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Safety and Crime Rates in ZIP Code 90044

Overview of ZIP Code 90044

ZIP Code 90044 is located in South Los Angeles, California. The area is primarily residential with some commercial zones. Understanding safety and crime rates in this ZIP code is crucial for residents, future home buyers, and businesses.

Crime Rates

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes encompass crimes such as murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. In ZIP Code 90044, violent crime rates are significantly higher than the national average. Data indicates that the potential for becoming a victim of violent crime in this area is approximately 1 in 111.

  • Murder: The murder rate in 90044 is considerably higher compared to other areas in Los Angeles.
  • Robbery: Robbery incidents are frequent, contributing significantly to the overall violent crime statistics.
  • Aggravated Assault: Aggravated assaults are reported at a higher rate, reflecting a heightened risk in this category.

Property Crimes

Property crimes include burglary, larceny, theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson. In 90044, property crime rates are also above the national average. The likelihood of falling victim to a property crime here is about 1 in 28.

  • Burglary: Burglary rates are particularly high, making it essential for residents to take adequate security measures.
  • Larceny-Theft: Incidents of larceny-theft are common and contribute significantly to property crime statistics.
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: Car theft is a prevalent issue, suggesting the need for enhanced vehicle security.

Local Law Enforcement

Law enforcement in ZIP Code 90044 is primarily provided by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Southwest Division. The department deploys various strategies to combat crime but faces challenges due to the area’s high crime rates.

  • Community Policing: There are community policing initiatives aimed at building relationships between the police and residents.
  • Crime Prevention Programs: Multiple crime prevention programs are in place, including neighborhood watch and youth engagement programs.
  • Response Times: Response times can vary, with higher priority given to violent crimes.

Safety Tips for Residents

Residents can adopt several measures to improve their safety and reduce the risk of becoming victims of crime. Below are some essential tips:

  • Home Security: Install robust locks, security cameras, and alarm systems. Ensure doors and windows are secure, especially when away from home.
  • Personal Safety: Stay vigilant, especially at night. Avoid walking alone in poorly lit areas and keep personal belongings secure.
  • Vehicle Security: Always lock your vehicle and avoid leaving valuables inside. Consider using additional anti-theft devices.
  • Community Involvement: Participate in neighborhood watch programs and report suspicious activities to law enforcement.


ZIP Code 90044 in South Los Angeles presents higher-than-average crime rates. Awareness and proactive safety measures are essential for residents and businesses in the area. By collaborating with local law enforcement and adopting personal and property security measures, the community can work towards reducing crime and enhancing safety.

Proximity to Essential Services for ZIP Code 90044

Healthcare Facilities

The ZIP code 90044 is serviced by a number of healthcare facilities that cater to various medical needs. Key hospitals in the vicinity include:

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital: Located approximately 3 miles away, this facility provides comprehensive healthcare services including emergency care, specialty clinics, and primary care.
  • Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical Center: Situated around 7 miles from 90044, this hospital offers a full range of healthcare services including specialty services, urgent care, and general medical treatment.

In addition to hospitals, there are several clinics and pharmacies that ensure residents have easy access to medical care:

  • UrgentMed: A convenient option for urgent healthcare needs, located within a 10-minute drive.
  • CVS Pharmacy: Multiple locations are available within and around 90044 for prescription and over-the-counter medication needs.

Educational Institutions

The 90044 ZIP code is well-served by a variety of educational institutions ranging from primary to higher education. Notable schools in the area include:

  • 42nd Street Elementary School: A reputable public elementary school just a short walk or drive for families in the vicinity.
  • Horace Mann Middle School: Located 2 miles away, serving the intermediate educational needs of the community.
  • Washington Preparatory High School: Approximately 1.5 miles from the center of 90044, offering a comprehensive high school education.

For higher education and adult learning, the following institutions are also accessible:

  • Los Angeles Southwest College: A community college providing a wide range of degree programs and vocational training.
  • University of Southern California (USC): Located about 10 miles north, USC is a prestigious university offering a vast array of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Access to fresh food and groceries is highly convenient for residents of 90044. Notable grocery stores in the area include:

  • Ralphs Grocery Store: Located within a mile, offering a wide selection of food items and household necessities.
  • Superior Grocers: Approximately 2 miles away, this store provides an extensive variety of groceries and fresh produce.
  • Northgate Market: Less than a 5-minute drive, specializing in Hispanic foods and fresh produce.

There are also numerous smaller markets and convenience stores dotted throughout the area, ensuring residents can easily purchase daily essentials without traveling far.

Public Transportation

The public transportation options for ZIP code 90044 are both diverse and accessible. The area is served by several bus routes, including:

  • Metro Bus Line 45: Runs through the heart of 90044, offering direct connections to downtown Los Angeles and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Dash Bus Service: Provides localized transit within the neighborhood for quick and convenient short-distance travel.

Additionally, the Metro Green Line light rail is accessible within a short drive, offering residents an efficient and quick route to various parts of Los Angeles and beyond.

Parks and Recreation

Residents of 90044 have ample access to parks and recreational facilities. Notable parks in the area include:

  • Helen Keller Park: A local favorite, this park offers playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas.
  • Jesse Owens Park: Features extensive sports facilities including basketball courts, soccer fields, and a swimming pool.

The proximity to these essential services makes 90044 a convenient and accessible area for its residents, contributing significantly to their quality of life.

Quality of Local Schools in ZIP Code 90044

Overview of Schools in 90044

The ZIP Code 90044 encompasses several public and private educational institutions, catering to a diverse community. Key factors to consider when evaluating the quality of these schools include academic performance, faculty qualifications, student-teacher ratios, facilities, extracurricular programs, and community involvement.

Academic Performance

Schools in the 90044 area have varied academic performance metrics. Standardized test scores, graduation rates, and college readiness indices are commonly used to gauge academic quality. Based on recent data, some schools have shown academic progress while others are still striving to meet state and national standards.

Faculty Qualifications

The qualifications of the teaching staff significantly impact the quality of education. In 90044, many schools have dedicated and certified teachers, although some face challenges related to staff retention and professional development.

Student-Teacher Ratios

The student-teacher ratio is crucial for providing individualized attention and fostering a supportive learning environment. Schools in 90044 vary in this regard, with some institutions managing to maintain lower ratios and others experiencing higher densities in classrooms.

For optimum educational outcomes, a lower student-teacher ratio is preferred. Parents and stakeholders often seek detailed information on current ratios to make informed decisions.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Infrastructure quality, including classroom spaces, libraries, laboratories, and recreational areas, directly influences the learning experience. Schools in 90044 exhibit a range of facilities, with some offering state-of-the-art amenities while others require improvements to meet modern educational standards.

Extracurricular Programs

Extracurricular activities play a vital role in holistic education. Schools in the 90044 ZIP code offer various programs such as sports, arts, music, and clubs. These activities help in developing students’ social skills and talents beyond academics.

Community Involvement

Community support and parental involvement are essential for enhancing school quality. Schools in 90044 benefit from active community engagement, which fosters a collaborative environment for student development. However, there is always room for increased participation from all community members.

Conclusion on School Quality in 90044

The ZIP Code 90044 is home to a mix of schools with varied performance and resources. While some schools demonstrate excellence in certain areas, there are opportunities for improvement across the board. Assessing these factors helps in understanding the quality of education provided and highlights areas for potential development.

Public Transportation Access in ZIP Code 90044

Overview of Public Transit Options

The ZIP Code 90044, located in Los Angeles, California, is well-served by a variety of public transportation options. Residents and visitors can take advantage of multiple bus lines, light rail services, and accessible transit facilities aimed at providing efficient and convenient travel.

Bus Services

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) runs several bus routes through ZIP Code 90044. Notable bus lines include:

  • Line 81: This route travels along Hoover Street, connecting passengers to significant stops such as Manchester Blvd. and Florence Ave.
  • Line 207: Operating along Western Avenue, this bus line offers access to locations from Hollywood to South Los Angeles.
  • Line 115: Serving Manchester Blvd., this route is essential for east-west travel across the region.
  • Line 40: This bus runs on MLK Blvd. and Crenshaw Blvd., providing connections to major transit hubs and destinations.

Light Rail Services

Residents of ZIP Code 90044 have access to the Metro A Line (Blue), which offers rapid transit from Downtown Los Angeles to Long Beach. The A Line’s nearby stations, such as Florence Station and Vernon Station, provide easy access to the core of LA’s transit network.

Transit Accessibility

The infrastructure in ZIP Code 90044 is designed to be accessible to all passengers, including those with disabilities. Many bus stops are equipped with shelters, benches, and real-time arrival information to enhance the rider experience.

Accessible Stations:

  • Low-floor buses and kneeling features on the LA Metro buses.
  • Elevator access at all rail stations.
  • Audio and visual announcements inside vehicles for stops and services.

Park and Ride Facilities

Convenient park and ride locations are available nearby, making it easy for commuters to park their vehicles and hop on public transportation. These facilities are well-lit and monitored to ensure safety and security.

Bicycle Integration

Cyclists can take advantage of bike racks available on most buses and at light rail stations. Additionally, bike sharing programs and dedicated bike lanes make it easier to combine biking with public transport.

Transit-Oriented Development

ZIP Code 90044 has seen a growth in transit-oriented developments (TODs), which are designed to maximize access to public transportation. These developments often include mixed-use buildings with residential units, commercial spaces, and amenities designed to reduce the reliance on personal vehicles.

Real-Time Tracking and Mobile Apps

Technological advancements have made public transit in ZIP Code 90044 more accessible. The LA Metro offers real-time tracking through mobile apps, allowing passengers to plan their routes efficiently and stay updated on arrival times and potential delays.


The ZIP Code 90044 offers extensive and reliable public transportation options, making it easier for residents and visitors to travel within and beyond the area. From bus services and light rail to accessible facilities and transit-oriented developments, the infrastructure is designed to meet a diverse range of needs efficiently and sustainably.

Neighborhood Atmosphere in ZIP Code 90044

Demographics and Diversity

The ZIP Code 90044 is located in Los Angeles, California, and is known for its diverse population. This area is a culturally rich neighborhood with a mix of ethnic backgrounds. The community is predominantly Hispanic and African American, creating a vibrant and colorful atmosphere.

Safety and Security

Like many urban neighborhoods, safety is a top concern for residents of 90044. The area experiences a higher crime rate compared to the national average, but several community initiatives and increased police presence aim to address these issues. Local organizations work tirelessly to improve safety through neighborhood watch programs and community policing efforts.


The neighborhood in 90044 is served by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Schools in this area face challenges such as lower funding and larger class sizes. Programs focused on improving educational outcomes and increasing college readiness are continuously underway, addressing the community’s needs. Public libraries are also accessible, providing additional educational resources and after-school programs for children and adults alike.


Housing in 90044 is primarily composed of single-family homes, apartments, and public housing units. The real estate market is relatively affordable compared to other parts of Los Angeles, making it an attractive option for families and individuals seeking budget-friendly living options. Efforts are ongoing to improve housing conditions and to develop new residential projects that better serve the community.


Public transportation options in 90044 are extensive, providing residents with convenient access to other parts of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Metro services, including buses and the light rail, offer reliable and affordable means of transportation. Additionally, road infrastructure is well-maintained, although traffic congestion can be an issue during peak hours.

Parks and Recreation

The neighborhood boasts several parks that offer green spaces for recreation and relaxation. Parks such as Jesse Owens Park and Algin Sutton Recreation Center provide residents with amenities including playgrounds, sports fields, and community centers. These parks are focal points for local events and activities, fostering a sense of community and well-being.

Local Businesses and Amenities

90044 is home to a variety of local businesses including restaurants, grocery stores, and retail shops. The commercial areas are bustling with activity, reflecting the community’s economic resilience. Local businesses play a crucial role in providing employment opportunities and supporting the neighborhood’s economy.

Community Engagement

Community organizations and residents in 90044 are highly engaged in neighborhood improvement efforts. Events such as community clean-ups, neighborhood forums, and cultural festivals are common and help to strengthen community bonds. This active engagement contributes to the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere in the area.

Healthcare Services

Access to healthcare services in 90044 is facilitated by several local clinics and healthcare providers. South Central Family Health Center and other facilities offer a range of medical services, ensuring residents have access to necessary healthcare. Health fairs and wellness programs are frequently organized to promote healthy living within the community.

Religious and Cultural Institutions

The neighborhood is home to a diverse array of religious and cultural institutions that reflect the community’s rich tapestry. Churches, mosques, and temples serve not only as places of worship but also as community hubs where residents can gather and participate in cultural activities. These institutions play a vital role in fostering community cohesion and cultural heritage.

Real Estate Market Trends for ZIP Code 90044

Current Market Overview

The real estate market in ZIP Code 90044 is experiencing dynamic changes. Recent data indicates a steady increase in property values, making it an attractive area for both investors and homebuyers.

Median Home Prices

As of the most recent estimates, the median home price in ZIP Code 90044 is approximately $530,000. This reflects a year-over-year appreciation rate of 7%. The upward trend is a strong indicator of a robust housing market and growing interest in this area.

Property Types and Availability

The market is primarily dominated by single-family homes, accounting for about 60% of the listings. Multi-family units and condominiums comprise the remaining 40%. Inventory levels have been relatively low, contributing to competitive bidding scenarios.

Rent Trends

Rental properties in ZIP Code 90044 have seen notable shifts as well. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is around $1,800 per month. This sees an increase of 5% compared to the previous year, indicating a growing demand for rental units.

Market Demographics

The demographic profile of ZIP Code 90044 includes a diverse population with a median age of 33 years and an average household size of 3.5 persons. The area is particularly appealing to young professionals and families due to its affordable housing options and community amenities.

Neighborhood Insights

Neighborhoods within ZIP Code 90044, such as Chesterfield Square and Vermont Vista, offer a variety of amenities including parks, schools, and shopping centers. These features enhance the attractiveness of the area for long-term residence.

Sales Trends

Home sales have shown a consistent increase, with average days on market (DOM) reducing to 35 days. This reduction in DOM reflects a high buyer demand and a highly active market.

Foreclosure Rates

Foreclosure rates in this ZIP Code have declined significantly, with current rates standing at 0.4% of all properties. This decrease is a positive sign of economic stability and recoveries in the housing sector.

Investment Opportunities

Investors are taking note of the lucrative prospects in ZIP Code 90044, driven by increasing property values and rental yields. With ongoing development and infrastructure improvements, the area’s real estate market is poised for continued growth.


Overall, the real estate market in ZIP Code 90044 presents a promising landscape for buyers, renters, and investors. Staying informed about these trends is essential for making strategic decisions in this vibrant market.

Property Taxes in ZIP Code 90044

Overview of Property Taxes

Property taxes in ZIP Code 90044, which covers parts of South Central Los Angeles, play a crucial role in funding local services such as education, public safety, and infrastructure. Understanding how these taxes are calculated, assessed, and paid is essential for homeowners and potential buyers.

Understanding the Property Tax Rate

The property tax rate in ZIP Code 90044 is derived from several overlapping tax jurisdictions, including the city and county of Los Angeles. The rate typically combines the base rate set by Los Angeles County with additional rates from local school districts, special districts, and municipal levies.

The average effective property tax rate in Los Angeles County is approximately 1.16% of the assessed home value, which may slightly vary in ZIP Code 90044 due to local assessments.

Assessment of Property Values

Property values in ZIP Code 90044 are assessed by the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office. Assessments are based on the fair market value of the property as of the latest assessment date. Properties are usually reassessed when they are sold, significantly improved, or when ownership changes.

Annual assessments may also include adjustments for inflation, as allowed under California’s Proposition 13, which limits increases in assessed value to a maximum of 2% per year.

Payment and Due Dates

Property taxes in ZIP Code 90044 are typically paid in two installments. The first installment is due on November 1 and becomes delinquent after December 10, while the second installment is due on February 1 and becomes delinquent after April 10 of the following year.

Payments can be made online through the Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector’s website, by mail, or in person at designated locations.

Exemptions and Relief Programs

Homeowners in ZIP Code 90044 may be eligible for several property tax relief programs aimed at reducing their tax burden. These include:

  • Homeowners’ Exemption: Provides a reduction of $7,000 in assessed value for owner-occupied residences.
  • Senior Citizens’ Exemption: Eligible seniors may qualify for additional exemptions and deferrals.
  • Disabled Veterans’ Exemption: Offers significant reductions in taxable value for qualifying disabled veterans.

Appealing Property Tax Assessments

If property owners in ZIP Code 90044 believe their property has been unfairly assessed, they can file an appeal with the Los Angeles County Assessment Appeals Board. The appeal must be filed within a specific period following receipt of the tax assessment notice.

Successful appeals can result in a reduction in assessed value and, consequently, lower property taxes.

Impact of Property Taxes on Home Values

Property taxes can significantly impact home values in ZIP Code 90044. Higher tax rates may deter potential buyers, while favorable tax rates and effective relief programs can enhance a neighborhood’s attractiveness.

Moreover, since property taxes fund essential community services, they can also indirectly influence property values by affecting the quality of local schools, infrastructure, and public safety services.

Community Amenities in ZIP Code 90044

Parks and Recreation

ZIP Code 90044 boasts a variety of parks and recreational facilities that cater to both residents and visitors. Key parks include:

  • Roy Campanella Park: A hub of community activity offering sports fields, playgrounds, and a recreation center.
  • Helen Keller Park: Features walking trails, picnic areas, and a community pool.
  • Algin Sutton Recreation Center: Provides a skate park, athletic fields, and various youth programs.

Education Facilities

The education system in ZIP Code 90044 features a mix of public and private institutions. Schools in the area include:

  • Woodcrest Elementary School: A well-regarded public school with a comprehensive curriculum.
  • Nativity Catholic School: A private institution providing K-8 education with a religious foundation.
  • John Muir Middle School: Known for its dedicated teaching staff and diverse program offerings.

Health Services

Residents of ZIP Code 90044 have access to various healthcare facilities, including:

  • Kedren Community Health Center: Offers outpatient services, mental health care, and substance abuse programs.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital: A modern hospital equipped with emergency services and specialized care.
  • Watts Health Center: Provides comprehensive healthcare services including dental and vision care.

Shopping and Retail

Shopping options in ZIP Code 90044 are plentiful, ensuring residents have convenient access to a variety of stores and services:

  • Green Meadows Plaza: A shopping center featuring grocery stores, clothing shops, and quick-service restaurants.
  • Manchester Shopping Center: Known for its diverse retail offerings and household essentials.
  • Local Farmers Markets: Provide fresh produce and artisan goods, supporting local agriculture.

Community and Cultural Centers

The area is enriched with several community and cultural centers that promote local heritage and provide vital services:

  • Los Angeles Southwest College: Offers various academic programs and hosts cultural events.
  • Mark Ridley-Thomas Constituent Center: A focal point for community meetings and public services.
  • Watts Labor Community Action Committee: Provides social services, job training, and youth programs.

Public Transportation

ZIP Code 90044 is well-served by public transportation, ensuring connectivity for its residents:

  • Metro Bus Lines: Multiple routes traverse the area, providing easy access to downtown Los Angeles and other key destinations.
  • Blue Line Metro Rail: The nearby Slauson Station offers convenient rail transport options.
  • Bicycle Infrastructure: Bike lanes and dedicated pathways encourage eco-friendly travel.

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