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Safety and Crime Rates in ZIP Code 93722


The ZIP Code 93722 is located in Fresno, California. Understanding the safety and crime rates in this area is crucial for residents, potential homeowners, and business operators. In this comprehensive report, we delve into the crime statistics, safety measures, and comparisons with other regions to provide a thorough insight into ZIP Code 93722.

Crime Statistics

Crime data is often segmented into violent and property crimes. Here is a breakdown of the latest crime statistics in 93722.

Violent Crimes

  • Assault: The area has reported a significant number of assaults, which includes aggravated assaults and simple assaults.
  • Robbery: Incidents of robbery are a concern, especially those involving firearms.
  • Murder: The homicide rate in 93722 is lower compared to other parts of Fresno.
  • Rape: Reports of sexual assaults are taken seriously by local law enforcement.

Property Crimes

  • Burglary: There is a moderate rate of residential and commercial burglaries.
  • Theft: Theft, including larceny and shoplifting, is one of the most common property crimes in the area.
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: Car theft incidents are relatively frequent, necessitating anti-theft measures.
  • Arson: Cases of arson are less common but require vigilance.

Safety Measures

To enhance safety in ZIP Code 93722, various initiatives and measures have been implemented by local authorities and communities.

Law Enforcement

The Fresno Police Department (FPD) is proactive in maintaining law and order. The FPD employs several strategies to reduce crime:

  • Regular patrols, especially in high-crime areas.
  • Community policing to build trust and collaboration with residents.
  • Crime-prevention programs aimed at educating the public.

Community Initiatives

The local community is actively involved in promoting safety through various programs:

  • Neighborhood Watch programs to monitor suspicious activities.
  • Community meetings to address safety concerns and propose solutions.
  • Youth engagement programs to prevent juvenile delinquency.

Technological Solutions

Technology plays a crucial role in improving safety:

  • Surveillance cameras installed in strategic locations.
  • Online reporting systems for quick and easy crime reporting.
  • Mobile apps for real-time alerts and community communication.

Comparative Analysis

Comparing the crime rates in ZIP Code 93722 with other regions provides valuable context:

City-Wide Comparison

Although Fresno has areas with high crime rates, ZIP Code 93722 tends to fare better in recent statistics:

  • 93722 has a lower violent crime rate compared to downtown Fresno.
  • Property crimes in 93722 are moderate compared to other residential areas.

State and National Comparisons

When compared to state and national averages, ZIP Code 93722 shows the following trends:

  • Violent crime rates are below the California state average.
  • Property crime rates are on par with the national average.


Overall, ZIP Code 93722 in Fresno, California, demonstrates a balanced safety profile. While there are challenges with certain types of crimes, particularly property crimes, the community and law enforcement agencies are actively working to improve safety measures. By staying informed and involved, residents can contribute to a safer living environment.

Proximity to Essential Services in ZIP Code 93722

Healthcare Facilities

Residents of ZIP Code 93722 have access to a range of healthcare facilities. Notably, the Community Medical Centers, which include Community Regional Medical Center and Community Behavioral Health Center, are located within a short drive. Additionally, numerous urgent care clinics and primary care physicians are conveniently situated throughout the area.

Educational Institutions

The educational landscape in 93722 offers various options from public schools to private institutions. Schools such as Herndon-Barstow Elementary and Rio Vista Middle School rank well for their academic programs and extracurricular activities. High-quality private schools like Central Valley Christian Academy offer alternative educational choices for families in the area.

Public Transportation

Transportation services in 93722 include extensive bus routes provided by the Fresno Area Express (FAX). Key routes, such as Route 38 and Route 45, connect residents to major employment centers, healthcare facilities, and shopping districts. For those who commute, the Fresno Amtrak Station is also easily accessible, providing regional train services.

Shopping and Retail

Shopping amenities in ZIP Code 93722 are plentiful. Major shopping centers like Marketplace at El Paseo offer a comprehensive selection of retail stores, including big-box retailers and specialty shops. Local grocery options such as Vons and Grocery Outlet ensure that residents have access to quality food and household items.

Dining and Entertainment

Dining and entertainment options in 93722 cater to a variety of tastes and lifestyles. Popular destinations include casual dining spots like Olive Garden and Chipotle, as well as local favorites such as Huckleberry’s. Additionally, Maya Cinemas provides modern movie-watching experiences, making it a popular entertainment venue in the area.

Parks and Recreational Facilities

Outdoor and recreational facilities in ZIP Code 93722 include the expansive Riverside Golf Course and the family-friendly Inspiration Park. These parks offer numerous recreational activities such as sports fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas. The Fresno Chaffee Zoo, located nearby, is another excellent destination for family outings and educational experiences.

Financial Services

Financial institutions and services are readily available in 93722. Major banks such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo are conveniently located within the area, providing comprehensive banking services to residents. In addition to physical branches, many also offer online services for added convenience.

Emergency Services

Emergency services in ZIP Code 93722 include quick access to fire stations and police departments. The Fresno Fire Department operates multiple stations within and around the ZIP Code, ensuring prompt response times. Moreover, the Fresno Police Department maintains a strong presence, contributing to the safety and security of the community.

Utilities and Public Services

Utilities and public services in 93722 are robust and efficient. Residents benefit from reliable water and electricity services provided by the City of Fresno Public Utilities and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). Additionally, waste management and recycling services are well-organized, facilitating environmental sustainability.

Overall, ZIP Code 93722 offers comprehensive access to essential services, making it an ideal location for families, professionals, and retirees alike. The area’s facilities and amenities cater to a wide range of needs, ensuring a high quality of life for its residents.

Quality of Local Schools in ZIP Code 93722

Overview of Educational Institutions

ZIP Code 93722, located in Fresno, California, hosts a mix of public and private schools. The area is served by several school districts, including the Fresno Unified School District and the Central Unified School District.

Public Schools

Elementary Schools

Several elementary schools in ZIP Code 93722 exhibit quality education standards. For instance, Herndon-Barstow Elementary School and Bullard TALENT K-8 School perform well in state assessments, demonstrating high literacy and numeracy proficiency among their students.

Middle Schools

Middle schools like Rio Vista Middle School are recognized for their comprehensive academic programs and extracurricular activities. They offer advanced placement options, which facilitate better preparation for high school and college education.

High Schools

Central High East Campus boasts a diverse curriculum including STEM programs, arts, and athletics. Its overall graduation rate consistently meets or exceeds state averages. Additionally, the school offers numerous Advanced Placement (AP) courses, giving students the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school.

Private Schools

Elementary to High Schools

Private institutions such as San Joaquin Memorial High School offer a rigorous academic curriculum combined with religious education. These schools typically have smaller class sizes, which allow for more personalized attention from instructors.

Academic Performance

Schools in ZIP Code 93722 generally perform at or above state averages in standardized tests. Data from the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) indicates that students in this area achieve high scores in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics.

Facilities and Resources

The local schools are equipped with modern facilities, including updated libraries, science labs, and sports facilities. This ensures a conducive environment for both academic and extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular Activities

A range of extracurricular activities is available, from sports teams to academic clubs and performing arts. These programs significantly contribute to the holistic development of students, preparing them for future academic and career endeavors.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is highly encouraged and facilitated through parent-teacher associations (PTAs) and regular parent-teacher meetings. This active participation helps in creating a supportive learning environment and addressing any educational concerns promptly.

Transportation Services

Most schools in ZIP Code 93722 offer reliable transportation services, ensuring the safety and convenience of students commuting to and from school. School buses operate on well-planned routes covering the entire ZIP Code 93722 area.

Special Education Programs

The area provides excellent special education programs catering to students with diverse needs. These programs include specialized instruction, individualized education plans (IEPs), and support services such as speech and occupational therapy.

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Public Transportation Access in ZIP Code 93722

Overview of Public Transportation in 93722

The ZIP code 93722 is situated in Fresno, California, and is served by a variety of public transportation options designed to cater to the commuting needs of residents and visitors alike. This report delves into the modes of transportation available, the routes covered, fare details, and the overall accessibility of public transit systems in this area.

Public Bus Services

Fresno Area Express (FAX)

Fresno Area Express, commonly known as FAX, operates several bus routes that traverse the ZIP code 93722. FAX provides reliable and frequent services to ensure that commutes are timely and efficient.

Main Routes Serving 93722
  • Route 20: Travels through the central parts of 93722, connecting riders to important destinations such as shopping centers and medical facilities.
  • Route 41: Covers the southern areas of 93722 and provides a direct link to downtown Fresno.
  • Route 45: Serves the northern sections of 93722, facilitating transit to educational institutions and business areas.
Bus Stops
Multiple bus stops are strategically placed within the ZIP code, ensuring accessibility. Key stops include Shaw Avenue, Bullard Avenue, and Brawley Avenue.

Fare Information

FAX offers affordable fare options for various groups:

  • Regular fare: $1.25 per ride
  • Reduced fare: $0.60 for eligible seniors and persons with disabilities
  • Monthly passes: $48 for unlimited rides

Accessibility Features

The public transportation system in ZIP code 93722 is designed with accessibility in mind. All FAX buses are equipped with:

  • Wheelchair lifts or ramps
  • Priority seating for elderly and disabled passengers
  • Adequate space for mobility devices

Moreover, real-time bus tracking is available via mobile apps to assist in planning journeys more efficiently.

Park and Ride Options

For those who prefer to drive part of the way, park-and-ride facilities are available on the outskirts of 93722. These facilities offer ample parking spaces and are located in well-lit, secure areas to encourage the use of public transit for the rest of the journey.

Bicycle-Friendly Initiatives

Many of the public buses serving ZIP code 93722 are equipped with bicycle racks, promoting combined use of biking and public transit. The availability of dedicated bike lanes and bike-sharing programs further enhances the ease of using bicycles for short commutes to bus stops.

Customer Support and Feedback

FAX provides exemplary customer support to assist passengers with their travel needs. They offer:

  • A 24/7 helpline for service inquiries and support
  • Dedicated email and online query submission for convenience
  • Regular updates on service changes, delays, and improvements through social media and their official website

Passenger feedback is highly valued, and multiple channels are available for reporting issues or providing suggestions, including surveys and public forums.

Neighborhood Atmosphere in ZIP Code 93722

The ZIP Code 93722, located in Fresno, California, offers a unique and inviting neighborhood atmosphere that blends residential tranquility with urban conveniences. This area is known for its family-friendly environment, diversity, and accessibility, making it a desirable location for many residents.

Community and Demographics

The community in 93722 is diverse in terms of age, ethnicity, and background, which fosters a rich cultural milieu. The neighborhood features a mix of long-term residents and newcomers, contributing to a welcoming and tight-knit community feeling.

Family-Friendly Environment

Families are drawn to 93722 due to its abundance of parks, reputable schools, and community events. Local schools are part of the Fresno Unified School District, known for offering a variety of educational programs and extracurricular activities. Popular parks in the area include Riverside Golf Course and Figarden Loop Park, providing ample recreational opportunities.


The demographic composition of 93722 showcases a variety of cultures, enhancing the neighborhood’s vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. Cultural festivals, food markets, and community initiatives reflect this diversity, creating a lively and engaging living experience for residents.

Housing and Real Estate

Real estate in 93722 includes a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. With a range of architectural styles and price points, the area appeals to both first-time homebuyers and those looking to upgrade.

Residential Options

The neighborhood offers various residential styles, from modern townhouses to classic suburban homes. Many properties feature spacious yards, ideal for families and pet owners. The real estate market in 93722 is considered competitive yet attainable, providing good value for investment.

Rental Market

For those not looking to buy, rental options are plentiful and generally affordable. The rental market includes diverse choices from single-bedroom apartments to larger family homes, catering to various needs and budgets.

Accessibility and Transportation

ZIP Code 93722 benefits from convenient transportation options that make commuting and travel within and beyond Fresno straightforward and efficient. Major roads and highways, as well as public transportation, contribute to the accessibility of the area.

Roadways and Highways

The area is well-served by key highways, including Highway 99, facilitating easy access to central Fresno and surrounding regions. Local streets are generally well-maintained, and traffic flow is manageable, further enhancing resident convenience.

Public Transportation

Public transportation options are available through Fresno Area Express (FAX), which operates multiple routes in and around the neighborhood. This service is essential for residents who prefer not to drive or those seeking eco-friendly commuting options.

Local Amenities and Services

One notable aspect of 93722 is the variety of local amenities and services available to residents. The area’s infrastructure supports a comfortable lifestyle with easy access to stores, healthcare, dining, and entertainment.

Shopping and Dining

The neighborhood is home to several shopping centers, including the popular Marketplace at El Paseo, which offers a wide range of retail stores, grocery options, and restaurants. Dining options are diverse, featuring cuisines from around the world.

Healthcare Services

Quality healthcare services are readily accessible within 93722. Multiple clinics, dental offices, and hospitals such as Saint Agnes Medical Center are located nearby, ensuring residents receive comprehensive medical care.

Safety and Security

Safety is a top priority for residents of 93722. Community awareness and active neighborhood watch programs contribute to the overall sense of security.

Crime Rates and Prevention

The crime rates in 93722 are relatively moderate compared to national averages. Community policing, neighborhood watch groups, and responsive local law enforcement contribute to a safer atmosphere. Community events and meetings often address local concerns and foster a proactive approach to safety.

Emergency Services

Emergency services including police, fire, and medical response are efficiently managed and have good response times. Local fire stations and police precincts are strategically located to serve the neighborhood effectively.

Real Estate Market Trends for ZIP Code 93722

Current Market Overview

The real estate market in ZIP Code 93722, located in Fresno, California, has been demonstrating notable growth over the past year. Analyzing recent data, we observe trends in property values, market activity, and demand dynamics that are shaping the local real estate landscape.

Property Values

As of the latest reports, the median home price in 93722 stands at approximately $350,000. This reflects a year-over-year increase of about 10%. The rising prices are indicative of a competitive market driven by high demand and limited inventory.

To give a clearer picture:

  • Single-family homes: $360,000 median price
  • Condos and townhouses: $250,000 median price
  • New constructions: $380,000 median price

Market Activity

The market activity in ZIP Code 93722 is brisk, with homes typically going under contract within 30 days of listing. The speed of transactions highlights the area’s desirability and the urgency among buyers to secure properties.

According to recent MLS (Multiple Listing Service) data:

  • Average days on market (DOM): 30 days
  • Number of active listings: 150
  • Number of sold homes last month: 120

Demand Dynamics

The demand for homes in 93722 is driven by several key factors:

  • Population Growth: The area is experiencing steady population growth, which contributes to greater housing demand.
  • Employment Opportunities: Proximity to major employers and economic hubs in Fresno increases the appeal of 93722 for working professionals.
  • Quality of Life: The neighborhood offers a balance of suburban tranquility and urban amenities, attracting families and retirees alike.

Inventory and Supply

Inventory levels in ZIP Code 93722 are currently low, leading to a seller’s market. The absorption rate indicates that if no new homes were listed, the existing supply would be exhausted in just 2.5 months.

Price per Square Foot

The average price per square foot for homes in 93722 is approximately $220, marking a consistent increase over the past quarters. This metric provides a useful comparison for buyers evaluating the cost-efficiency of properties across different sizes.

Rental Market Trends

The rental market in 93722 is also showing strong performance, with average rents for single-family homes and apartments seeing upward trends:

  • Average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment: $1,200 per month
  • Average rent for a 3-bedroom home: $1,800 per month

Investment Opportunities

Investors are finding ZIP Code 93722 attractive due to the promising appreciation rates and stable rental yields. New developments and planned infrastructure projects further enhance the potential for long-term returns.

Key investment highlights:

  • High appreciation potential
  • Steady rental income
  • Growing community and infrastructure


ZIP Code 93722 in Fresno, California presents a vibrant real estate market with rising property values, strong demand, and significant investment potential. Buyers, sellers, and investors should closely monitor these trends to make informed decisions based on the latest market conditions.

Understanding Property Taxes in ZIP Code 93722

Overview of Property Taxes in 93722

The ZIP Code 93722 is located in Fresno, California. Property taxes in this region are crucial for funding public services, infrastructure, and schools. Understanding the property tax system within 93722 can help homeowners and prospective buyers make informed decisions.

Calculation of Property Taxes

Property taxes in 93722 are calculated based on the assessed value of the property. The County Assessor’s Office is responsible for determining this value, which reflects the property’s market value. Typically, property tax rates in this ZIP code are around 1.1% – 1.2% of the assessed value, subject to vary based on additional local levies.

Key Factors Influencing Property Taxes

  • Assessed Value: The primary basis for property tax calculation.
  • Tax Rate: Includes county, city, and special district taxes.
  • Exemptions: Includes homestead exemptions, veteran exemptions, and senior citizen exemptions.
  • Special Assessments: Funding for local improvements like schools and roads.

Property Tax Exemptions

Owning property in 93722 might make one eligible for various exemptions. These exemptions can significantly reduce the overall tax burden.

Common Property Tax Exemptions

  • Homestead Exemption: Reduces the taxable value for primary residents.
  • Senior Citizen Exemption: Available for residents over a certain age.
  • Veteran Exemption: Discounts for veterans and their families.
  • Disability Exemption: Available for disabled individuals.

Payment Deadlines and Penalties

Property taxes in Fresno County are typically due in two installments. The first installment is due on November 1st and becomes delinquent after December 10th. The second installment is due on February 1st, becoming delinquent after April 10th. Late payments incur penalties, including a 10% penalty for late installments and an additional penalty if not paid after June 30th.

Installment Schedule

  • First Installment: Due November 1st, delinquent after December 10th.
  • Second Installment: Due February 1st, delinquent after April 10th.

Appealing Property Tax Assessments

Property owners in ZIP code 93722 have the right to appeal their property tax assessments if they believe their property has been overvalued. The appeals process typically involves submitting a formal appeal to the Fresno County Assessment Appeals Board.

Steps to File an Appeal

  • Review Assessment: Check the assessed value by the County Assessor.
  • Gather Evidence: Collect documentation, including recent sales of comparable properties.
  • File Appeal: Submit the appeal form, available on the county website.
  • Attend Hearing: Present your case before the Appeals Board.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is the assessed value determined?

The assessed value is determined by the Fresno County Assessor’s Office, based on the property’s market value and any improvements made.

What services are funded by property taxes?

Property taxes in 93722 fund essential services such as public schools, road maintenance, emergency services, and public health initiatives.

Can property taxes be paid online?

Yes, property taxes can be paid online through the Fresno County Tax Collector’s website. They also accept payments by mail or in person.


Staying informed about property taxes in ZIP code 93722 is vital for homeowners and prospective buyers. Understanding how taxes are calculated, knowing about available exemptions, being aware of payment deadlines, and knowing how to appeal assessments can help manage financial obligations more effectively.

Community Amenities for ZIP Code 93722

Parks and Recreational Areas

The 93722 ZIP Code area in Fresno, California is home to several well-maintained parks and recreational areas. Notable parks include:

  • Riverview Park: Offering walking trails, picnic areas, and a fantastic playground for children.
  • Logan Park: Known for its serene environment and ample green space, perfect for family outings and casual sports activities.
  • Furlong Field: A popular spot for local sports leagues and community events.

Educational Institutions

The ZIP Code 93722 region is served by quality educational institutions, which include:

  • Herndon-Barstow Elementary School: A well-regarded elementary school known for its dedicated staff and vibrant extracurricular programs.
  • Norman Liddell High School: Offers a diverse curriculum and excellent sports teams.
  • Central Unified School District: Provides comprehensive educational facilities and support for K-12 students.

Shopping and Dining

This area boasts a variety of shopping and dining options to suit all tastes and preferences. Key locations include:

  • Marketplace at El Paseo: A popular shopping center featuring major retail stores, boutiques, and dining options.
  • Riverside Center: Offers a mix of retail shops and restaurants, providing a convenient one-stop-shop for locals.
  • Local Eateries: Residents can enjoy diverse culinary experiences at establishments like Tacos Marquitos and Yard House.

Healthcare Facilities

For healthcare needs, residents of the 93722 area have access to top-notch medical facilities, such as:

  • Fresno Community Hospital: Renowned for its emergency services and specialized medical departments.
  • Valley Children’s Healthcare: Provides exceptional pediatric care and a range of specialty services.
  • Healthcare Clinics: Numerous clinics like Family First Medical Care offer general and specialized medical services.

Community Centers and Libraries

The community’s social and educational needs are supported by several centers and libraries, including:

  • Fresno Westside Library: A modern facility with extensive resources, programs, and community events.
  • Ted C. Wills Community Center: Offers a variety of recreational classes, sports leagues, and community activities.
  • Pinedale Community Center: Serves as a hub for various social gatherings and youth programs.

Public Transportation

The public transportation system serving ZIP Code 93722 is robust and reliable. Key aspects include:

  • Fresno Area Express (FAX): Provides extensive bus routes covering significant parts of the area, connecting residents to key locations in Fresno.
  • Amtrak Station: Located nearby, offering railway services to a variety of destinations.
  • Bike Trails: Numerous bike-friendly paths facilitate safe and green travel throughout the community.

Safety and Emergency Services

Residents of the 93722 ZIP Code enjoy substantial safety and emergency services, including:

  • Fresno Police Department’s Northwest District: Ensures law enforcement presence and community safety.
  • North Central Fire Protection District: Provides comprehensive fire and emergency medical services.
  • Neighborhood Watch Programs: Active community members participate in maintaining a secure environment.

Religious and Spiritual Centers

The area is home to a variety of religious and spiritual centers catering to diverse faiths, such as:

  • Holy Spirit Catholic Church: Offers regular services, community outreach programs, and faith-based education.
  • Fresno Buddhist Temple: A serene spiritual center promoting Buddhist teachings and community events.
  • Local Mosques: Several mosques in the vicinity provide spaces for worship and community gatherings for the Muslim residents.

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