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Safety and Crime Rates in ZIP Code 10453


ZIP Code 10453 is located in the Bronx, New York City. It encompasses neighborhoods such as Morris Heights, University Heights, and parts of Fordham. Understanding the safety and crime rates in this area is crucial for residents, businesses, and visitors.

Crime Statistics

Violent Crime

Violent crimes in ZIP Code 10453 include murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. According to recent data, the violent crime rate in this area is higher than the national average. This category necessitates immediate attention and intervention to ensure the safety of the residents.

Property Crime

Property crimes, including burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson, are significant concerns in this ZIP code. Although the property crime rate here is also above the national average, community efforts and local law enforcement initiatives aim to mitigate these incidents.

Crime Trends

Looking at recent trends, there appears to be a slight decrease in certain types of crime, largely attributable to increased police presence and community outreach programs. However, consistent efforts are needed to maintain and further this decline.

Law Enforcement

Police Presence

ZIP Code 10453 is served by the NYPD’s 46th Precinct. The precinct is actively involved in patrolling the community, responding to incidents, and engaging in preventive measures. Enhanced law enforcement visibility has been a strategy to deter criminal activities.

Community Policing

Community policing initiatives have been introduced to foster better relationships between law enforcement and residents. These include neighborhood watch programs, community meetings, and problem-solving partnerships aimed at addressing specific local concerns.

Safety Measures

Community Initiatives

Various community groups and local organizations are working tirelessly to improve safety. From youth mentorship programs to neighborhood clean-up events, these initiatives help build a sense of community and reduce opportunities for crime.

Technological Tools

Enhanced surveillance systems, including CCTV cameras and neighborhood watch smartphone apps, have been implemented to monitor and report suspicious activities. These technological tools are instrumental in providing evidence for investigations and deterring crime.

Public Services

Emergency Response

Residents in ZIP Code 10453 have access to robust emergency services, including fire, medical, and police response teams. The response times are competitive, ensuring that emergencies are managed promptly and efficiently.

Support Services

Support services such as victim assistance programs, counseling services, and hotlines are available for residents who have been affected by crime. These services play a critical role in the recovery and well-being of the community members.

Neighborhood Safety Tips

Personal Safety

Residents are encouraged to stay vigilant, avoid poorly lit areas at night, and always be aware of their surroundings. Participating in community organizations and events can also create a stronger, more united community.

Home Security

Installing robust locks, security alarms, and exterior lighting can significantly enhance home security. Neighborhood watch programs also recommend sharing information about any suspicious activities with neighbors and authorities.

Online Safety

As online frauds and scams are on the rise, educating residents on cybersecurity measures is essential. Using strong, unique passwords and being cautious of phishing attempts can help protect personal information and assets.

Proximity to Essential Services for ZIP Code 10453

Healthcare Facilities

The ZIP Code 10453, located in Bronx, NY, has a variety of healthcare facilities accessible to its residents. Key hospitals such as St. Barnabas Hospital and Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center are within a short driving distance, providing comprehensive healthcare services including emergency care, specialized treatments, and routine check-ups. Additionally, urgent care centers and several smaller clinics offer further convenience for immediate medical needs.

Educational Institutions

Educational opportunities in ZIP Code 10453 are abundant, featuring numerous public and private schools. Significant educational establishments include P.S. 33 Timothy Dwight and High School for Teaching and the Professions. Moreover, the proximity to Bronx Community College provides higher education opportunities, making lifelong learning accessible within the community.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Residents of 10453 have convenient access to several grocery stores and supermarkets. Notable chains like Foodtown and Bravo Supermarkets ensure that daily shopping needs are easily met. Additionally, local bodegas and ethnic grocery stores offer diverse options for food and household items, catering to a variety of cultural needs.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is highly accessible in ZIP Code 10453. The area is serviced by multiple subway lines including the B and D trains, providing direct routes to Manhattan and other parts of the Bronx. Numerous bus routes such as the BX12 and BX40/42 further improve connectivity, ensuring quick and reliable transit options for both work and leisure.

Parks and Recreation

Recreational spaces in ZIP Code 10453 include easily accessible parks such as Devoe Park and St. James Park, offering residents green spaces for relaxation and activities. These parks feature playgrounds, sports facilities, and walking trails, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Nearby community centers also offer additional recreational programs and facilities.

Banking Services

Residents in 10453 benefit from a range of banking services with major banks including Chase Bank and Bank of America having branches within the vicinity. Access to ATMs and localized banking offices caters to diverse financial service needs, ensuring convenient money management and financial planning.

Dining and Cafes

Dining options in ZIP Code 10453 are diverse, featuring a variety of restaurants and cafes that cater to different tastes and budgets. From popular establishments like Golden Krust for Caribbean cuisine to local diners and coffee shops, residents have ample choices for dining out or grabbing a quick bite.


The Bronx Library Center, one of the largest libraries in the Bronx, serves the educational and informational needs of ZIP Code 10453. It offers an extensive collection of books, multimedia resources, and access to digital information. Programs for children, teens, and adults promote community learning and engagement.

Postal Services

The U.S. Post Office in ZIP Code 10453 ensures that mailing and shipping needs are efficiently met. The postal service offers multiple easy-to-access locations and comprehensive services including mailing, receiving, and PO Box rentals.

Safety Services

Public safety in ZIP Code 10453 is maintained through the presence of the 46th Precinct of the NYPD, which actively enforces law and order. Fire safety services are managed by FDNY, with local fire stations equipped to respond rapidly to emergencies.

Shopping Centers

Shopping in ZIP Code 10453 is convenient, with several shopping centers and retail strips. Bankside Plaza and the Fordham Road Shopping District provide a wide range of shopping options from clothing stores to electronics and general merchandise.

Religious Institutions

Various religious institutions in 10453 cater to diverse faith communities. Important centers such as St. Nicholas of Tolentine Church and Masjid-Ur-Rahmah provide spiritual guidance and community support.

Community Services

Community services including the BronxWorks support families and individuals in need with programs ranging from job training to health services, demonstrating the strong community infrastructure within ZIP Code 10453.

Quality of Local Schools in ZIP Code 10453


The ZIP Code 10453, located in the Bronx, New York, serves a diverse community with various schooling options. This report delves into the quality of local schools, focusing on key performance indicators, resources, and community engagement.

Public Schools

Academics and Performance

Public schools in ZIP Code 10453 vary in their academic performance. Institutions such as PS 291 and MS 328 have shown moderate improvements in standardized test scores over the past few years. However, the district faces challenges in meeting the state averages.

  • PS 291: Math proficiency of 42%, Reading proficiency of 39%.
  • MS 328: Math proficiency of 35%, Reading proficiency of 37%.

Facilities and Resources

Many schools in 10453 are working with older facilities and limited resources. Efforts to upgrade infrastructure and provide better learning materials are ongoing but constrained by budget limitations.

Teacher Qualifications

ZIP Code 10453 boasts a dedicated teaching staff, with many holding advanced degrees. However, teacher turnover can be high, partly due to the demanding nature of the job and the socio-economic challenges faced by the community.

Community Involvement

Parental and community involvement is pivotal in enhancing the educational experience. Schools like PS 246 have active PTA groups and community support initiatives that help bridge gaps in resources and student support.

Charter Schools

Performance and Special Programs

Charter schools in this ZIP code, such as Success Academy Bronx 1, are celebrated for innovative teaching methods and higher performance metrics. These schools often outperform their public counterparts in standardized tests.

  • Success Academy Bronx 1: Math proficiency of 78%, Reading proficiency of 72%.

Special programs focusing on STEM, arts, and individualized attention cater to various student needs, contributing to these higher performance rates.

Private Schools

Educational Quality and Environment

Private schools in ZIP Code 10453 offer high-quality education with smaller class sizes and more personalized attention. Examples include Mount St. Michael Academy and St. Philip Neri School, which provide a robust curriculum along with extracurricular activities.

Tuition and Accessibility

While the educational quality is commendable, the high tuition fees can limit accessibility for lower-income families. Various financial aid programs are available but are often highly competitive.

Student Support Services

Special Education

Special education services across all types of schools in 10453 aim to deliver inclusive education, though resource limitations can impact the level of support provided. Schools are working towards improving accommodations and specialized instruction for students with disabilities.

After-School Programs

After-school programs are essential for student development, providing avenues for additional learning and skill-building. Schools like PS 333 offer a range of activities from tutoring to sports and arts, which help in holistic development.


The quality of local schools in ZIP Code 10453 shows a mixed landscape with areas of both strength and needed improvement. Public, charter, and private schools each offer unique benefits and face specific challenges, impacting the overall educational experience in the community.

Public Transportation Access in ZIP Code 10453

Overview of Public Transportation

ZIP Code 10453 is located in the Bronx, New York City. This area is well-served by a comprehensive network of public transportation options, providing residents and visitors with extensive connectivity throughout the city. The primary modes of public transportation include subway services, bus routes, and bike-sharing programs.

Subway Services

The 10453 ZIP code area is serviced by multiple New York City Subway lines, ensuring efficient and rapid transit:

  • Line 4: The 4 subway line runs through the Jerome Avenue corridor, with key stations including 183rd Street and Burnside Avenue. This line provides direct access to Manhattan and other parts of the Bronx.
  • Line B and D: These lines operate along the Grand Concourse, with significant stations such as 170th Street and 174th-175th Street. The B line runs on weekdays with fewer stops, while the D line offers express service.

Bus Routes

The area is also served by a variety of Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bus routes:

  • Bx3: This bus line travels along University Avenue and connects to the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal and the West 207th Street subway station.
  • Bx36: The Bx36 route runs from Soundview to Washington Heights, passing through the Bronx along East Tremont Avenue.
  • Bx40 and Bx42: These routes operate on the Crosstown Throgs Neck route, providing access to Throgs Neck and Bruckner Expressway areas.

Bike-Sharing Programs

Citi Bike, New York City’s bike-sharing program, offers numerous docking stations throughout the Bronx, including the 10453 area. This program allows for convenient and environmentally friendly transportation, promoting active mobility among residents.

Accessibility Features

Public transportation services in the 10453 area are designed to be accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities:

  • Most subway stations are equipped with elevators or ramps.
  • Buses feature low floors or wheelchair lifts, ensuring ease of access.
  • Real-time tracking applications and services assist riders with visual or hearing impairments.

Schedule and Frequency

Subway and bus services in the 10453 ZIP code operate with high frequency, especially during peak hours:

  • Subway lines generally run every 2-5 minutes during rush hours and every 10-15 minutes during off-peak times.
  • Bus routes have scheduled stops every 10-20 minutes, depending on the time of day and route popularity.

Transit Hubs and Interchanges

The 10453 area contains several key transit hubs that facilitate smooth transfers between different modes of transportation:

  • Fordham Road: A major interchange providing access to multiple subway lines and extensive bus routes.
  • Burnside Avenue: Key location for transferring between subway lines and local bus services.

Future Developments

The MTA continuously works on improving the public transportation infrastructure in the Bronx, including the 10453 ZIP code. Future developments may include:

  • Expansion of subway lines and stations to enhance coverage.
  • Introduction of more bus rapid transit (BRT) routes for faster services.
  • Upgrading and adding more accessible facilities.


The public transportation network in ZIP Code 10453 is robust, providing multiple options for easy and efficient travel. With ongoing improvements and a strong emphasis on accessibility, residents and visitors can enjoy a dependable transit system.

Neighborhood Atmosphere of 10453, Bronx, NY


The ZIP code 10453 in the Bronx, New York City, is a densely populated urban area with a rich tapestry of cultures and ethnicities. The population is predominantly Hispanic, with significant African-American and Afro-Caribbean communities.

Community Vibes

10453 is known for its vibrant community life. Festivals and street fairs regularly bring residents together, reflecting a strong sense of community and cultural pride. People in this area often engage with local organizations and neighborhood groups.

Safety and Security

While certain areas within 10453 have higher crime rates compared to other parts of New York City, community policing efforts and neighborhood watch programs have been put in place. Residents show a willingness to collaborate with law enforcement to enhance neighborhood safety.

Residential Architecture

The architectural landscape in 10453 is diverse. The area features a mix of high-rise apartment buildings, pre-war buildings, and newly constructed housing complexes, providing a variety of options for different income levels.

Public Services

10453 has access to numerous public services, including well-maintained parks, public libraries, and medical facilities. Schools in the area cater to a large number of students, and there are several community centers focused on youth development and senior services.

Transport and Accessibility

Transportation in 10453 is highly convenient, with multiple subway lines and bus routes providing easy access to other parts of the Bronx and New York City. The B, D, and 4 trains service the area, making commuting to Manhattan and other boroughs straightforward.

Economic Activity

The neighborhood showcases a blend of local businesses, including grocery stores, small eateries, and retail shops. Street vendors are also a common sight, contributing to the local economy and offering a slice of the area’s diverse cultural heritage.

Recreation and Leisure

There are several parks and recreational facilities within 10453, like Devoe Park and Aqueduct Walk, where residents can enjoy outdoor activities. Gyms, sports complexes, and community centers offer a range of fitness and leisure activities.

Dining and Nightlife

The culinary scene in 10453 is a melting pot of flavors. From authentic Latin American cuisine to Caribbean and African eateries, there is no shortage of options. Nightlife includes local bars and social clubs where residents can enjoy music and dancing.

Cultural Points of Interest

Art and culture are integral to life in 10453. Local galleries, murals, and performance spaces host events that reflect the artistic diversity of the neighborhood. The Bronx Library Center is a key cultural hub, providing resources and programs for all ages.

Local Events

Throughout the year, there are numerous events celebrating the cultural diversity of 10453. These include parades, cultural festivals, and block parties that foster community spirit and help to maintain the neighborhood’s lively atmosphere.

Real Estate Market Trends for ZIP Code 10453

Overview of ZIP Code 10453

Located in the Bronx, New York City, ZIP Code 10453 encompasses a diverse neighborhood known for its vibrant community and robust housing market. Understanding the market trends in this area is crucial for both potential homeowners and investors.

Current Housing Market Statistics

As of 2023, the median home value in ZIP Code 10453 is approximately $350,000. This reflects a year-over-year increase of about 5%, showcasing steady growth despite broader market fluctuations. The median rent price is around $1,800 per month, which remains competitive compared to neighboring areas.

Home Value and Appreciation Rates

The annual appreciation rate for homes in 10453 is averaging around 4-6%. Properties in this ZIP code have shown consistent appreciation, making it an attractive option for long-term investment. This stability is bolstered by the neighborhood’s ongoing development and proximity to essential amenities.

Types of Housing and Availability

Housing in ZIP Code 10453 primarily consists of multi-family homes, though single-family houses and apartment complexes are also prevalent. The area offers a mix of historic buildings and new construction, appealing to a range of preferences and budgets.

Housing Inventory

The current housing inventory indicates a slight seller’s market, with more demand than available homes. This drives competition among buyers, potentially leading to quicker sales and higher sale prices. The average home stays on the market for approximately 60 days.

Rental Market Insights

The rental market in 10453 is equally dynamic. With a rental price appreciation of about 3% annually, the area remains attractive for tenants looking for proximity to public transportation, parks, and schools.

Rental Vacancy Rates

Rental vacancy rates hover around 5%, indicating a healthy balance between supply and demand. However, the increasing influx of residents seeking affordable living options in the Bronx might lower these rates further.

Market Influences and Economic Indicators

Several factors influence the real estate market trends in 10453:

  • Proximity to major transportation hubs, including subway lines and bus routes which enhance commute efficacy to Manhattan and other parts of NYC.
  • Ongoing community development projects aimed at improving local infrastructure, public spaces, and educational facilities.
  • The local economy, bolstered by small businesses and commercial developments that create job opportunities and attract new residents.

Future Projections

Experts predict a continued upward trend in both home values and rental prices in ZIP Code 10453. The combination of economic growth, infrastructural investments, and community initiatives forms a strong foundation for a thriving real estate market.

Investment Opportunities

Given the growing demand and appreciation rates, 10453 offers lucrative investment opportunities for both small investors and large real estate firms. Redevelopment projects and new housing developments are particularly promising areas to watch.


ZIP Code 10453 in the Bronx presents a compelling case for buyers, renters, and investors looking for opportunities in the New York City real estate market. With steady home value appreciation, a competitive rental market, and numerous economic indicators pointing to sustained growth, this area remains an attractive and dynamic locale for real estate activities.

Property Taxes for ZIP Code 10453

Overview of Property Taxes

The property tax system for ZIP Code 10453, located in the Bronx, New York City, can be complex and requires a detailed understanding to navigate effectively. Property taxes are a significant source of revenue for local governments and are used primarily to fund public services such as schools, emergency services, and infrastructure maintenance.

Assessment Process

Property taxes in ZIP Code 10453 are assessed annually by the New York City Department of Finance. The assessment process involves determining the market value of a property, which is then used to calculate the assessed value.

  • Market Value: This is the estimated amount for which a property would sell under current market conditions.
  • Assessed Value: The assessed value is derived from the market value and may be a percentage of it, depending on the type of property.

Tax Rates and Calculations

Once the assessed value is established, property taxes are calculated using specific tax rates that vary depending on the type of property. In ZIP Code 10453, properties are categorized into several classes:

  • Class 1: Residential properties—including one- to three-family homes.
  • Class 2: Residential properties with more than three units, including apartment buildings and condominiums.
  • Class 3: Utility properties.
  • Class 4: All other properties, including commercial and industrial properties.

The tax rate is applied to the assessed value to determine the annual property tax. The rates are set by the New York City Council and can change annually.

Payment and Due Dates

Property taxes in ZIP Code 10453 are generally billed quarterly. The payment due dates are:

  • July 1
  • October 1
  • January 1
  • April 1

Late payments may incur penalties and interest, so it is crucial for property owners to pay their taxes on time.

Exemptions and Abatements

Several property tax exemptions and abatements are available for eligible property owners in ZIP Code 10453, which can significantly reduce the tax burden. Common exemptions and abatements include:

  • STAR Exemption: For primary residences, providing savings on the school portion of property taxes.
  • Senior Citizen Homeowners’ Exemption (SCHE): Reduces property taxes for senior citizens with limited income.
  • Disabled Homeowners’ Exemption (DHE): Offers tax reductions for disabled homeowners with limited income.
  • Veterans Exemption: Available for veterans and their family members, reducing the property tax based on military service.

Appeals Process

If property owners in ZIP Code 10453 believe their property has been incorrectly assessed, they have the right to appeal the assessment. The appeals process involves:

  1. Filing a written application with the New York City Tax Commission by March 15.
  2. Submitting supporting documentation to prove the property’s market value or to challenge the assessed value.
  3. Attending a hearing, if necessary, to present the case in person.

Successful appeals can result in a lower assessed value and reduced property taxes.


Understanding the intricacies of property taxes in ZIP Code 10453 is crucial for navigating assessments, rates, payments, exemptions, and appeals. Staying informed and proactive can help property owners optimize their property tax obligations and benefit from available programs and relief measures.

Community Amenities in ZIP Code 10453

Parks and Recreation

Residents of ZIP Code 10453 have access to several parks and recreational facilities that offer a variety of activities for all ages. Devoe Park and Mullaly Park are notable green spaces that provide opportunities for picnicking, sports, and leisurely walks. The Franz Sigel Park is another nearby amenity known for its lush greenery and well-maintained walking paths.

Educational Institutions

The area is served by a range of educational institutions including public schools, charter schools, and higher education facilities. Notable schools include PS 291, The South Bronx Charter School, and Frederick Douglass Academy. For higher education, Bronx Community College offers a diverse range of programs and has a strong presence in the community.

Shopping and Dining

Shopping and dining options abound in ZIP Code 10453. Key shopping destinations include the Fordham Road Shopping District, which features a mix of big-name stores and local boutiques. Dining options range from fast food to fine dining with establishments such as Fine Fare Supermarkets, Starbucks, and local favorites like Real Azteca Mexican Restaurant.

Healthcare Facilities

The residents of ZIP Code 10453 have access to high-quality healthcare services. St. Barnabas Hospital and Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center are major healthcare providers in the area. Numerous pharmacies and specialized clinics such as the BronxCare Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Health Center ensure that all healthcare needs are met within close proximity.

Public Transportation

Public transportation in ZIP Code 10453 is robust, providing convenient access to various parts of the Bronx and greater New York City. The area is served by several MTA bus lines including the Bx1, Bx2, and Bx32. The 4 and D subway lines run through the area, connecting residents to Manhattan and other boroughs.

Community Centers and Services

Community centers like the Claremont Neighborhood Center and the Children’s Aid Society offer various programs and services aimed at improving quality of life. These centers provide everything from youth programs to senior services and are pivotal in fostering a strong sense of community.


The New York Public Library, Sedgwick Branch and the New York Public Library, High Bridge Branch serve the residents of ZIP Code 10453. These libraries offer a wide range of services, including book lending, internet access, educational programs, and community events.

Safety and Emergency Services

The safety of residents in ZIP Code 10453 is a top priority. The area is served by the 46th Precinct of the NYPD. Fire protection is provided by local fire stations including FDNY Engine 75/Ladder 33 and FDNY Engine 43/Ladder 59.

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