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Safety and Crime Rates in ZIP Code 11226

Overall Crime Rate Overview

ZIP Code 11226, which encompasses parts of Flatbush and Ditmas Park in Brooklyn, New York, has had varied crime statistics over the years. Reliable data from law enforcement agencies indicates that the crime rates in this area have been subject to change due to various socio-economic factors.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes include incidents such as homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

  • Homicide: The area has had sporadic incidents; however, they are relatively low compared to other parts of Brooklyn.
  • Rape: Reports have shown fluctuation, emphasizing the importance of local awareness and preventive measures.
  • Robbery: This remains a significant concern, with a higher frequency than some other violent crimes.
  • Aggravated Assault: Incidents of aggravated assault have shown a varying trend but are notably influenced by local law enforcement activities and community programs.

Property Crimes

Property crimes, a category that includes burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson.

  • Burglary: ZIP Code 11226 has seen incidents of burglary, although efforts by local police have made some reductions in these statistics.
  • Larceny-Theft: This is one of the more prevalent forms of property crime in the area, often attributed to unattended items and lack of visible security measures.
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: Car thefts have been a recurring issue, highlighting the need for effective vehicle security solutions.
  • Arson: Instances of arson are relatively low but remain an area that continues to receive attention from the fire department and law enforcement.

Yearly Trends

Recent years have shown mixed trends in crime rates for ZIP Code 11226:

  • 2019: A year that marked a slight increase in both violent and property crimes, prompting increased community awareness programs.
  • 2020: Saw a rise in certain types of crime likely influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and its resultant economic impacts.
  • 2021: Data indicates a modest decline in overall crime rates, thanks to renewed focus on community policing and strategic prevention measures.
  • 2022: Continued the downward trend in some categories while others stabilized.

Preventive Measures and Community Programs

The community in ZIP Code 11226 has been actively involved in several initiatives to curb crime:

  • Community Policing: Collaboration between residents and local police to enhance trust and responsiveness.
  • Neighborhood Watch Programs: Residents actively participate in monitoring and reporting suspicious activities.
  • Youth Outreach: Programs aimed at engaging youth in positive activities to deter them from criminal behavior.
  • Public Awareness Campaigns: Efforts to educate the public on safety measures such as securing personal property and avoiding high-risk areas.

Emergency Services and Response

Emergency services in ZIP Code 11226 are robust, featuring:

  • Police Stations: Multiple precincts serving the area with varied special response units.
  • Fire Stations: Well-positioned to address fires and arson-related incidents swiftly.
  • Medical Emergency Response: High-quality medical services ensuring timely treatment of criminally inflicted injuries.

Useful Contacts

Residents and visitors in ZIP Code 11226 can reach out to the following contacts for safety and emergency services:

  • Emergency Police: Dial 911 for immediate assistance.
  • Local Precinct: Contact the nearest precinct for non-emergency police concerns.
  • Fire Department: Dial 911 in case of fires or arson-related activities.
  • Community Board: Connect with the community board for details on local safety initiatives.

Proximity to Essential Services in ZIP Code 11226

Healthcare Facilities

Residents in ZIP Code 11226 have access to a range of healthcare facilities. Kings County Hospital Center is a comprehensive medical facility providing emergency, surgical, and specialty services. Another notable facility is Downstate Medical Center, a teaching hospital offering advanced medical treatments.

Additionally, there are several urgent care centers and clinics throughout the area, ensuring that non-emergency health concerns are promptly addressed. Pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens are also conveniently located throughout the ZIP Code 11226 area, providing essential medications and health products.

Educational Institutions

The ZIP Code 11226 area is home to numerous educational institutions catering to all levels of education. Public schools such as PS 249 The Caton School and PS 92 Adrian Hegeman School offer quality education for younger students. For those seeking higher education, Medgar Evers College is within easy reach, offering a variety of degree programs across multiple disciplines.

Many of these institutions are within walking distance or a short drive, ensuring that families have access to quality education without long commutes.

Grocery Stores and Markets

Accessibility to grocery stores and markets is excellent in the 11226 area. Major chains such as Key Food and Associated Supermarket provide a wide selection of fresh produce, meats, and household essentials. There are also numerous local markets and smaller grocery stores throughout the neighborhood, catering to diverse culinary preferences.

For those interested in specialty foods, there are several ethnic markets offering products native to various cuisines, making it convenient for residents to find unique ingredients.

Public Transportation

Public transportation in ZIP Code 11226 is highly efficient, with multiple subway lines and bus routes servicing the area. The Church Avenue Subway Station provides access to the B and Q lines, while the Beverley Road Subway Station services the Q line. These subway lines offer quick and easy access to other parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Additionally, several bus routes such as the B35, B41, and B49 run through the area, complementing the subway services and providing comprehensive coverage for daily commutes and travel.

Parks and Recreational Areas

ZIP Code 11226 boasts an array of parks and recreational facilities. Prospect Park, one of Brooklyn’s largest and most popular parks, is located within this area. It offers extensive green spaces, playgrounds, sports facilities, and a zoo. Wingate Park is another notable recreational space, featuring sports fields, walking tracks, and recreational programs.

These parks provide residents with ample opportunities for outdoor activities, exercise, and relaxation.

Quality of Local Schools in ZIP Code 11226

Overview of Educational Institutions

The ZIP Code 11226, encompassing parts of Brooklyn in New York City, is home to a diverse array of educational institutions, including public, private, and charter schools. These schools serve a largely multicultural community and offer a variety of programs aimed at meeting the needs of their students.

Public Schools in 11226

Elementary Schools

  • PS 152 School of Science & Technology: Known for its strong science curriculum and technology integration, PS 152 is highly regarded for laying a robust academic foundation.
  • PS 92 Adrian Hegeman: This institution excels in providing a supportive environment with special programs for early childhood development and arts integration.

Middle Schools

  • MS 246 Walt Whitman: Offering a well-rounded curriculum, MS 246 emphasizes STEM education and has strong extracurricular programs.
  • Parkside Preparatory Academy: This middle school focuses on preparing students for high school with critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

High Schools

  • International High School at Prospect Heights: Catering to students from diverse backgrounds, this school emphasizes language acquisition and global citizenship.
  • Erasmus Hall High School: With a rich history, Erasmus Hall offers specialized tracks like the Science, Technology, and Research (STAR) program.

Private and Charter Schools

Private Schools

  • Montessori School of New York International: Providing an alternative education model focusing on individual learning paces and Montessori principles.
  • Phyl’s Academy Preparatory School: Catering to both elementary and middle school-aged children, this institution offers a rigorous academic curriculum.

Charter Schools

  • Central Brooklyn Ascend Charter School: Known for its high academic standards and a strong emphasis on moral and ethical education.
  • Brooklyn Dreams Charter School: Combining a rigorous academic curriculum with character education, this charter school aims to prepare students for lifelong success.

Performance Metrics and Ratings

The quality of schools in ZIP Code 11226 can be evaluated through various performance metrics and ratings. Standardized test scores, graduation rates, and college readiness are key indicators.

  • Test Scores: Many local schools consistently perform at or above the state average in standardized tests, reflecting a strong academic program.
  • Graduation Rates: High schools in the area boast graduation rates that frequently surpass state averages, demonstrating effective educational practices.
  • College Readiness: Programs focusing on Advanced Placement (AP) courses and college counseling services help prepare students for post-secondary education.

Special Programs and Extracurricular Activities

Schools in ZIP Code 11226 offer a variety of special programs and extracurricular activities that enrich student experiences and foster talents beyond the regular curriculum.

  • STEM Programs: Many schools have dedicated STEM programs that encourage participation in science fairs, robotics clubs, and coding workshops.
  • Arts and Humanities: From music and theater to visual arts, schools provide ample opportunities for creative expression and skill development.
  • Sports Teams: A variety of athletic programs, including basketball, soccer, and track and field, are available to promote physical health and teamwork.

Community and Parental Involvement

Community and parental involvement play a significant role in the success of schools in ZIP Code 11226. Parent-teacher associations (PTAs) and community partnerships work together to enhance the educational environment.

  • Parent-Teacher Associations: Active PTAs organize events, provide resources, and foster parent engagement in school activities.
  • Community Partnerships: Collaborations with local businesses and non-profits offer additional resources and support for educational programs and student initiatives.

Public Transportation Access for ZIP Code 11226

Overview of Public Transportation in 11226

The ZIP Code 11226 is located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, serving neighborhoods such as Flatbush and Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. This area is well-connected by a variety of public transportation options, making commuting and travel convenient for its residents.

Subway Services

The primary mode of public transport in 11226 is the subway system. The key subway lines serving this ZIP code include:

  • B and Q Lines: These lines run along the BMT Brighton Line, with notable stops at Church Avenue and Beverley Road. The B Line offers express service during rush hours, while the Q Line operates as a local service.
  • 2 and 5 Lines: These IRT Nostrand Avenue Line trains have significant stops at Church Avenue and Beverly Road, providing service to Manhattan and the Bronx. The 2 Line runs all the time, while the 5 Line provides peak-hour express service.

Bus Routes

A variety of bus routes complement the subway services in 11226, providing extensive coverage across the neighborhoods:

  • B35: Travels along Church Avenue, connecting Brownsville to Sunset Park, making stops at key intersections such as Flatbush Avenue.
  • B41: Runs along Flatbush Avenue, linking Downtown Brooklyn to Kings Plaza Shopping Center.
  • B44: An important Select Bus Service (SBS) route along Nostrand Avenue, offering expedited connections between Williamsburg and Sheepshead Bay.
  • B49: Provides service along Ocean Avenue, connecting Sheepshead Bay to Manhattan Beach via Prospect Park.
  • B12 and B16: Cross-town services that enhance connectivity within the neighborhood.

Accessibility Features

Public transportation in 11226 is designed to cater to the needs of disabled passengers and senior citizens:

  • Many subway stations are equipped with elevators and ramps, ensuring accessibility for wheelchair users.
  • Bus routes are served by low-floor buses with wheelchair ramps and other accessibility features.
  • NYC Accessible Dispatch: Offers wheelchair-accessible taxis available via a dedicated app or phone service.

Bicycles and Public Transportation

For those combining bicycling with public transportation, 11226 offers several amenities:

  • All buses are equipped with bicycle racks to facilitate multi-modal transport.
  • Available Citi Bike stations in the area provide an option for short bike rentals, with docks conveniently located near major subway stations and bus stops.

Real-Time Information and Mobile Apps

Staying updated with real-time public transportation information is facilitated through various resources:

  • MYmta: The official app of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), providing real-time updates, route planning, and service changes.
  • Google Maps: Comprehensive transit directions and real-time updates can be accessed via the app, making it easier for users to plan their commutes.
  • Citi Bike App: For those using bike-share services, the app provides real-time availability of bikes and docks.

Neighborhood Atmosphere in ZIP Code 11226, United States

Overview of ZIP Code 11226

ZIP Code 11226 is located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York City. The area encompasses parts of neighborhoods like Flatbush, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, and Ditmas Park. Known for its rich cultural diversity and vibrant community life, ZIP Code 11226 offers a unique blend of urban hustle and suburban tranquility.

Demographic Composition

The neighborhood is predominantly African-American and Caribbean, contributing to its dynamic cultural landscape. There is also a noticeable presence of Latino, South Asian, and White residents, making it a melting pot of cultures. The area fosters a sense of inclusion, with numerous cultural events and festivals celebrating this diversity.

Community and Social Life

The community in ZIP Code 11226 is incredibly tight-knit. Residents often gather at local parks, community centers, and religious institutions, strengthening communal bonds. Social events, street fairs, and block parties are common, creating an engaging and social atmosphere.

Green Spaces and Parks

Despite its urban setting, ZIP Code 11226 boasts several green spaces and parks. Prospect Park is a notable highlight, offering residents a lush escape from city life. The park features walking trails, playgrounds, and open spaces for picnics and recreational activities, contributing to a balanced atmosphere of nature and urban living.

Dining and Nightlife

Dining options in ZIP Code 11226 are as diverse as its residents. From Caribbean cuisine and Latin American flavors to classic American and trendy fusion dishes, the neighborhood’s restaurants cater to all tastes. Nightlife includes a mix of laid-back bars, live music venues, and cozy cafes, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Public Transportation and Accessibility

The neighborhood is well-served by public transportation, making it highly accessible. Multiple subway lines, including the B and Q trains, run through the area, providing easy access to Manhattan and other parts of Brooklyn. Additionally, several bus routes and bike lanes enhance mobility within the neighborhood.

Schools and Education

ZIP Code 11226 is home to numerous public schools and educational institutions, which include elementary, middle, and high schools with varying performance levels. Educational diversity is a hallmark, with private and charter schools adding to the myriad of options available for residents.

Shopping and Local Businesses

Shopping in ZIP Code 11226 ranges from local boutiques and specialty shops to larger retail stores. The bustling Flatbush Avenue is a retail hub, featuring everything from fashion stores to electronic shops. Local businesses are a cornerstone of the community, contributing to its unique charm and economic vitality.

Safety and Security

Safety is a top concern for residents, and the neighborhood has seen notable improvements in recent years. Local police precincts and community watch programs have enhanced security, creating a more secure atmosphere for families and individuals alike.

Cultural Attractions

Cultural attractions are abundant in ZIP Code 11226, from art galleries and theaters to museums and historic landmarks. The area’s rich history is celebrated through various community events and exhibits, adding depth to its cultural tapestry.

Health and Wellness

The neighborhood boasts several healthcare facilities and wellness centers. Residents have access to a variety of medical services, including hospitals, clinics, and fitness centers. These amenities contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

Real Estate and Housing

The real estate market in ZIP Code 11226 offers a mix of housing options, from historic brownstones and multi-family homes to modern apartments and co-ops. The area’s architectural diversity adds to its charm, attracting a wide range of residents.

Real Estate Market Trends in ZIP Code 11226

Overview of ZIP Code 11226

ZIP Code 11226, located in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, has been witnessing transformative changes in the real estate market. The area, known for its culturally diverse population, historic rowhouses, and proximity to major transit lines, continues to attract a mix of long-term residents and newcomers looking for a vibrant, urban living experience.

Current Market Conditions

The current market in ZIP Code 11226 is characterized by a mix of steady growth and competitive pricing. Here are some notable statistics:

  • Median Home Price: $750,000
  • Median Rent Price: $2,500 per month
  • Average Days on Market: 55 days
  • Housing Inventory: Moderate, with a balanced ratio of buyers and listings

Sales Trends

Sales trends in ZIP Code 11226 reveal a steady increase in property values over the past five years. Key factors influencing this trend include:

  • Gentrification: Recent gentrification has led to an influx of new businesses and amenities, making the area more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Investment Opportunities: Increasing interest from real estate investors who see potential in renovating older properties and tapping into the rental market.
  • Low Interest Rates: Historically low mortgage rates have made home buying more accessible, driving demand and subsequently increasing home prices.

While the growth is promising, potential buyers need to act swiftly, as the competitive market often results in quick sales and bidding wars.

Rental Market Dynamics

The rental market in ZIP Code 11226 remains robust, driven by several factors:

  • Cultural Appeal: The neighborhood’s rich cultural heritage and diversity attract renters looking for a vibrant community.
  • Accessibility: Convenient access to public transportation, including several subway lines, enhances the appeal for commuters.
  • Amenities: Proximity to parks, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities makes ZIP Code 11226 a desirable rental location.

However, renters should be prepared for rising rental prices, a trend that mirrors the increase in property values.

Demographic Insights

Understanding the demographic trends in ZIP Code 11226 is crucial for stakeholders looking to invest or move to the area:

  • Population: Approximately 93,000 residents, with a median age of 34 years.
  • Household Composition: A mix of single-family and multi-family households, with an average household size of 2.7 people.
  • Income Levels: The median household income is around $50,000, with a range of both lower-income and higher-income residents.
  • Education Levels: A relatively high percentage of residents hold bachelor’s degrees or higher, reflecting a trend towards increasing educational attainment.

Future Projections

Looking ahead, several factors are expected to influence the real estate market in ZIP Code 11226:

  • Development Projects: Ongoing and planned real estate developments will continue to shape the market dynamics, potentially increasing housing supply.
  • Economic Trends: Broader economic trends, including employment rates and local business growth, will impact housing demand and affordability.
  • Policy Changes: Local government policies related to zoning, rent control, and housing development will play a crucial role in the market’s future trajectory.

Overall, real estate experts anticipate continued growth and competitive market conditions, making it an opportune time for both buyers and investors in ZIP Code 11226.

Property Taxes for ZIP Code 11226

Understanding Property Taxes

Property taxes in the United States are levied by local governments and are based on the value of the property itself. These taxes are crucial for funding public services such as schools, infrastructure, emergency services, and more.

Types of Property Taxes in ZIP Code 11226

The property taxes in ZIP Code 11226, which covers parts of Brooklyn, are primarily of two types:

  • Ad Valorem Taxes: These taxes are based on the assessed value of the property.
  • Special Assessments: These are taxes for specific local improvements like street repairs or new schools, which benefit the property directly.

Assessment Process

The assessment process for property taxes in ZIP Code 11226 involves several steps:

  1. Determination of Market Value: This is the estimated amount a property would sell for in a competitive and open market.
  2. Assessment Ratio: The local government applies a specific percentage (assessment ratio) to the market value to determine the assessed value.
  3. Tax Rate: The local tax rate is then applied to the assessed value to compute the property tax liability.

Exemptions and Reductions

Several exemptions and reductions can apply to property taxes in ZIP Code 11226:

  • Homestead Exemptions: Available for homeowners who use their property as their primary residence.
  • Senior Citizen Exemptions: For qualifying homeowners aged 65 or older.
  • Disability Exemptions: Provided to homeowners with disabilities.
  • Veteran Exemptions: Available to eligible military veterans and their surviving spouses.

How to Pay Property Taxes

Property taxes in ZIP Code 11226 can be paid using several methods:

  • Online Payments: Via the official New York City Department of Finance website.
  • Mail: By sending checks to the designated local government offices.
  • In-Person: At authorized payment centers.

Consequences of Non-Payment

Failing to pay property taxes on time can lead to several consequences:

  • Penalties: Including late fees and interest accumulation.
  • Property Liens: The local government can place a lien on the property, which could lead to foreclosure.
  • Credit Impact: Non-payment can adversely affect the property owner’s credit score.

Recent Trends

In ZIP Code 11226, property tax trends have shown an upward trajectory reflecting the growth in property values. Factors influencing these trends include:

  • Gentrification and increased property values.
  • Local government budget needs.
  • Improvements and new infrastructure developments.

Contact Information

For further details regarding property taxes in ZIP Code 11226, you can contact:

New York City Department of Finance

Phone: 311 (within NYC) or (212) NEW-YORK (outside NYC)

Website: NYC Department of Finance

Community Amenities in ZIP Code 11226

ZIP Code 11226, located in Brooklyn, New York, encompasses parts of neighborhoods such as Flatbush, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, and Ditmas Park. The area is known for its rich culture, diverse population, and numerous community amenities that cater to a variety of interests and needs.

Parks and Recreation

One of the standout features of ZIP Code 11226 is its proximity to Prospect Park, a sprawling urban park offering a wealth of recreational activities. Prospect Park includes:

  • Walking and biking trails
  • Outdoor tennis courts
  • Boathouse and Audubon Center
  • LeFrak Center at Lakeside, providing seasonal ice skating and roller skating

Other notable parks in the area include:

  • Albemarle Playground: A local playground featuring basketball courts, play equipment, and picnic areas.
  • Paerdegat Park: Offers a large green space for family activities and sports.

Educational Facilities

ZIP Code 11226 features a range of educational institutions from public schools to private academies. Some key schools include:

  • PS 249 The Caton School – Offering comprehensive elementary education.
  • Midwood High School – Renowned for its academic excellence and diverse programs.
  • Brooklyn College – A senior college in the City University of New York (CUNY) system, providing undergraduate and graduate degree programs.


The Brooklyn Public Library operates multiple branches serving the residents of ZIP Code 11226:

  • Flatbush Library – Located at 22 Linden Blvd, this branch offers a wide range of books, digital resources, and community programs.
  • Walt Whitman Library – Located at 93 Saint Edwards Street, providing educational programs and activities for children and adults.

Healthcare Facilities

Access to healthcare is a crucial aspect of community amenities. In ZIP Code 11226, residents benefit from several healthcare facilities:

  • Kings County Hospital Center – Offering emergency services, inpatient care, and various specialized medical treatments.
  • University Hospital of Brooklyn – Part of the SUNY Downstate Medical Center, delivering comprehensive healthcare services.

Shopping and Dining Options

The area is rich with diverse shopping and dining options, reflecting its multicultural population. Notable spots include:

  • Flatbush Avenue – Bustling with retail stores, supermarkets, and specialty shops.
  • Cortelyou Road – Known for its eclectic mix of restaurants, cafes, and farmers’ market.


ZIP Code 11226 is well-connected by public transportation, facilitating easy access to other parts of Brooklyn and New York City. Key transit options include:

  • Subway Lines – B, Q, 2, and 5 lines serve the area, providing convenient routes to Manhattan and surrounding boroughs.
  • Bus Routes – Multiple bus lines like B35, B41, and B49 run through the community, offering flexible commuting options.

Community Centers

The local community centers provide various programs and activities aimed at all age groups. Prominent community centers include:

  • Flatbush YMCA – Offers fitness programs, swimming facilities, and youth services.
  • Flatbush Development Corporation – Focuses on community improvement and provides support services like housing assistance and youth programs.

Residents of ZIP Code 11226 enjoy a wealth of amenities that contribute to a high quality of life, making it a vibrant and desirable part of Brooklyn.

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