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Safety and Crime Rates in ZIP Code 75035

Overview of ZIP Code 75035

ZIP Code 75035 covers a region within Frisco, Texas. Known for its family-friendly environment and thriving community, this area continually attracts new residents. Below, we analyze the safety and crime rates specific to this ZIP code.

Crime Statistics

  • Total Crime Rate: The overall crime rate in ZIP Code 75035 is considerably lower than both state and national averages. This makes the area statistically safer compared to many other regions.
  • Violent Crimes: Occurrences of violent crime in 75035 are particularly low, contributing significantly to the area’s reputation for safety.
  • Property Crimes: Property crimes are more frequent than violent crimes but still remain below national averages.

Types of Crimes

For a more detailed understanding, here are the statistics broken down by specific types of crimes:

  • Theft: Theft is the most commonly reported crime in 75035 but tends to involve non-violent incidents such as shoplifting or petty theft.
  • Burglary: Burglaries are infrequent, contributing to the overall low property crime rate in the region.
  • Assault: Assaults are rare, and when they do occur, they often involve known acquaintances rather than random acts of violence.
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: Motor vehicle theft cases are also low, which is reflective of the community’s vigilance and effective law enforcement presence.

Safety Initiatives and Law Enforcement

The residents of ZIP Code 75035 benefit from robust law enforcement and community safety initiatives. The Frisco Police Department, in collaboration with community stakeholders, actively works towards maintaining the low crime rate. Your safety is their priority.

Several programs such as neighborhood watch groups, public safety meetings, and emergency alert systems are in place to keep residents informed and engaged in proactive safety measures.

Community and Resident Involvement

Community involvement is a critical factor contributing to the safety of ZIP Code 75035. Active neighborhood watch groups and community meetings ensure that residents are vigilant and informed about any potential safety issues.

Comparison with Nearby Areas

Compared to neighboring ZIP codes and districts within Frisco, ZIP Code 75035 continues to show lower crime rates, affirming its status as one of the safest areas within the locality. Long-term residents as well as newcomers have consistently attested to the secure environment provided by the community and local law enforcement.


ZIP Code 75035 stands out as a beacon of safety within the Frisco area. With low crime rates, active law enforcement, and strong community involvement, it provides a secure and welcoming environment for all its residents.

Proximity to Essential Services for ZIP Code 75035


ZIP Code 75035 is located in Frisco, Texas, a rapidly growing city in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the proximity of essential services in this area. Whether you’re considering moving to Frisco or are already a resident, understanding the availability and proximity of these services is crucial.

Healthcare Services


Several top-ranked hospitals are easily accessible from ZIP Code 75035. The following are within a short drive:

  • Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Frisco: Located just 6 miles away, this hospital offers a comprehensive range of medical services.
  • Texas Health Frisco: A state-of-the-art facility located approximately 7 miles from the center of ZIP Code 75035.
  • Medical City Frisco: About 8 miles away, providing 24/7 emergency care and specialized medical services.

Clinics and Urgent Care

For non-emergency medical needs, several clinics and urgent care centers are nearby:

  • CareNow Urgent Care: Less than 3 miles away, ideal for urgent but non-life-threatening medical needs.
  • MinuteClinic inside CVS: Conveniently located within 2 miles for quick medical consultations.
  • Legacy ER & Urgent Care: Approximately 5 miles away, offering a hybrid model for emergency and urgent care services.


Public Schools

Frisco Independent School District (FISD) serves ZIP Code 75035 and has a reputation for excellence. Nearby schools include:

  • Mooneyham Elementary School: Located about 1 mile away, known for its strong academic performance.
  • Roach Middle School: Roughly 1.5 miles from most residential areas in 75035, offering a robust curriculum and extracurricular activities.
  • Independence High School: Approximately 3 miles away, recognized for its academic and athletic programs.

Higher Education

For those seeking higher education opportunities, the following institutions are within a commuting distance:

  • Collin College Frisco Campus: About 5 miles away, offering a range of associate degrees and certificates.
  • University of Texas at Dallas: Located 14 miles from ZIP Code 75035, providing comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs.

Shopping and Grocery Stores


Residents of ZIP Code 75035 have access to several major grocery stores, ensuring convenient access to essential food items and groceries:

  • Kroger: Less than 2 miles away, offering a wide range of groceries and household products.
  • Walmart Supercenter: Located within 3 miles, providing one-stop shopping for groceries and more.
  • Tom Thumb: About 2.5 miles away, known for quality produce and a wide selection of grocery items.

Shopping Centers

For more extensive shopping needs, several shopping centers and malls are conveniently located:

  • Stonebriar Centre: A major shopping mall approximately 8 miles away, featuring a variety of retailers, restaurants, and entertainment options.
  • Frisco Square: Located around 6 miles from ZIP Code 75035, offering a mix of boutique shops, dining, and community events.

Public Transportation

Although Frisco is known for being a car-dependent city, ZIP Code 75035 is well-connected by several public transportation options:

  • DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) Bus Services: Provides routes connecting Frisco to the larger DFW metroplex, with stops less than 1 mile away from residential areas.
  • Ride-sharing Services: Uber and Lyft are readily available throughout Frisco, providing flexible transportation options.

Parks and Recreation

Numerous parks and recreational facilities are near ZIP Code 75035, catering to the outdoor and leisure needs of residents:

  • Frisco Commons Park: Approximately 4 miles away, featuring playgrounds, picnic areas, and walking trails.
  • Harold Bacchus Community Park: Located about 3 miles away, offering sports fields, trails, and a splash park.
  • Shawnee Trail Sports Complex: Around 5 miles from the center of ZIP Code 75035, providing extensive sports facilities and fields.

Quality of Local Schools in ZIP Code 75035

Elementary Schools

The ZIP Code 75035 encompasses several highly reputable elementary schools known for their academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and comprehensive support programs. Some notable elementary schools include:

  • Bright Elementary School: Recognized for its strong focus on STEM education and personalized learning approaches.
  • Elliott Elementary School: Offers a vibrant arts program and emphasizes bilingual education to support a diverse student population.
  • Taylor Elementary School: Known for its innovative teaching methods and strong parental involvement programs.

Middle Schools

Middle schools in ZIP Code 75035 are committed to educational excellence, preparing students for high school with rigorous academic programs and abundant extracurricular activities. Key middle schools include:

  • Maus Middle School: Offers a variety of advanced placement courses and a robust athletics program.
  • Vandeventer Middle School: Noted for its high performance in state assessments and extensive extracurricular clubs.
  • Roach Middle School: Provides exceptional support services for students with special needs and a strong focus on community service.

High Schools

High schools within ZIP Code 75035 are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and offer diverse programs to ensure students’ success in higher education and beyond. The leading high schools include:

  • Liberty High School: Distinguished by its International Baccalaureate program and outstanding college preparation resources.
  • Centennial High School: Offers a wide range of Advanced Placement courses and vocational training programs, as well as strong athletic and performing arts departments.
  • Lone Star High School: Recognized for its comprehensive career and technical education programs, including robotics, culinary arts, and engineering.

Extracurricular Activities

The schools in ZIP Code 75035 place a significant emphasis on holistic development, offering an extensive range of extracurricular activities. Whether students are interested in sports, arts, or academic clubs, there is something for everyone.

  • Sports Programs: Including football, basketball, soccer, swimming, and more.
  • Arts and Music: Schools offer programs in band, orchestra, theatre, visual arts, and dance.
  • Academic and Special Interest Clubs: Robotics, debate, chess, and environmental clubs are popular among students.

Teacher Quality

The quality of education in ZIP Code 75035 is reinforced by a pool of dedicated and highly qualified teachers. Many educators in the region hold advanced degrees and have received national board certification. Continuous professional development and training ensure that teachers are up-to-date with the latest educational practices and technologies.

Parent and Community Involvement

Strong parent and community involvement contribute to the high quality of schools in ZIP Code 75035. Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) and volunteer programs play crucial roles in organizing events, fundraisers, and supporting classroom activities. The community’s commitment to education is evident through consistent participation in school board meetings and local education initiatives.

School Safety

Safety is a top priority for schools in ZIP Code 75035. Comprehensive safety plans are in place, including regular drills for emergencies such as fire, lockdowns, and severe weather. School resource officers and security measures, such as controlled building access and surveillance systems, ensure a safe learning environment for all students.

Standardized Test Performance

Schools in ZIP Code 75035 consistently perform well on standardized tests. High test scores reflect the quality of education provided, with many schools exceeding state and national averages. This performance is often attributed to effective teaching strategies, robust curricula, and a strong emphasis on core academic subjects.

Technology Integration

Integration of technology in classrooms is a hallmark of schools in ZIP Code 75035. Classrooms are equipped with smart boards, tablets, and computers to enhance the learning experience. Additionally, schools offer various tech-related courses and programs, preparing students for a digitally-driven world.

Public Transportation Access in ZIP Code 75035


ZIP Code 75035 encompasses parts of Frisco, TX, a rapidly growing city known for its family-friendly atmosphere and vibrant economy. Access to public transportation is a key consideration for residents and visitors, particularly in a suburban context where reliance on private vehicles is high.

Bus Services

Frisco does not currently offer an extensive public bus network within ZIP Code 75035. However, the city is part of the Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) network, which provides regional bus services. Popular routes include:

  • Route 21: Connects Frisco to neighboring cities like Denton and Lewisville, with stops at key transit centers.
  • Route 22: Primarily serves the eastern parts of Frisco, providing connections to schools and commercial centers.

Light Rail and Train Services

The nearest light rail service accessible to residents of ZIP Code 75035 is provided by Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART). The closest DART station is the Northern Line Station in Plano, approximately a 15-minute drive from central Frisco. This station serves the Red and Orange Lines, which offer direct routes to downtown Dallas and other key areas.

Shuttle Services

Frisco has introduced several shuttle services to address public transportation needs. Notable options include:

  • Frisco Shuttle: Operated by private companies, this service offers scheduled pickups and drop-offs across ZIP Code 75035, particularly focused on popular destinations like schools and shopping centers.
  • Corporate Shuttles: Many large employers in Frisco provide shuttle services to nearby DART and DCTA stations for their employees, promoting the use of public transit systems.

Biking and Walking Infrastructure

For those looking to bike or walk, ZIP Code 75035 offers a growing network of multi-use trails and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks. Major trails include:

  • Preston Ridge Trail: A popular route that extends through residential areas, connecting several parks and schools.
  • Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt: Offers extensive pathways for both cyclists and pedestrians, making it a favored route for commuting and recreational activities.

Ride-Sharing Services

Ride-sharing platforms such as Uber and Lyft are widely available in ZIP Code 75035. These services significantly enhance public transportation access, providing on-demand rides to destinations not easily reachable through traditional public transit.

Accessibility Initiatives

The City of Frisco has been proactive in addressing transportation accessibility. Key initiatives include:

  • Senior Transit Program: Offers specialized transit options for senior citizens, ensuring they have access to essential services like healthcare and shopping.
  • ADA-Compliant Services: Many of the shuttle and bus services in ZIP Code 75035 are equipped with ADA-compliant features to assist individuals with disabilities.

Future Developments

The City of Frisco is continuously working on plans to expand and improve public transportation infrastructure in ZIP Code 75035. Upcoming projects include:

  • Expansion of DCTA Services: Collaborations with DCTA to introduce more local routes and improve connectivity within Frisco.
  • New Shuttle Routes: Introduction of new shuttle services focused on underserved areas, aiming to enhance accessibility and reduce dependency on private vehicles.


While ZIP Code 75035 currently relies heavily on personal vehicles, ongoing and future initiatives promise to significantly enhance public transportation options. From buses and light rail connections to ride-sharing and specialized shuttles, the area is steadily progressing towards a more integrated and accessible transportation network.

Neighborhood Atmosphere in ZIP Code 75035: A Comprehensive Analysis

Community and Demographics

The neighborhood within ZIP Code 75035 is known for its vibrant community spirit. The area predominantly consists of young professionals and families, providing a dynamic and energetic environment. According to the latest census data, the demographic makeup includes a diverse mixture of ethnicities and age groups, contributing to a culturally rich atmosphere.

Population Makeup

  • Youth and Young Adults: A significant portion of the population is aged between 20-39 years, making it an attractive location for young adults seeking thriving professional and social spheres.
  • Families: The presence of high-ranking schools and family-friendly amenities make this ZIP code a prime choice for families.
  • Diversity: The area boasts a multifaceted demographic with various cultural backgrounds, adding to the cosmopolitan feel.

Local Amenities

ZIP Code 75035 is dotted with a plethora of amenities that cater to the needs of its residents. From recreational facilities to everyday necessities, the neighbourhood offers a complete package.

Recreational Facilities

  • Parks and Playgrounds: The area includes several well-maintained parks such as Shawnee Park and Shepherd’s Glen Park, ideal for outdoor activities and family outings.
  • Sports Centers: Various sports centers and gyms, such as Frisco Athletic Center and 24-Hour Fitness, cater to fitness enthusiasts.

Shopping and Dining

  • Shopping Centers: Major shopping centers like the Frisco Marketplace and Stonebriar Centre are conveniently located, offering extensive retail options.
  • Dining: An array of dining options ranging from casual eateries to fine dining restaurants provides a satisfying culinary experience.

Educational Infrastructures

Education is a prominent feature in the ZIP Code 75035 area, with access to top-notch schools and educational facilities.


  • Elementary Schools: Schools like Fisher Elementary School and Tadlock Elementary School are well-regarded in the community.
  • High Schools: Liberty High School and Centennial High School offer excellent secondary education and boast strong academic records.

Transport and Accessibility

The proximity of ZIP Code 75035 to major highways and transit options makes it a hub of convenience, ensuring residents can navigate the area with ease.

Public Transit

  • Bus Services: Several bus routes serve the area, facilitating easy access to neighboring localities.
  • Proximity to Highways: The intersection of key highways such as the Dallas North Tollway and Sam Rayburn Tollway ensures quick commutes to the broader Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

Safety and Security

Safety is a critical facet of the neighborhood’s atmosphere, contributing to the residents’ peace of mind and overall quality of life.

Crime Rates

  • The area benefits from low crime rates, which reinforce the safe and welcoming environment. Community policing and active Neighborhood Watch programs help maintain security.

Emergency Services

  • Fire and Police: The locality is serviced by efficient fire stations and police departments ensuring rapid response times.
  • Healthcare: Nearby hospitals and urgent care centers provide immediate medical attention and aid in maintaining community health.

Real Estate Market Trends for ZIP Code 75035

Market Overview

The real estate market in ZIP Code 75035, located in Frisco, Texas, has shown significant growth over recent years. This region is increasingly popular due to its prime location, excellent schools, and robust local economy. As a result, home prices have seen considerable appreciation.

Home Prices

As of the latest data, the median home price in ZIP Code 75035 hovers around $450,000, marking a year-over-year increase of approximately 8%. This appreciation can be attributed to the high demand for housing in Frisco, driven largely by an influx of new residents and companies relocating to the area.

Different property types have varied price ranges:

  • Single-family homes: $400,000 – $600,000
  • Condos and townhomes: $250,000 – $350,000
  • Luxury homes: $700,000 and above

Sales Volume

The sales volume in ZIP Code 75035 has seen a steady increase. On average, homes spend less than 30 days on the market, which indicates a seller’s market. The quick turnover is often due to the desirable amenities and reputable school districts in the area.

Rental Market

Rental properties are also in high demand, with the average rent for a single-family home around $2,500 per month. Rents have increased by about 5% over the past year, paralleling the overall growth in home prices.

Popular rental property types include single-family homes, condos, and townhomes. The rental yield is attractive for investors looking to capitalize on the steady flow of tenants, particularly professionals and families relocating to Frisco.

New Construction and Development

New construction is a significant part of the market, as developers continue to build to meet the demand. Recent projects include a mix of high-end single-family homes and master-planned communities featuring amenities like parks, pools, and walking trails.

Some prominent developments include:

  • Phillips Creek Ranch
  • Hollyhock
  • Edgestone at Legacy

Economic Factors

The economic conditions in Frisco substantially impact the real estate market in ZIP Code 75035. The local economy benefits from a diverse mix of industries including technology, healthcare, and retail. The job market is robust, with low unemployment rates contributing to the housing demand.

Moreover, Frisco’s strategic location near major highways and corporate headquarters has made it a hub for businesses, further boosting the real estate market.

School Districts

ZIP Code 75035 is served by the Frisco Independent School District, renowned for its high academic standards and comprehensive programs. The quality of schools is a major draw for families, significantly impacting housing demand and prices.


Overall, the real estate market in ZIP Code 75035 is vibrant and rapidly growing. Whether you are a homeowner, investor, or prospective buyer, understanding these trends can help you make informed decisions. With its strong economic backdrop and excellent quality of life, Frisco continues to be a desirable location for real estate endeavors.

Property Taxes in ZIP Code 75035

Understanding Property Taxes

Property taxes are levied by local government entities, including counties, cities, and school districts, on real property. These taxes support essential public services like education, emergency services, and infrastructure maintenance. Homeowners within ZIP Code 75035, which falls under Frisco, Texas, are subject to specific property tax regulations and rates.

Property Tax Rates

The property tax rate in ZIP Code 75035 is a combination of various tax rates set by local authorities. Key components include:

  • City of Frisco
  • Collin County
  • Frisco Independent School District (ISD)
  • Water and special utility districts

As of the current tax year, these cumulative rates approximate to:

  • City of Frisco: 0.4466%
  • Collin County: 0.1681%
  • Frisco ISD: 1.3102%
  • Collin College: 0.0781%
  • Other Districts (Average): 0.2000%

This yields an overall effective property tax rate nearing 2.20% of the home’s assessed value.

Assessment and Reassessment

Property values in ZIP Code 75035 are assessed by the Collin Central Appraisal District (CCAD). These assessments are based on the market value of the property as of January 1 of each year.

The appraisal process includes:

  1. Initial Assessment: Determined by on-site inspections, market data analysis, and property condition.
  2. Annual Reassessment: Conducted to reflect changes in market conditions and property improvements.

Homeowners are notified of their property’s assessed value and have the right to contest these valuations if they believe they are inaccurate.

Exemptions and Reductions

Residents in ZIP Code 75035 may qualify for various property tax exemptions, which can significantly reduce their tax burden. Primary exemptions include:

  • Homestead Exemption: Available to homeowners using the property as their primary residence. This can reduce the taxable value by up to $25,000 for school taxes.
  • Over 65 Exemption: Provides additional reductions for homeowners over 65.
  • Disabled Veteran Exemption: Offers varying reductions based on the degree of disability.
  • Disability Exemption: Available to residents with a qualifying disability status.

Payment and Penalties

Property tax bills in ZIP Code 75035 are typically issued in October and are due by January 31 of the following year. Payments can be made via:

  • Online payment portals
  • Mail
  • In-person at designated offices

Late Payments: Failing to pay property taxes by the due date can result in penalties and interest, starting at a rate of 7% for the first month and increasing with each following month until the balance is settled.

Impact on Homeowners

Property taxes can have a significant financial impact on homeowners in ZIP Code 75035. It’s crucial for residents to stay informed about their property’s assessed value, applicable exemptions, and the due dates for tax payments to manage this expense effectively.

Community Amenities in ZIP Code 75035

Parks and Recreation

Frisco Commons Park

Frisco Commons Park, located within ZIP code 75035, offers a variety of outdoor activities. This park features walking trails, an expansive playground area, and several picnic pavilions. Additionally, the park provides a serene environment with its dedicated natural areas and fishing pond.

Northeast Community Park

Northeast Community Park is the perfect spot for sports enthusiasts. It includes multiple sports fields, a skate park, and modern exercise stations. Visitors can also enjoy the open grassy areas and well-maintained walking paths.

Educational Facilities

Elementary and Middle Schools

The ZIP code 75035 is home to several high-performing schools, such as Elliott Elementary School and Maus Middle School. These institutions are known for their quality education, state-of-the-art facilities, and dedicated teaching staff, providing an excellent educational environment for children and teens.

High Schools

High schools in this ZIP code, including Independence High School, offer a wide range of academic programs and extracurricular activities, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education. The communities around these schools often engage in robust supportive networks for students and families.

Shopping and Dining

Stonebriar Centre

Stonebriar Centre is a prominent shopping destination in ZIP code 75035. The mall features numerous retail stores, popular dining options, and entertainment venues, making it a hub for both shopping and leisure activities.

Shops at Starwood

Shops at Starwood offers a more boutique shopping and dining experience with a selection of specialty stores and restaurants. The area is known for its charming atmosphere and variety of culinary options ranging from casual eats to fine dining.

Healthcare Services

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Frisco

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center provides top-notch healthcare services within this ZIP code. The facility is well-known for its emergency care, surgical specialties, and advanced diagnostic services, offering comprehensive medical support to the community.

Frisco Urgent Care and Clinics

Numerous urgent care facilities and specialized clinics are available in 75035, ensuring residents have access to immediate and convenient healthcare. These healthcare centers are equipped to handle a range of medical needs from minor illnesses to preventive care.

Community Centers and Libraries

Frisco Public Library

The Frisco Public Library is a vital resource for residents. It offers an extensive collection of books, digital resources, and educational programs for all ages. The library also hosts various events and workshops, fostering a vibrant community of lifelong learners.

Frisco Athletic Center

The Frisco Athletic Center provides extensive amenities including indoor and outdoor pools, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and various sports courts. It serves as a key venue for family-friendly activities and community fitness programs.

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