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Safety and Crime Rates for ZIP Code 90805

Overview of 90805

The ZIP Code 90805 encompasses a region in North Long Beach, California. Understanding safety and crime rates in this area is essential for residents, businesses, and prospective movers.

Crime Rate Statistics

  • Total Crime Rate: 90805 experiences a total crime rate that is significantly higher than the national average. The crime data indicates that the crime rate in this area is approximately 39 crimes per 1,000 residents per year.
  • Violent Crime Rate: Violent crimes include murder, assault, rape, and robbery. The violent crime rate in this ZIP Code stands at about 9.8 per 1,000 residents annually.
  • Property Crime Rate: Property crimes include burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft. The property crime rate reported in 90805 is approximately 29 per 1,000 residents per year.

Most Common Crimes

Residents and authorities have identified particular crimes that are most prevalent in this region:

  • Theft: Theft is the most frequently reported offense, contributing significantly to the high property crime rate.
  • Burglary: Burglaries are also common, with residential break-ins reported more often than commercial.
  • Assault: Assault is the leading violent crime, with cases often linked to domestic violence and gang-related activities.

Crime Rate Comparison

To better understand the safety landscape of 90805, comparing its crime rates with neighboring regions and the state average is insightful.

Region Violent Crime Rate Property Crime Rate Total Crime Rate
90805 9.8 29 39
California (statewide average) 4.4 25 29.4
Neighboring ZIP Code 90806 7 21 28

Crime Prevention and Safety Measures

Various initiatives have been undertaken to enhance safety and reduce crime rates in 90805:

  • Community Policing: Active community policing strategies have been deployed to build trust between law enforcement and residents.
  • Neighborhood Watch Programs: These programs encourage residents to be vigilant and report suspicious activities promptly.
  • Increased Patrolling: Law enforcement agencies have increased patrolling, especially in crime hotspot areas, to deter potential offenders.

Resources for Residents

Residents of 90805 can access various resources to help improve safety and crime awareness:


The ZIP Code 90805 has a higher crime rate compared to state and national averages. However, with active community efforts and law enforcement initiatives, residents can contribute to making the area safer.

Proximity to Essential Services for the ZIP Code 90805

Healthcare Services

The ZIP Code 90805 in Long Beach, California, offers residents close proximity to various healthcare facilities. This includes Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, a prominent hospital located within a 15-minute drive. Additionally, the South Bay Family Health Care and several urgent care centers like Optum Urgent Care provide accessible healthcare for both routine and emergency medical needs.

Educational Institutions

Residents of 90805 benefit from a range of educational facilities, from elementary schools to high schools. Notable schools include Jordan High School, renowned for its diverse programs, and Barton Elementary School, known for its strong academic record. Furthermore, Long Beach City College offers higher education opportunities and is only a short drive away.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

The area is well-served by numerous grocery stores, making daily shopping convenient. Major supermarkets such as Albertsons and Northgate Gonzalez Market are located within a short radius. Additionally, smaller local markets provide fresh produce and specialty items, catering to the diverse community needs.

Public Transportation

Public transportation in 90805 is both accessible and reliable. The Long Beach Transit system offers multiple bus routes connecting key points within the ZIP Code and beyond. Residents can also take advantage of Metro Blue Line Light Rail, which connects Long Beach to Downtown Los Angeles.

Recreational Facilities

For recreation, the 90805 area is home to several parks and community centers. Houghton Park is a significant recreational spot featuring sports fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas. DeForest Park offers additional amenities, including walking trails and a community center.

Retail and Shopping Centers

Shopping needs are met by various retail centers in and around 90805. Lakewood Center and Uptown Commons are popular destinations featuring a mix of retail stores, dining options, and entertainment venues. Additionally, various local boutiques provide unique shopping experiences.

Banking and Financial Institutions

Financial transactions are facilitated by numerous banks and ATMs within the area. Major banks such as Bank of America, Chase Bank, and Wells Fargo have branches conveniently located throughout the 90805 ZIP Code.

Safety and Emergency Services

Safety is a priority with several fire stations and police departments in close reach. The Long Beach Police Department North Division ensures rapid response and community safety, while Fire Station 12 provides essential fire and emergency medical services.

Dining and Food Services

90805 offers a diverse selection of dining options catering to all tastes. Restaurants range from fast food chains like McDonald’s and Taco Bell to local eateries such as Hamburger Mary’s and Louis Burgers, offering a variety of cuisines.

Postal and Courier Services

Residents have access to reliable postal and courier services. The United States Postal Service (USPS) office, along with other providers like FedEx and UPS, ensures efficient handling of mail and packages.

Quality of Local Schools in ZIP Code 90805

Overview of Schools in ZIP Code 90805

The ZIP Code 90805, located in Long Beach, California, is home to a diverse array of educational institutions ranging from elementary to high school levels. These schools offer a variety of academic programs and extracurricular activities aimed at enhancing the students’ educational experience.

Elementary Schools

Prominent Elementary Schools

There are several noteworthy elementary schools within ZIP Code 90805, such as:

  • Collins Elementary School
  • Grant Elementary School
  • Dooley Elementary School

Academic Performance

These elementary schools generally perform at or above the state average in standardized tests. The student-to-teacher ratios are conducive to individual attention, with many schools reporting ratios of approximately 24:1.

Special Programs

Many of these elementary schools offer special programs, including:

  • Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)
  • English Language Development (ELD)
  • Special Education

Middle Schools

Notable Middle Schools

The middle schools serving ZIP Code 90805 offer a robust curriculum designed to prepare students for high school. Some key middle schools include:

  • Hughes Middle School
  • Hamilton Middle School
  • Perry Lindsey Academy

Curriculum and Extracurricular Activities

The curriculum focuses on core subjects such as Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. Additionally, these schools provide:

  • STEM programs
  • Arts and Music programs
  • Athletics and sports teams

High Schools

Leading High Schools

ZIP Code 90805 boasts several high schools known for their academic excellence and comprehensive programs, including:

  • Jordan High School
  • Long Beach Polytechnic High School

Academic Achievements

These high schools have a strong record of academic achievements, with high graduation rates and college acceptance rates. They offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs to challenge students academically.

College and Career Readiness

The high schools in this area emphasize college and career readiness through:

  • College counseling services
  • Career technical education (CTE) programs
  • Internship and mentorship opportunities

School Safety and Environment

Ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment is a priority for schools in ZIP Code 90805. Measures in place include:

  • Anti-bullying programs
  • Regular safety drills
  • On-campus security personnel

Parents and community members rate the schools positively for their proactive approach to enhancing student safety and well-being.

Parental and Community Involvement

The schools in ZIP Code 90805 benefit from significant parental and community involvement. Opportunities for engagement include:

  • Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA)
  • Volunteer programs
  • Community-sponsored events and activities

This involvement fosters a collaborative environment contributing to the overall quality of education and student success.

Public Transportation Access for ZIP Code 90805

The ZIP Code 90805, encompassing a portion of Long Beach, California, offers a range of public transportation options, promoting accessibility and convenience for its residents. This report delves into the available services and routes, highlighting their benefits and coverage.

Bus Services

The primary provider of bus services in ZIP Code 90805 is Long Beach Transit. Here are some of the major routes:

  • Route 61: Connecting Long Beach and Lakewood, this route primarily traverses Atlantic Avenue, providing frequent stops within ZIP Code 90805.
  • Route 51: This route runs along Anaheim Street, offering access to key commercial areas and connecting to other transit lines.
  • Route 60: Running along Pacific Coast Highway, Route 60 ensures connectivity to educational institutions and shopping centers.

Metro Rail Access

The nearest Metro Rail access point to ZIP Code 90805 is the Metro Blue Line (now known as the A Line). Residents can access this line at the Del Amo Station, located just south of the 90805 area:

  • A Line: Providing rapid transit services from Downtown Long Beach to Downtown Los Angeles, with connections to various other Metro lines and regional providers.

Paratransit Services

For residents with disabilities or those requiring additional transport assistance, Long Beach Transit offers Dial-A-Lift services:

  • Dial-A-Lift: A curb-to-curb service dedicated to individuals who are unable to utilize regular bus services due to physical or cognitive disabilities.

Bikeshare Programs

As part of promoting sustainable travel, Long Beach boasts a Bikeshare Program that residents of 90805 can easily access:

  • Long Beach Bike Share: Numerous docking stations are available across the city, providing a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional public transport.

Connectivity to Major Areas

The transportation network in 90805 ensures robust connectivity to other parts of Long Beach and nearby cities:

  • Frequent bus services to commercial hubs like Bixby Knolls and Downtown Long Beach.
  • Direct rail connections to the greater Los Angeles area via the A Line.
  • Integration with regional transport providers like LA Metro, enabling expansive travel options.

Future Developments

Plans for future developments in public transportation within ZIP Code 90805 include:

  • Enhanced Bus Services: Proposals for new routes and increased frequency are under consideration.
  • Metro Rail Expansion: Discussions on extending the A Line or integrating additional lines to improve connectivity.

Residents and visitors in ZIP Code 90805 benefit from a comprehensive public transportation system, offering varied and efficient travel options to accommodate diverse needs. Whether through bus, rail, or sustainable initiatives like bikeshare programs, 90805 ensures accessible transit solutions for all.

Neighborhood Atmosphere of ZIP Code 90805

Community Vibe

The community within ZIP Code 90805, located in Long Beach, California, exudes a vibrant and diverse atmosphere. Residents are known for their welcoming and friendly nature, fostering a sense of belonging among newcomers and long-time inhabitants alike.

Families, singles, and seniors coexist harmoniously, creating a multicultural tapestry reflective of Southern California’s rich heritage. Community events and local gatherings are frequent, further strengthening neighborhood bonds.

Safety and Security

Safety is a critical aspect of the neighborhood atmosphere in 90805. The area enjoys a proactive community policing approach, with local law enforcement agencies working closely with residents to maintain a secure environment. Neighborhood watch programs and community outreach efforts contribute significantly to enhancing residents’ sense of security.

Accessibility and Transport

Public transportation options in 90805 include well-connected bus routes and easy access to major highways, making commutes relatively convenient. Many residents also rely on bicycles to navigate the neighborhood, supported by bike-friendly infrastructure. Accessibility plays a vital role in enhancing the day-to-day lifestyle of the populace.

Parks and Recreation

The neighborhood boasts several parks and open spaces, perfect for outdoor activities and family gatherings. Notable green areas include Houghton Park and DeForest Park, which offer a range of amenities such as playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic spots.

Residents frequenly participate in organized sports leagues, fitness classes, and recreational programs, contributing to a healthy, active lifestyle deeply embedded in community culture.

Local Amenities

ZIP Code 90805 is home to a variety of local amenities that cater to the everyday needs of its residents. Grocery stores, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions are conveniently located within the area, ensuring easy access to essential services.

Restaurants and cafes, often family-owned, offer a wide range of culinary delights, reflecting the neighborhood’s cultural diversity. This variety in dining options ensures there is always something to suit everyone’s taste.

Education and Schools

The educational landscape in 90805 includes a mix of public and private schools known for their commitment to academic excellence. Schools like Jordan High School and Lindbergh Middle School play a crucial role in the community, offering quality education while also serving as centers for various community activities.

Programs emphasizing STEM, arts, and extracurricular activities ensure well-rounded development for students, making it a favorable choice for families with children.

Real Estate and Housing

The real estate market in 90805 features a blend of housing options, from single-family homes to apartment complexes. The architectural styles vary, offering something for every preference and budget.

Homeownership levels are high, and property values have shown a steady increase, making it an attractive location for both first-time buyers and investors. The neighborhood’s ongoing development projects also indicate positive growth trends.

Cultural Institutions and Activities

The neighborhood hosts a multitude of cultural institutions and activities, reflecting its rich heritage and dynamic community spirit. Art galleries, cultural centers, and libraries, such as the North Long Beach Library, provide spaces for cultural education and enjoyment.

Annual festivals and cultural events celebrate the area’s diversity, bringing together residents from various backgrounds in a shared appreciation of their community’s unique identity.


Overall, the atmosphere of ZIP Code 90805 is marked by its community spirit, accessibility, safety, and cultural vibrancy. With a supportive environment, diverse amenities, and proactive community initiatives, it stands out as a welcoming and dynamic neighborhood.

Real Estate Market Trends for ZIP Code 90805, United States

Current Market Overview

The real estate market in ZIP Code 90805, which encompasses parts of North Long Beach, is displaying steady growth. Median home prices have shown an increase of approximately 8% year over year, making this area a noteworthy spot for potential buyers and investors. The average home price in 90805 is currently around $550,000.

Inventory Levels

One of the significant trends in this area is the low inventory levels. With a substantial decrease in available homes for sale compared to the previous year, the market is experiencing increased competition among buyers. Current listings are averaging 30 days on the market before being sold.

  • Available homes: 45
  • Average Days on Market: 30
  • Year-over-year decrease in listings: 20%

Price Trends

The pricing trend in ZIP Code 90805 is upward, reflecting higher demand and low inventory levels. Over the last quarter, sale prices have been consistently closing above asking prices, indicating strong seller advantage. The average price per square foot has also risen to $450.

  • Increase in Median Price: 8%
  • Price per Square Foot: $450
  • Sales Above Asking Price: 60%

Buyer Demographics

The area attracts a diverse range of buyers, including first-time homebuyers, families, and investors. A significant portion of buyers fall within the 25-44 age range, indicating a trend of younger demographics moving into the area. Investors are particularly drawn to the potential for rental income, given the area’s strong rental market.

  • First-time homebuyers: 35%
  • Investors: 25%
  • Age Range: 25-44

Rental Market Overview

ZIP Code 90805 also boasts a robust rental market. The average rent for a single-family home in the area is approximately $2,700 per month. Multi-family properties are particularly appealing to investors due to their high occupancy rates and demand for rental units.

  • Average Rent: $2,700/month
  • Occupancy Rate: 95%
  • Yield for Investors: 6-8%

Future Market Projections

Analyzing current trends and economic forecasts, the real estate market in ZIP Code 90805 is expected to continue its growth trajectory. Factors such as low interest rates, increasing demand, and ongoing improvements in local infrastructure are likely to foster this growth. Experts predict another 5-7% increase in home prices over the next year.

  • Forecasted Price Increase: 5-7%
  • Continued Low Inventory
  • Sustained Buyer Demand


The ZIP Code 90805 shows promising real estate market trends with rising prices, low inventory, and strong buyer demand. This makes it an appealing area for both homebuyers and investors. Keeping an eye on inventory levels and market conditions will be crucial for those looking to navigate and capitalize on this dynamic market in the coming years.

Property Taxes in ZIP Code 90805

Overview of Property Taxes in ZIP Code 90805

Property taxes in ZIP Code 90805, covering parts of Long Beach, California, are assessed annually by the Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor. Property taxes play a significant role in funding essential public services within the community, such as schools, infrastructure, and public safety.

Assessment of Property Values

The Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office is responsible for determining the assessed value of properties within ZIP Code 90805. The valuation process takes into account the property type, location, market conditions, and any improvements or changes made to the property. Generally, properties are assessed at their fair market value as of January 1 of each year.

Real Property: This includes residential homes, commercial properties, and land. The assessed value is based on the purchase price of the property with adjustments for inflation, capped by California’s Prop 13 at a maximum of 2% per year.

Personal Property: This category includes business personal property such as machinery and equipment. It is also subject to annual assessment based on current market value.

Property Tax Rates

The tax rate in ZIP Code 90805 is composed of a base rate and additional voter-approved measures. The base tax rate for Los Angeles County is approximately 1% of the assessed value. Additional rates for school district bonds, city funding measures, and special assessments vary but can add up to 0.5% to 1% more to the base rate.

Calculating Property Taxes

The formula for calculating property taxes in ZIP Code 90805 is straightforward:

Assessed Value x Tax Rate = Property Tax Due

For instance, if a property is assessed at $500,000 and the total tax rate is 1.2%, the annual property tax would be:

$500,000 x 0.012 = $6,000

Due Dates and Payment Options

Property tax bills in ZIP Code 90805 are issued by the Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector’s Office. The annual tax bill is divided into two installments:

First Installment: Due on November 1 and becomes delinquent after December 10.

Second Installment: Due on February 1 and becomes delinquent after April 10.

Los Angeles County offers several payment options, including online payments, via mail, and in-person at designated offices. Taxpayers can sign up for eBilling, which allows for electronic delivery of tax bills and payment reminders.

Penalties and Exemptions

Failure to pay property taxes on time results in a 10% penalty for each delinquent installment. There is also an additional $10 charge for a late second installment.

Several exemptions and assistance programs reduce the property tax burden:

  • Homeowners’ Exemption: Reduces the assessed value of a principal residence by $7,000.
  • Seniors and Disabled Citizens:-May qualify for the Property Tax Postponement Program.
  • Disabled Veterans’ Exemption: Offers significant reductions in property taxes for qualifying veterans.

Special Assessments and Local Bonds

In addition to the base property tax rate, properties in ZIP Code 90805 may be subject to special assessments and local bonds. These include funding for local school districts, community colleges, and infrastructure improvements. Each assessment is typically listed separately on the property tax bill, ensuring transparency.

Impact of Property Taxes on Real Estate Market

Property taxes in ZIP Code 90805 have a direct impact on the real estate market. Higher property taxes can influence homebuyers’ decisions, potentially affecting property values. It is essential for potential buyers and current homeowners to understand the tax liabilities to make informed financial decisions.

For more detailed and up-to-date information, property owners and potential buyers should refer to the official website of the Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor and the Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector’s Office.

Community Amenities in ZIP Code 90805

Parks and Recreation

ZIP Code 90805 is home to several parks and recreational facilities that offer a variety of outdoor activities for residents.

  • Houghton Park:
    • Playground
    • Picnic areas
    • Sports fields
  • DeForest Park:
    • Walking trails
    • Community center
    • Skate park
  • Ramona Park:
    • Pools
    • Basketball courts
    • Tennis courts

Public Libraries

The ZIP Code 90805 boasts access to several public libraries that provide a wealth of resources for education, entertainment, and community events.

  • North Library:
    • Book lending
    • Computer access
    • Children’s programs
  • Mark Twain Library:
    • Study rooms
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Adult literacy classes

Schools and Education Centers

The 90805 area is served by multiple schools that cater to various educational needs from elementary to high school, alongside specialized education centers.

  • Jordan High School:
    • Extensive sports programs
    • Advanced Placement courses
    • Vocational training
  • Grant Elementary School:
    • Bilingual education
    • STEM programs
    • After-school activities
  • Long Beach City College – Pacific Coast Campus:
    • Community education
    • Continuing education credits
    • Professional certification programs

Shopping and Dining

Residents of the 90805 ZIP Code have a rich selection of shopping and dining options that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

  • Lakewood Center:
    • Major retail stores
    • Entertainment options
    • Diverse dining spots
  • Dairy Delite Plaza:
    • Specialty food stores
    • Popular eateries
    • Local boutiques

Public Transportation

The 90805 ZIP Code is well-served by various forms of public transportation, ensuring connectivity and accessibility for all residents.

  • Long Beach Transit:
    • Bus routes
    • Light rail connections
    • Senior and disabled transportation services
  • Metro Blue Line:
    • Direct access to downtown Los Angeles
    • Frequent service
    • Park-and-ride facilities

Healthcare Facilities

Access to quality healthcare is a priority in ZIP Code 90805, with numerous facilities offering a range of medical services.

  • Long Beach Memorial Medical Center:
    • Emergency services
    • Specialized clinics
    • Inpatient and outpatient care
  • Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center:
    • Primary care
    • Pediatrics
    • Surgical services
  • Community Hospital Long Beach:
    • Family medicine
    • Mental health services
    • Rehabilitation programs

Community Centers

Various community centers in ZIP Code 90805 play a vital role in fostering a sense of community through classes, events, and recreational activities.

  • Arnold Community Center:
    • Fitness classes
    • Youth programs
    • Senior activities
  • North Long Beach Community Center:
    • Cultural events
    • Art workshops
    • Community meetings

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