or in person at one of the Department of Finance business centers.

Assessment Appeals

If property owners in ZIP code 11229 believe their property has been inaccurately assessed, they have the right to appeal the assessment. The appeal can be filed with the New York City Tax Commission by March 15th of each year.

To file an appeal:

  1. Complete the appeal form available on the Tax Commission’s website.
  2. Submit supportive documentation, such as recent appraisals or sales data.
  3. Attend a hearing if required.

Contact Information

For more information or assistance with property taxes in ZIP code 11229, property owners can contact:

New York City Department of Finance

By understanding these key components, property owners in ZIP code 11229 can better navigate their property tax obligations and identify potential ways to reduce their tax liability.

Community Amenities in ZIP Code 11229

Parks and Recreational Areas

The 11229 ZIP code offers residents a variety of parks and recreational spaces to enjoy. Avenue V Park and Kelly Park are popular local green spaces where families and individuals can relax, exercise, and engage in community activities.

  • Avenue V Park
    • Playgrounds for children
    • Walking and jogging paths
    • Open grassy areas
  • Kelly Park
    • Basketball courts
    • Soccer fields
    • Picnic areas with tables

Educational Facilities

ZIP code 11229 is home to several reputable educational institutions, making it an ideal place for families with school-aged children. These include both public and private schools, offering robust curriculums and extracurricular activities.

  • P.S. 194 Raoul Wallenberg School
  • Alice Austen School – I.S. 34
  • St. Edmund Preparatory High School

Additionally, the area boasts numerous childcare centers and preschools, ensuring options for early education.

Public Libraries

Residents of 11229 have access to several public libraries, which serve as vital community hubs offering more than just books. These facilities provide educational programs, free Wi-Fi, and areas for study and work.

  • Sheepshead Bay Library
    • Extensive book and multimedia collections
    • Reading programs for children and adults
    • Community meeting rooms
  • Kings Bay Library
    • Computer access and training
    • Language courses and citizenship classes
    • Dedicated areas for teens and younger children

Healthcare Facilities

The 11229 ZIP code area is well serviced by a range of healthcare facilities, ensuring that residents have access to quality medical care. These facilities include general practitioners, specialist clinics, and emergency care centers.

  • New York Community Hospital
    • 24/7 Emergency room facilities
    • Comprehensive medical and surgical services
    • Outpatient and rehabilitation services
  • Maimonides Medical Center
    • Specialized healthcare services
    • Advanced diagnostic and treatment technology
    • Community health programs

Shopping and Dining

The ZIP code 11229 offers a variety of shopping and dining options, making it convenient for residents to meet their day-to-day needs and enjoy leisure activities. The area boasts several shopping centers, grocery stores, and diverse ethnic restaurants.

  • Avenue U Shopping Center
    • Major retail stores
    • Specialty shops
    • Food courts and dining areas
  • Gourmet Fresh Supermarket
  • Variety of Restaurants
    • Italian, Chinese, and Mexican cuisine
    • Casual and fine dining
    • Family-friendly eateries


Transportation options in the 11229 area are plentiful, making commuting and traveling straightforward for residents. The area enjoys access to multiple subway lines, bus routes, and major highways.

  • Subway Lines
    • B and Q lines
    • Quick access to Manhattan and other boroughs
  • Bus Routes
    • B3, B36, and B44 lines
    • Frequent and reliable service
  • Highways
    • Close proximity to Belt Parkway
    • Easy connections to I-678 and I-495

Community Centers and Services

Community centers in the 11229 area offer various services and activities designed to engage residents of all ages. These centers often feature recreational activities, educational programs, and social services.

  • JCC of Marine Park
    • Welcome activities for seniors
    • Youth programs and camps
    • Fitness and wellness classes
  • Sheepshead Bay Community Center
    • Job assistance and training programs
    • Community events and workshops
    • Support services and resources

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