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Safety and Crime Rates for ZIP Code 11204

Overview of ZIP Code 11204

ZIP Code 11204 is located in Brooklyn, New York, and is specifically part of the neighborhoods of Bensonhurst and Borough Park. Known for its diverse population and vibrant atmosphere, understanding the safety and crime rates is essential for current and prospective residents.

General Crime Statistics

Crime statistics for ZIP Code 11204 provide insight into the safety and security the neighborhood offers. The data below represents recorded incidents and trends:

  • Violent Crimes: The annual rate of violent crimes such as assault and robbery generally hovers around 300 incidents per 100,000 residents.
  • Property Crimes: Property crimes, including burglary and theft, stand at approximately 750 incidents per 100,000 residents annually.
  • Comparative Analysis: When compared to the national average, the crime rates in ZIP Code 11204 are relatively moderate. The national average for violent crimes is approximately 370 incidents per 100,000 people, and for property crimes, around 2,200 incidents per 100,000 people.

Police Presence and Community Initiatives

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) serves ZIP Code 11204 through the 62nd Precinct. Enhanced police presence and multiple community initiatives contribute to improved safety conditions:

  • Community Policing: The precinct employs a community policing strategy to foster relationships between law enforcement officers and residents.
  • Neighborhood Watch Programs: Local initiatives such as neighborhood watch programs also play a key role in reducing crime rates.

Safety Improvements and Technological Advances

Infrastructure improvements and technological advancements have significantly contributed to neighborhood safety:

  • Surveillance Systems: The installation of surveillance cameras in key areas deters crime and assists in criminal investigations.
  • Street Lighting: Upgraded and strategic street lighting reduces the likelihood of crime during nighttime hours.

Resident Perceptions and Surveys

Resident surveys conducted in ZIP Code 11204 indicate a mixed but generally optimistic perception of neighborhood safety:

  • An estimated 65% of residents feel safe in their community during the day.
  • Approximately 45% express confidence in nighttime safety.
  • Surveys show ongoing concerns about minor property crimes such as vandalism and bicycle theft.

Key Takeaways

Understanding safety and crime rates in ZIP Code 11204 is crucial for anyone considering living in or visiting the area. While the crime rates are moderate in comparison to broader national statistics, ongoing efforts from law enforcement and community programs continue to enhance neighborhood safety. Overall, ZIP Code 11204 remains a vibrant and diverse area with significant attention to resident security and welfare.

Proximity to Essential Services for ZIP Code 11204

Healthcare Facilities

Residents of ZIP Code 11204 have access to a variety of healthcare facilities. Several hospitals and medical centers are located within a short distance, ensuring that medical assistance is readily available. Notable facilities include:

  • Maimonides Medical Center: Approximately 2 miles away, providing a comprehensive range of medical services.
  • NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital: Located about 4 miles from the center of 11204, this facility is well-known for its specialty care services.
  • Brooklyn Medical Associates: This clinic offers walk-in services and is less than a mile away.

Educational Institutions

Education is a priority in the 11204 ZIP Code, with many schools and educational institutions nearby:

  • P.S. 247 Brooklyn School: An elementary school located within the ZIP code, focusing on foundational education.
  • Edith and Carl Marks Jewish Community House of Bensonhurst: Offers a variety of educational programs and is just around the corner.
  • New Utrecht High School: Situated about 1.5 miles away, this high school provides a broad curriculum.
  • Brooklyn College: For higher education, Brooklyn College is located approximately 5 miles from ZIP Code 11204.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Residents in 11204 enjoy the convenience of several grocery stores and supermarkets within close proximity:

  • Key Food Supermarkets: Located just over half a mile away, offering a wide range of grocery products.
  • ShopRite of Avenue I: Situated about 2 miles from the center of 11204, this store offers both groceries and household items.
  • Trader Joe’s: About 3 miles away, known for its organic and specialty foods.

Public Transportation

The availability of public transportation is a significant advantage for residents in ZIP Code 11204:

  • Subway Stations: The D line stops at the 55th Street station and the 62nd Street station, both conveniently located for residents.
  • Bus Routes: Multiple bus routes, including B8, B9, and B6, provide comprehensive coverage throughout the ZIP code.

Recreational Areas

Recreational opportunities abound in ZIP Code 11204, with parks and recreational centers in close vicinity:

  • Gravesend Park: A well-equipped park located less than a mile away, ideal for both children and adults.
  • Bensonhurst Park: Situated about 2.5 miles from the center of 11204, offering a variety of recreational facilities.
  • Midwood Branch Brooklyn Public Library: Offers educational and recreational programs and is just over a mile away.

Dining and Restaurants

A diverse array of dining options is available to 11204 residents, catering to different tastes and preferences:

  • Luigi’s Restaurant: A popular Italian eatery located within the ZIP code.
  • Di Fara Pizza: Famous for its delicious pizzas, just 1.5 miles away.
  • China New Star Restaurant: A Chinese restaurant that’s a mile away, offering both dine-in and take-out services.

Financial Services

Access to financial services is convenient for 11204 residents, with several banks and ATMs in the area:

  • Chase Bank: Located within the ZIP code, providing a full range of banking services.
  • Bank of America: About 1.5 miles away, offering various financial services and products.
  • Citibank: Around 2 miles from the center, known for its extensive customer service.

Quality of Local Schools in ZIP Code 11204

Elementary Schools in ZIP Code 11204

Elementary education is a crucial foundation for children’s future academic success. Here are some notable elementary schools serving the ZIP Code 11204 area:

  • PS 48 Mapleton: PS 48 Mapleton has a reputation for an engaging curriculum and highly qualified teaching staff. The school focuses on core subjects like Math, Science, and English, while also providing a variety of extracurricular activities.
  • PS 205 The Clarion: Known for its inclusive environment, PS 205 The Clarion emphasizes the importance of community involvement and parental engagement. The school consistently records strong test performance and offers excellent support services for students with special needs.
  • PS 247 Brooklyn: This school is recognized for its robust arts and music programs alongside a strong academic curriculum. PS 247 Brooklyn is valued for its diversity and focus on fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Middle Schools in ZIP Code 11204

For students transitioning from elementary to high school, middle school provides essential academic and social skills. Key middle schools in the ZIP Code 11204 region include:

  • IS 96 Seth Low: This middle school offers a wide range of advanced placement and honors classes. IS 96 Seth Low is known for its accelerated programs in Math and Science, which prepare students for high school curricula.
  • IS 187 The Christa McAuliffe School: IS 187 provides a rigorous academic environment with a strong emphasis on leadership and civic responsibility. It also has a strong track record in preparing students for New York City’s specialized high schools.

High Schools in ZIP Code 11204

The quality of high school education can significantly impact college admissions and future career opportunities. Prominent high schools in ZIP Code 11204 include:

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School: This high school offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes Advanced Placement (AP) courses and various Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. Students benefit from several partnerships with local businesses and higher education institutions.
  • Brooklyn Studio Secondary School: Serving grades 6-12, this secondary school provides a seamless transition from middle to high school, ensuring continuity in education and support services. The school focuses on individualized learning plans tailored to each student’s needs.

Special Education Resources

ZIP Code 11204 is home to numerous facilities and programs tailored to students with special educational needs, including:

  • District 75: Part of the New York City Department of Education, District 75 serves students with disabilities. The district offers specialized programs, including tailored academic plans and extensive support services to cater to the specific needs of each student.
  • YAI Network: The YAI Network is known for providing inclusive educational services and therapies for children with developmental delays and disabilities. The organization focuses on integrating special education students into mainstream educational settings whenever possible.

Educational Performance and Test Scores

Test scores and overall educational performance are important indicators of school quality. Schools within the ZIP Code 11204 area generally perform well on state assessments, with several schools achieving scores above the state average:

  • PS 48 Mapleton: High percentages of students meet or exceed state testing standards in Math and English Language Arts (ELA).
  • IS 187: The school has a notable performance record with students excelling in state standardized tests, particularly in Math and Science.

Parental Involvement and Community Engagement

Community and parental involvement play a crucial role in enhancing the educational experience. Schools in ZIP Code 11204 actively encourage parental participation through:

  • Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs): Nearly all schools have active PTAs that work towards improving educational outcomes, organizing events, and fostering strong home-school connections.
  • Community Programs: Schools regularly collaborate with local organizations to offer community-driven programs, events, and workshops that benefit both students and parents.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are an essential aspect of student life, providing opportunities for personal growth and skill development. Schools in ZIP Code 11204 offer a variety of extracurricular programs, including:

  • Sports Teams: Many schools have competitive sports teams in basketball, soccer, volleyball, and more.
  • Clubs: Students can join a range of clubs, from science and robotics clubs to arts and drama groups.

Transportation and Accessibility

Transportation and accessibility are vital for ensuring students can attend school regularly and on time. In ZIP Code 11204, schools provide:

  • School Buses: Most schools offer comprehensive school bus services that cover all major residential areas.
  • Public Transportation: The area is well-served by public transportation, including subway lines and bus routes that provide easy access to schools.

Public Transportation Access for ZIP Code 11204

Overview of Public Transportation

ZIP Code 11204, primarily covering the neighborhoods of Bensonhurst, Mapleton, and parts of Borough Park in Brooklyn, New York, boasts an extensive public transportation network. Navigating the area is convenient due to several modes of public transit, including subway lines, buses, and access to nearby transportation hubs.

Subway Services

D Line

The D subway line is a crucial artery serving ZIP Code 11204. Key stations in the area include:

  • 71st Street Station
  • 79th Street Station
  • 18th Avenue Station

These stations provide residents with direct access to major destinations in Manhattan and other parts of Brooklyn. The D Line operates 24 hours a day, offering frequent and reliable service.

N Line

The N subway line also serves parts of the 11204 area. Key stations along this route include:

  • 20th Avenue Station
  • 18th Avenue Station
  • Bay Parkway Station

The N Line ensures efficient travel to Downtown Brooklyn, Coney Island, and multiple Manhattan locations. This line is known for its speed and connectivity, especially during rush hours.

Bus Services

B6 Bus

The B6 bus is an essential cross-town route in Brooklyn, serving ZIP Code 11204. Key stops along the B6 route include:

  • Bensonhurst along Bay Parkway
  • Connections to both the D and N subway lines
  • Access to Kings Highway

This bus line operates frequently and links commuters to major commercial and residential areas within Brooklyn.

B9 Bus

The B9 bus serves the neighborhoods within ZIP Code 11204, with prominent stops such as:

  • Avenue P
  • Ocean Parkway
  • 20th Avenue

The B9 bus route is crucial for north-south travel, providing connectivity across several subway lines and local destinations.

B82 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

The B82 BRT offers a rapid transit option for residents of the 11204 area. Important features include:

  • Limited-stop service for faster travel
  • Links to Kings Plaza Shopping Center
  • Connectivity to the N and L train lines

This bus service significantly reduces travel time across Eastern Brooklyn and facilitates rapid access to key areas.

Bikeshare and Other Transportation Options

The Citi Bike program, New York City’s bike-share system, extends to ZIP Code 11204, providing residents with a healthy, affordable alternative to traditional public transport. Bike docks are strategically located to enhance accessibility for cyclists.

Accessibility Features

Ensuring that public transportation is accessible to all individuals is vital. Subway stations within ZIP Code 11204 are equipped with elevators, ramps, and other ADA-compliant features. Buses serving this area are also designed to accommodate passengers with disabilities, including priority seating and space for wheelchairs.


Public transportation access in ZIP Code 11204 is comprehensive and robust, offering multiple subway lines, bus routes, and additional transportation initiatives like bike-sharing. This connectivity supports the diverse commuting needs of residents and visitors alike.

Neighborhood Atmosphere in ZIP Code 11204, United States

Community Overview

The neighborhood within ZIP Code 11204, covering areas in Brooklyn, New York, boasts a vibrant, multicultural community. It offers a harmonious blend of residential tranquility and lively local culture. With its convenient location and diverse population, this area provides a welcoming atmosphere for families, young professionals, and older residents alike.

Diversity and Culture

The cultural diversity in ZIP Code 11204 is one of its most notable features. The community includes significant populations of Italian, Chinese, Jewish, and Pakistani residents. This melting pot of cultures is reflected in the local businesses, restaurants, and cultural events. Walking through the neighborhood, one can savor authentic ethnic cuisines, witness traditional celebrations, and engage with a variety of cultural practices.

Local Amenities

The amenities in ZIP Code 11204 cater to residents’ everyday needs. Supermarkets, pharmacies, and specialty stores are abundant, ensuring that shopping is convenient and comprehensive. Additionally, the area features a balance of parks and recreation centers, offering plenty of outdoor activities and green spaces for relaxation.

Educational Institutions

Education is a cornerstone of the community, with several well-rated public and private schools serving the area. These institutions are praised for their dedication to student success and community involvement, providing a solid educational foundation for children of all ages.


Transportation options within ZIP Code 11204 are plentiful, fostering easy connectivity to other parts of Brooklyn and New York City. The area is well-served by multiple subway lines, including the D and N trains, as well as several bus routes. These options facilitate smooth commutes and accessibility for residents. Efficient transport links contribute significantly to the neighborhood’s appeal.

Safety and Community Services

Safety is a priority in ZIP Code 11204, reflected in the active community policing efforts and the presence of local police precincts. Residents enjoy peace of mind with low crime rates and various community watch and support programs. Additionally, community services such as libraries, health clinics, and family support centers enhance the quality of life and foster a sense of community.

Real Estate and Housing

The real estate landscape in 11204 features a mix of housing options, from single-family homes to apartments and condominiums. The architectural styles vary, adding to the neighborhood’s charm. Reasonable property values and rental prices make it an attractive area for a wide range of budgets.

Community Engagement and Events

Community involvement is a hallmark of living in ZIP Code 11204. Residents take pride in participating in local events, festivals, and community meetings. Annual events celebrate the diverse cultures within the community, fostering unity and a strong sense of belonging.

Dining and Entertainment

The dining scene in 11204 is diverse and vibrant, offering an array of options that cater to all tastes and preferences. From family-owned restaurants serving traditional dishes to trendy cafes and takeout spots, the food culture is robust and exciting. Local entertainment options include theaters, recreational complexes, and cultural centers, providing ample opportunities for leisure and socializing.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and recreational facilities are integral parts of the neighborhood’s atmosphere. Parks like Seth Low Playground and Gravesend Park offer residents open spaces for sports, picnics, and community gatherings. These green areas are well-maintained and are focal points for community activity.

The neighborhood within ZIP Code 11204 is characterized by its welcoming atmosphere, cultural richness, and strong sense of community. These elements create a livable, thriving environment where residents can enjoy a high quality of life.

Real Estate Market Trends in ZIP Code 11204

Overview of ZIP Code 11204

ZIP Code 11204 is located in the borough of Brooklyn, New York City. Known for its diverse community and rich cultural history, this area is experiencing significant changes in the real estate market. The neighborhood displays a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational building types, making it a dynamic place for prospective home buyers.

Property Types and Availability

Residential Properties

In ZIP Code 11204, the residential real estate market includes a variety of housing types such as single-family homes, multi-family residences, and apartments. Single-family homes are particularly popular among families seeking spacious living environments, whereas multi-family residences and apartments cater more to smaller households and individuals.

Commercial Properties

Commercial real estate in 11204 primarily includes retail shops, office spaces, and industrial properties. The demand for retail spaces remains strong due to the area’s bustling population and frequent foot traffic.

Market Data and Pricing Trends

Average Home Prices

The average home price in ZIP Code 11204 has seen a steady increase over recent years. As of the latest data, the median home price stands at approximately $950,000. The rise in prices is attributed to high demand, limited inventory, and competitive bidding among potential buyers.

Rental Market

The rental market is also thriving in this ZIP code. Average rental prices for a one-bedroom apartment are around $1,800 per month, while a two-bedroom apartment can rent for approximately $2,400 per month.

Market Dynamics and Influences

Supply and Demand

The supply of new homes in ZIP Code 11204 is not keeping pace with the growing demand. This imbalance has caused property values to climb, making it a seller’s market. Prospective buyers often face stiff competition and must be prepared for quick decision-making.

Local Economic Factors

The local economy in 11204 plays a pivotal role in shaping the real estate market. Factors such as employment rates, average incomes, and economic incentives contribute to market trends. The area’s economic stability and growth potential attract both individuals and businesses.

Neighborhood Amenities and Quality of Life

Educational Facilities

ZIP Code 11204 boasts numerous reputable schools ranging from elementary to high school levels. The availability of quality education is a significant draw for families moving into the area.

Local Infrastructure

The neighborhood is well-served by public transportation, making commutes convenient. Parks, restaurants, and shopping centers are easily accessible, contributing to a high quality of life for residents.

Safety and Community

The area is known for its safety and strong community vibe. Resident associations and local community events foster a sense of belonging, making it an attractive location for long-term living.

Investment Opportunities

Given the upward trend in property values and the strong rental market, ZIP Code 11204 presents lucrative investment opportunities. Whether it’s purchasing a single-family home for resale or a multi-family residence for rental income, investors can expect healthy returns.


While the real estate market in ZIP Code 11204 is competitive, it offers a rewarding investment landscape for buyers, sellers, and renters alike. Keeping an eye on market trends, property values, and local economic indicators will be crucial for making informed real estate decisions in this vibrant area.

Property Taxes for ZIP Code 11204

Overview of Property Taxes in ZIP Code 11204

ZIP Code 11204 is located in Brooklyn, New York, and encompasses neighborhoods such as Bensonhurst and Mapleton. Property taxes in this area are assessed annually, contributing to municipal and school funding. The taxation process is vital for maintaining public services within these communities.

Assessment Process

Property taxes in ZIP Code 11204 are determined based on the assessed value of properties. The New York City Department of Finance conducts these assessments, which reflect the market value. This process ensures that property taxes correspond accurately to the value of the property.

Annual Assessment Notices

Owners in 11204 receive an annual notice of property value (NOPV). This document includes:

  • Estimated market value
  • Assessed value
  • Exemptions, if applicable
  • Tax class designation

Key Point: Homeowners should review the NOPV carefully to ensure accuracy, as it directly affects their tax liability.

Property Tax Calculation

The calculation of property taxes in ZIP Code 11204 involves several factors:

Market Value

The market value is the amount a property would sell for under normal conditions. It’s determined based on:

  • Recent sales prices of similar properties
  • Property characteristics (size, location, condition)

Assessed Value

The assessed value is a percentage of the market value. This rate varies based on the property’s tax class:

  1. Class 1: Small residential properties (up to three units) – assessed at 6% of market value
  2. Class 2: Larger residential properties – assessed at 45% of market value

Tax Rates

Tax rates are applied to the assessed value. For FY 2023, the rates are:

  • Class 1: 19.963%
  • Class 2: 12.235%

Example Calculation: For a Class 1 property valued at $500,000:

  • Market Value: $500,000
  • Assessed Value: $500,000 x 6% = $30,000
  • Property Tax: $30,000 x 19.963% = $5,988.90

Exemptions and Abatements

Several exemptions and abatements can reduce property taxes for eligible homeowners in ZIP Code 11204:

STAR Exemption

The School Tax Relief (STAR) program provides tax relief for owner-occupied, primary residences. There are two types:

  • Basic STAR: Available to homeowners with income up to $500,000. Reduces school district taxes.
  • Enhanced STAR: Additional reduction for homeowners 65+ with income up to $90,550.

Senior Citizen Homeowners’ Exemption (SCHE)

This exemption is available for senior citizens (65+) with annual incomes not exceeding $58,399. It can reduce the assessed value by up to 50%.

Veterans’ Exemption

Veterans and their family members may qualify for partial exemptions, decreasing the assessed value by 15%, additional benefits for combat and disability statuses.

Payment and Deadlines

Property tax bills in ZIP Code 11204 are issued quarterly or semi-annually, with payment due dates as follows:

  • Quarterly bills for properties with annual taxes under $250,000
  • Semi-annual bills for properties with annual taxes of $250,000 or more

Quarterly Due Dates:

  • 1st Quarter: July 1
  • 2nd Quarter: October 1
  • 3rd Quarter: January 1
  • 4th Quarter: April 1

Semi-annual Due Dates:

  • 1st Half: July 1
  • 2nd Half: January 1

Appeal Process

Homeowners in 11204 who disagree with their property assessment can file an appeal with the NYC Tax Commission. The appeal process involves:

  1. Filing a Notice of Value form
  2. Providing evidence that the assessment is incorrect (e.g., recent sales data, property conditions)
  3. Attending a hearing, if required

Note: The deadline for appeals is March 15th each year.

Resources for Homeowners

Several resources are available to assist homeowners in ZIP Code 11204 with property taxes:


Community Amenities in ZIP Code 11204

Parks and Recreation

Residents of ZIP Code 11204 have access to several parks and recreational facilities offering a variety of activities. Some of the popular parks include:

  • Dyker Beach Park: This park provides expansive green space, playgrounds, and picnic areas for families to enjoy.
  • McDonald Playground: A well-maintained playground with equipment for children of all ages, basketball courts, and open fields.
  • Overall Park: Known for its serene environment, walking paths, and fitness areas.

Schools and Education

Education in ZIP Code 11204 is served by multiple public and private institutions, focusing on delivering high-quality learning experiences:

  • Public Schools: P.S. 121 Nelson A. Rockefeller, P.S. 97 The Highlawn School, and I.S. 96 Seth Low offer comprehensive educational programs.
  • Private Schools: Yeshiva Karlin Stolin, St. Athanasius Catholic Academy, and Magen David Yeshivah provide alternative educational options with strong academic programs.

Shopping and Dining

The shopping and dining scene in ZIP Code 11204 is vibrant and diverse, catering to various tastes and preferences:

  • Shopping Centers: Notable spots include Caesar’s Bay Shopping Center and 86th Street offers a broad range of retail stores and boutiques.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Options range from Italian eateries like Villabate Alba Pasticceria to Asian cuisine at Hunan Delight. Local favorites include Bella Italia, Pho Hoai Bay Ridge, and Mazagan Restaurant.

Healthcare Services

Access to healthcare in ZIP Code 11204 is robust, with numerous medical facilities and specialized services:

  • Maimonides Medical Center: A leading hospital offering comprehensive care, emergency services, and specialized treatment centers.
  • NYU Langone Hospital – Brooklyn: Provides a range of medical services including urgent care and specialty clinics.
  • Community Health Centers: MedRite Urgent Care and Century Medical & Dental Center offer convenient healthcare options for residents.


The transportation infrastructure in ZIP Code 11204 is well-developed, making it easy for residents to navigate the area and commute to neighboring regions:

  • Subway Access: The D and M subway lines run through the area, providing efficient connections to Manhattan and other parts of Brooklyn.
  • Bus Services: Several bus routes, including the B8, B9, and B64, serve the community, offering extensive coverage and transit options.
  • Road Connectivity: Convenient access to major roads and highways, including the Belt Parkway and Gowanus Expressway, facilitates easy car travel.

Community Services

Community services in ZIP Code 11204 are aimed at enhancing the quality of life for all residents, providing support and fostering a strong sense of togetherness:

  • Brooklyn Public Library – New Utrecht Branch: Offers a wide range of books, digital resources, and community programs.
  • Community Centers: Bensonhurst Jewish Community House and Il Centro provide cultural events, recreational activities, and social services.
  • Senior Services: Organizations like Bay Parkway Senior Center and AMICO Senior Center focus on the well-being and active engagement of senior citizens.

Religious Institutions

Religious diversity is a hallmark of ZIP Code 11204, with various institutions fulfilling the spiritual needs of the community:

  • Churches: St. Athanasius Church and Church of the Holy Spirit provide spiritual services and community outreach programs.
  • Synagogues: Congregation Anshe Sfard and Young Israel of Bensonhurst are among the notable Jewish places of worship.
  • Mosques: Masjid Noor-Ul-Huda and Masjid Nur Al-Islam serve the Muslim community with religious services and educational activities.


The library services in ZIP Code 11204 include branches from the Brooklyn Public Library system, providing residents with access to a wealth of information and resources:

  • New Utrecht Library: A modern facility offering books, multimedia resources, and educational programs for all ages.
  • Mapleton Library: Known for its extensive collection and community-focused programs, including literacy workshops and family activities.


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