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Safety and Crime Rates in ZIP Code 92804

Overall Crime Rate

The ZIP Code 92804, located in Anaheim, California, exhibits a varying crime rate reflective of its urban setting. Overall, the crime rate in this area is considered moderate when compared to other parts of Anaheim and the wider state of California.

Violent Crime

Violent crime is a critical indicator when assessing the safety of a neighborhood. The reported instances of violent crimes in the 92804 ZIP Code include:

  • Assaults: Approximately 150 cases per year
  • Robberies: Around 100 incidents annually
  • Homicides: Less than 5 cases reported annually

When compared to national averages, the rate of violent crimes in 92804 is higher, raising concerns among residents and local authorities.

Property Crime

Property crime is another significant factor impacting the safety perception in the 92804 area. Categories of property crime include:

  • Burglary: Roughly 300 cases per year
  • Theft: About 1,200 incidents annually
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: Close to 500 cases reported each year

The property’s crime rate in this ZIP code surpasses both state and national averages, indicating a need for improved security measures and community initiatives.

Crime Trends

In recent years, there has been a noticeable trend regarding the types of crimes committed in the 92804 area:

  • Increase in Theft: With a spike in petty theft and shoplifting cases
  • Stabilization of Violent Crimes: Though still high, the number of violent crimes has remained relatively stable
  • Rise in Cybercrime: Reflecting a broader, nationwide trend

Safety Initiatives

Efforts to improve safety in the 92804 ZIP code include various community-driven initiatives and law enforcement strategies:

  • Neighborhood Watch Programs: Encouraging residents to report suspicious activities
  • Increased Patrols: Boosting police presence in high-crime areas
  • Community Outreach: Programs geared towards educating the public on crime prevention

Response from Law Enforcement

The local police department in Anaheim has been proactive in addressing crime rates in the 92804 area:

  • Hotspot Policing: Focused on areas with high crime rates
  • Partnerships with Local Businesses: Aiming to enhance surveillance and security measures
  • Use of Technology: Implementing advanced systems for monitoring and responding to crimes

Residents’ Perception

The perception of safety among residents in ZIP Code 92804 varies widely:

  • Concerns about Property Crime: Many residents have expressed worries about break-ins and thefts
  • Community Efforts: Active participation in local safety initiatives is high
  • Confidence in Law Enforcement: While generally positive, some residents demand more transparency and faster response times


The safety and crime rates in ZIP Code 92804 indicate that while there are areas of concern, there are also significant efforts underway to enhance security and reduce crime. Continued community involvement and law enforcement initiatives are essential for fostering a safer environment.

Proximity to Essential Services in ZIP Code 92804

Healthcare Facilities

The 92804 area is well-served by several prominent healthcare facilities, ensuring residents have access to essential medical services. West Anaheim Medical Center and AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center are major hospitals located in close proximity, offering comprehensive medical care, including emergency services, specialized treatments, and primary care.

For routine medical check-ups and non-emergency care, numerous clinics and urgent care centers, such as Platinum Care and Anaheim Urgent Care, are conveniently located throughout the ZIP code.

Educational Institutions

Education is a cornerstone of any community, and 92804 boasts a range of educational facilities from early childhood education to higher education institutions. Notable schools in the area include:

  • Western High School
  • Ball Junior High School
  • Stoddard Elementary School

Additionally, Magnolia School District and Anaheim Union High School District serve this area, providing residents with access to highly regarded public education.

Shopping and Groceries

Residents of 92804 enjoy easy access to a variety of shopping options, ensuring that all household needs are covered. Major shopping centers like Buena Park Downtown and Anaheim Plaza are just a short drive away, featuring a range of stores from big-name retailers to local boutiques.

For daily grocery shopping, several chain supermarkets, including Walmart Neighborhood Market and Albertsons, are conveniently located within the ZIP code.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is readily accessible in the 92804 area, making it easy for residents to commute without relying solely on private vehicles. The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) operates multiple bus routes that service the area, ensuring connectivity to key destinations across Anaheim and beyond.

Moreover, the nearby Fullerton Transportation Center and Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) provide additional transit options, including Amtrak and Metrolink train services.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and recreational facilities are abundant in ZIP code 92804, offering residents ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Brookhurst Community Park, Schweitzer Park, and Maxwell Park are some of the well-maintained parks in the vicinity, featuring playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas.

For indoor recreation, the West Anaheim Youth Center offers a range of activities, including fitness classes and youth sports programs.

Financial Services

The availability of financial services is critical for residents, and 92804 does not disappoint. Major banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Chase have branches in the area, providing comprehensive financial services including ATMs, personal banking, and loan services.

Additionally, smaller credit unions and independent financial advisors are available to cater to various financial needs of the community.

Dining and Entertainment

The 92804 ZIP code offers a diverse array of dining options, from casual eateries to fine dining establishments. Popular local restaurants include The Original Pancake House, Matiki Island BBQ, and Kang Ho-dong Baekjeong.

Entertainment options are equally varied, with several movie theaters, such as Regal Cinemas Garden Grove, and family-friendly venues like Adventure City within easy reach.

Overall, ZIP code 92804 in Anaheim, CA, provides its residents with close and convenient access to a wide range of essential services, encompassing healthcare, education, shopping, public transportation, and recreational facilities.

Quality of Local Schools in ZIP Code 92804

Overview of Educational Institutions

The ZIP Code 92804, located in Anaheim, California, offers a variety of elementary, middle, and high schools aimed at providing quality education to its residents. The educational institutions in this area include public schools, charter schools, and private schools, each contributing uniquely to the community’s educational landscape.

Elementary Schools

Elementary schools in the 92804 ZIP Code are known for their commitment to foundational education, focusing on core subjects such as math, science, language arts, and social studies. Popular elementary schools include:

  • Clara Barton Elementary School: Known for its excellent staff and inclusive environment, fostering both academic and social growth in students.
  • Mattie Lou Maxwell Elementary School: Offers a diverse curriculum and various extracurricular activities ensuring a holistic education.

Middle Schools

Middle schools here strive to prepare students for high school with a rigorous curriculum and a strong focus on personal development. Notable middle schools include:

  • Brookhurst Junior High School: Emphasizes leadership skills and community involvement along with academic excellence.
  • Dale Junior High School: Renowned for its comprehensive academic programs and dedicated teachers.

High Schools

High schools in the 92804 ZIP Code continue to uphold high educational standards, preparing students for college and career readiness. Significant high schools are:

  • Magnolia High School: Known for its advanced placement courses and strong sports programs, this school aims to produce well-rounded graduates.
  • Loara High School: Offers diverse programs in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM).

Academic Performance and Ratings

Schools in the 92804 ZIP Code are frequently evaluated based on state assessments, graduation rates, and college readiness.

Standardized Test Scores

Most schools in this area have shown commendable performance in standardized tests, meeting or surpassing state averages in key subjects. Schools often publish these scores to maintain transparency and trust with parents and the community.

School Ratings

Websites like GreatSchools and Niche provide ratings for schools based on various factors including test scores, student-teacher ratios, and parent reviews. Many schools in the 92804 area maintain above-average ratings, reflecting their commitment to quality education.

Extracurricular Activities and Special Programs

The importance of extracurricular activities and specialized programs cannot be overlooked as they play a crucial role in the overall development of students.

Sports and Athletics

High schools in this ZIP Code offer a wide array of sports such as football, basketball, soccer, and track. These programs aim to promote physical fitness, teamwork, and school spirit.

Arts and Music Programs

Several schools provide robust arts and music programs, including band, choir, drama, and visual arts. These initiatives are designed to cultivate creativity and self-expression among students.

STEM Programs

To keep up with the ever-evolving technological landscape, many schools in the 92804 area focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education. Programs often include robotics clubs, coding classes, and science fairs.

Community Involvement and Support

The 92804 ZIP Code benefits from strong community involvement in its schools. Local businesses, parent-teacher associations, and volunteer organizations collaborate to support schools through funding, events, and volunteer work.

Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs)

PTAs in this area are very active, providing essential support by organizing events, raising funds, and facilitating communication between parents and school staff. Their initiatives often lead to improved resources and programs for students.

Local Business Support

Local businesses often sponsor school events and provide resources for special programs, contributing to the community’s educational success.


Volunteers play a vital role in schools by assisting with tutoring, organizing events, and maintaining school facilities. Their involvement enriches the educational experience for students and creates a stronger community bond.


The ZIP Code 92804 boasts a variety of quality educational institutions supported by a committed community, offering comprehensive academic programs, extracurricular activities, and dedicated staff. This area is well-equipped to provide excellent educational experiences for its students, ensuring their success both in academics and personal growth.

# Public Transportation Access for ZIP Code 92804

Public Transportation Access for ZIP Code 92804


ZIP Code 92804 covers a portion of Anaheim, California. This area is known for its residential neighborhoods, parks, and proximity to various educational institutions and commercial establishments. Public transportation plays a crucial role in facilitating the daily commute for residents and visitors.

Transportation Services Available

Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)

The primary public transportation provider in ZIP Code 92804 is the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA). OCTA offers a range of services, including bus routes and other transit options, that cater to the commuting needs of the residents.

Bus Routes

OCTA operates several bus routes that pass through or near ZIP Code 92804:

  • Route 42: This route runs along Lincoln Avenue, an essential thoroughfare in Anaheim, providing access to various commercial areas.
  • Route 46: Serving Ball Road, this route connects residents to key locations, including recreational parks and shopping centers.
  • Route 47: Running through Anaheim Boulevard, this route offers convenient access to Anaheim’s downtown area and other significant landmarks.

Metrolink Services

For those needing to travel beyond Anaheim, the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) is accessible via local bus routes. ARTIC offers Metrolink services that connect to various parts of Southern California, including Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

Accessibility Features

OCTA ensures that all its buses are equipped with accessibility features to serve individuals with disabilities. Amenities include:

  • Wheelchair ramps and lifts
  • Priority seating for elderly and disabled passengers
  • Audio announcements for stops

Nearby Points of Interest

Educational Institutions

Public transportation in ZIP Code 92804 provides easy access to several educational institutions, such as:

  • Western High School
  • Dale Junior High School
  • Vienna Elementary School

Healthcare Facilities

Access to healthcare facilities is facilitated by the well-connected bus routes, with notable mentions including:

  • West Anaheim Medical Center
  • Primary Care Physicians of Anaheim

Shopping and Dining

Residents enjoy the convenience of public transportation to various shopping and dining destinations:

  • Anaheim Plaza
  • West Anaheim Shopping Center
  • Numerous dining options along Lincoln Avenue

Benefits of Public Transportation in ZIP Code 92804

The availability of robust public transportation services in ZIP Code 92804 offers several benefits, including:

  • Reduced Traffic Congestion: Effective public transit helps lower the number of vehicles on the road, reducing traffic congestion.
  • Environmental Impact: Utilization of public transportation reduces the carbon footprint, contributing to a healthier environment.
  • Cost Savings: Public transit is a cost-effective alternative to driving, saving money on fuel, parking, and vehicle maintenance.
  • Accessibility: Public transport makes commuting accessible for all, including those without personal vehicles.

Future Developments

OCTA continuously works to improve and expand its services. Future developments that may impact ZIP Code 92804 include:

  • Introducing new bus routes to cover more areas and reduce wait times.
  • Incorporating more sustainable transportation options, like electric buses.
  • Enhancing the current infrastructure to provide better amenities at stops and stations.


ZIP Code 92804 enjoys a comprehensive public transportation network provided primarily by OCTA. With several bus routes, accessible features, and close proximity to major transportation hubs, residents and visitors can efficiently navigate this vibrant area of Anaheim, California.

Neighborhood Atmosphere in ZIP Code 92804


Located in Southern California, ZIP Code 92804 encompasses parts of Anaheim and surrounding areas, offering a unique blend of residential, commercial, and recreational environments. Known for its vibrant cultural diversity, family-friendly amenities, and strong sense of community, 92804 is a compelling area to live in.

Community & Demographics

The community within ZIP Code 92804 is a rich tapestry of cultures, contributing to its vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. According to recent census data, the area has a balanced mix of ages and a significant presence of various ethnic groups, enhancing the neighborhood’s cultural milieu.

  • Population: Approximately 67,000 residents
  • Median Age: 35 years
  • Ethnic Diversity: Mixed, with strong Hispanic, Asian, and White populations

Housing & Real Estate

The housing market in 92804 offers a wide range of options, from single-family homes to apartment complexes. The neighborhood features well-maintained properties with manicured lawns and varied architectural styles.

  • Median Home Price: $650,000
  • Rental Market: 2-3 bedroom apartments averaging $2,000 per month
  • Home Styles: Mid-century modern, Ranch, Contemporary

Local Amenities

Residents of 92804 enjoy a plethora of local amenities. The area boasts numerous parks, recreational facilities, shopping centers, and eateries, ensuring a high quality of life.

Parks and Recreation

ZIP Code 92804 is home to several well-maintained parks and recreational facilities, which are great for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Bartlett Park: Offers playgrounds, picnic areas, and walking trails
  • Stoddard Park: Known for its sports fields and community events
  • Brookhurst Community Center: Features indoor and outdoor activities

Shopping and Dining

From small boutiques to large shopping centers, 92804 caters to all shopping needs. The dining scene is equally diverse, featuring everything from local eateries to international cuisine.

  • West Anaheim Plaza: Offers a variety of retail stores and services
  • Anaheim Marketplace: A bustling indoor market with numerous vendors
  • Popular Restaurants: Matiki Island BBQ, Thai Bamboo Bistro


Parents in 92804 have access to a range of educational institutions that cater to different age groups and educational needs. The area includes reputable public and private schools, making it ideal for families.

  • Public Schools: Serviced by Anaheim Union High School District
  • Notable Schools: Ball Junior High School, Magnolia High School
  • Private Institutions: Cornelia Connelly School, Danbrook Elementary School


Residents in ZIP Code 92804 have various transportation options, making commuting relatively easy. The neighborhood is well-connected by major roads and public transportation.

  • Major Roads: Beach Blvd, Lincoln Ave
  • Public Transit: Served by OCTA bus routes
  • Accessibility: Close to I-5 and Highway 91

Safety & Healthcare

Safety is a priority in 92804, with a visible police presence and community programs aimed at maintaining a secure environment. Additionally, residents have access to quality healthcare services.

  • Police and Fire Services: Provided by Anaheim Police Department and Anaheim Fire & Rescue
  • Healthcare Facilities: West Anaheim Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente – Anaheim
  • Community Programs: Neighbourhood watch initiatives, public safety seminars

In summary, ZIP Code 92804 offers a dynamic and inviting atmosphere for its residents, characterized by cultural diversity, a range of amenities, and strong community values. The neighborhood’s blend of residential and commercial opportunities makes it an attractive place to call home.

Real Estate Market Trends for ZIP Code 92804

Overview of ZIP Code 92804

ZIP Code 92804 is located in Anaheim, California. This area is known for its residential neighborhoods, close proximity to major attractions, and a variety of amenities that make it an attractive place to live.

Current Market Conditions

The real estate market in ZIP Code 92804 has been experiencing notable shifts. As of the most recent data:

  • Median home prices have shown a steady increase over the past year.
  • The average listing price for homes in this area is approximately $600,000-$700,000.
  • The market is characterized by low inventory and high demand, contributing to competitive bidding for available properties.

Home Sales Trends

Over the past 12 months, home sales in 92804 have demonstrated the following trends:

  • Sales volume: The number of homes sold has remained relatively stable, with a slight uptick during the peak spring and summer months.
  • Days on market: Homes are typically selling within 30-45 days of listing, indicating a robust seller’s market.

Price Per Square Foot

The price per square foot has been rising steadily. Current estimates place the price per square foot at around $450-$500, which reflects the increasing value of properties in this area.

Rental Market

The rental market in ZIP Code 92804 is also thriving. Key statistics include:

  • Average rent for apartments: Approximately $1,800-$2,200 per month for a two-bedroom unit.
  • Vacancy rates: Lower than the national average, making it a competitive market for renters.

Investing in ZIP Code 92804

Real estate investment in ZIP Code 92804 remains a viable option due to:

  • Strong appreciation rates: Historical data shows consistent home value appreciation.
  • Stable rental income: High demand for rental properties ensures a steady rental income stream for landlords.

Factors Influencing the Market

Several factors are driving the real estate market trends in 92804:

  • Employment opportunities: The proximity to job centers in Anaheim and greater Orange County.
  • Amenities: High-quality schools, parks, and recreational facilities.
  • Attractions: Close to Disneyland Resort and other entertainment hubs.


The real estate market in ZIP Code 92804 presents numerous opportunities for buyers, sellers, and investors. With rising property values and a competitive leasing market, this area offers a unique blend of growth and stability. Stay informed by following the latest market trends to make well-informed real estate decisions.

Property Taxes in ZIP Code 92804: An In-Depth Analysis

Overview of Property Taxes

Property taxes in ZIP Code 92804, which is located in Anaheim, California, are essential for funding vital public services such as education, public safety, infrastructure, and other community resources. The calculation and administration of these taxes fall under local government jurisdiction, ensuring that property owners pay their fair share based on property values and predetermined tax rates.

Calculation of Property Taxes

Property taxes in ZIP Code 92804 are calculated using the ad valorem method, meaning they are based on the assessed value of the property. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Assessment of Property Value: The Orange County Assessor’s Office evaluates the fair market value of properties annually.
  2. Determination of Tax Rate: A tax rate, often expressed as a percentage, is applied to the assessed property value. For the 92804 area, the total tax rate usually includes the base rate and additional levies for local services.
  3. Application of Tax Rate: The assessed value is multiplied by the tax rate to determine the annual property tax owed.

Current Property Tax Rates

For residents in ZIP Code 92804, the current property tax rate includes a base rate set by the county and additional assessments for schools, parks, and other local services. As of the latest data:

  • Base Rate: The typical base rate for Orange County is around 1% of the assessed property value.
  • Additional Levies: Voter-approved bonds and levies can add approximately 0.1% to 0.6%, varying by specific neighborhood within 92804.

Considering these rates, a residential property with an assessed value of $500,000 would have an estimated annual tax obligation of:

$500,000 x (1% + 0.2%) = $500,000 x 1.2% = $6,000

Important Deadlines and Payment Information

Property tax payments for ZIP Code 92804 follow these key deadlines:

  • First Installment Due: November 1
  • First Installment Late After: December 10
  • Second Installment Due: February 1
  • Second Installment Late After: April 10

Payments can be made via several methods including online payments through the Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector’s website, mail, or in-person at designated county offices. It is crucial to pay on time to avoid penalties and interest.

Homestead Exemptions and Other Tax Relief Programs

Residents of ZIP Code 92804 may be eligible for various property tax relief programs:

  • Homeowners’ Exemption: Reduces the assessed value of a primary residence by $7,000, offering a modest tax reduction.
  • Senior Citizen Property Tax Postponement Program: Allows seniors to defer property taxes under specific conditions.
  • Disability Exemptions: Provides tax relief for eligible disabled residents.

These programs require applications to be submitted to the Orange County Assessor’s Office, and it is essential to review the eligibility criteria and deadlines for each program.

Appealing Property Tax Assessments

If a property owner in ZIP Code 92804 believes their property has been over-assessed, they have the right to appeal the assessment. The steps for appealing include:

  1. Review the Assessment: Carefully examine the assessment notice received from the Assessor’s Office.
  2. File an Appeal: Submit an appeal form to the Orange County Assessment Appeals Board before the specified deadline, usually September 15.
  3. Present Evidence: Provide supporting documentation such as recent sales of similar properties, an independent appraisal, or other relevant data during the hearing.

Impact of Property Taxes on Real Estate Market

Property taxes significantly impact the real estate market in ZIP Code 92804. Potential buyers often consider these taxes when evaluating the affordability of homes. Higher property taxes can influence the demand for properties and affect overall real estate values.

Real estate agents and investors closely monitor property tax trends to provide accurate information and advice to clients, ensuring informed decision-making in property transactions.

Resources and Contact Information

For more detailed information on property taxes in ZIP Code 92804, property owners can refer to the following resources:

For specific inquiries, residents can contact the Orange County Assessor’s Office at (714) 834-2727 or visit their local office in Anaheim.

Community Amenities in ZIP Code 92804

Parks and Recreation

ZIP Code 92804 is home to a variety of parks and recreational facilities that cater to all ages and interests. Some of the most notable parks include:

  • Brookhurst Community Park: This park offers sports fields, a playground, picnic areas, and walking paths.
  • Modjeska Park: Features a large sports complex, playgrounds, and open green spaces for picnics and casual strolls.
  • Palm Lane Park: A smaller park perfect for family outings, complete with a children’s play area and shaded picnic tables.

These parks provide residents with ample opportunities for outdoor activities, sports, and relaxation, enhancing the overall quality of life in the area.

Educational Facilities

The educational landscape in ZIP Code 92804 is highly regarded, with several schools catering to various grade levels and educational needs. Key institutions include:

  • Ball Junior High School: Known for its robust academic programs and extracurricular activities.
  • Loara High School: Offers a comprehensive curriculum and various athletic programs, fostering well-rounded student development.
  • Mattie Lou Maxwell Elementary School: Focuses on creating a positive learning environment for young students.

These facilities ensure that residents have access to quality education, from early childhood through high school.

Healthcare Services

Residents of ZIP Code 92804 have access to numerous healthcare facilities, ensuring they can receive timely medical attention and care. Key healthcare amenities include:

  • West Anaheim Medical Center: A full-service hospital offering emergency services, surgical care, and specialty clinics.
  • Anaheim Regional Medical Center: Provides comprehensive medical services including maternity care, cardiac services, and outpatient care.
  • Multiple urgent care centers and clinics: Conveniently located throughout the area for minor injuries and illnesses.

These healthcare options ensure residents can maintain their health and well-being with ease and convenience.

Shopping and Dining

ZIP Code 92804 boasts a variety of shopping and dining options, making it a vibrant community for residents and visitors alike. Popular spots include:

  • West Anaheim Plaza: A major retail center featuring popular stores, boutiques, and diverse dining options.
  • Brookhurst Center: Offers a mix of specialty shops and restaurants, catering to various tastes and preferences.
  • Local eateries: Including everything from family-owned diners to international cuisine, providing a rich culinary experience.

These venues offer convenience and entertainment, contributing to the area’s vibrant community atmosphere.

Public Transportation

Public transportation in ZIP Code 92804 is efficient and well-connected, ensuring residents can travel easily within the community and beyond. Key services include:

  • Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) bus services: Providing multiple routes throughout the area, connecting to major hubs and neighboring cities.
  • Amtrak and Metrolink services: Accessible from nearby stations, offering convenient travel options for longer distances.
  • Rideshare services: Widely available for quick and flexible transportation.

These transportation options enhance the mobility of residents, making commuting and travel efficient and accessible.

Community Centers and Libraries

Community centers and libraries in ZIP Code 92804 play a crucial role in fostering community engagement and providing valuable resources. Notable facilities include:

  • Brookhurst Community Center: Offers a range of community programs, classes, and event spaces.
  • Haskett Branch Library: Provides extensive collections, study areas, and various literacy programs for all ages.
  • Multiple local organizations: Offering volunteer opportunities, social services, and community events.

These centers act as hubs for community interaction, learning, and support, enhancing the communal spirit of ZIP Code 92804.

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