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Safety and Crime Rates in ZIP Code 90201

Overview of ZIP Code 90201

ZIP Code 90201 primarily encompasses parts of Bell and surrounding areas in Los Angeles County, California. This region is known for its diverse population and historical context within the Greater Los Angeles area. Understanding the safety and crime rates is essential for current residents, potential movers, and local authorities.

Crime Statistics

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes within ZIP Code 90201 include offenses such as homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

  • Homicide: The incidence rate is relatively low but is a critical concern requiring ongoing attention from law enforcement agencies.
  • Rape: Cases of rape have been reported sporadically, and community programs are in place to address and prevent such incidents.
  • Robbery: Robbery incidents are moderate, with most occurrences happening during late-night hours in less populated areas.
  • Aggravated Assault: This type of crime appears more frequently, often involving known acquaintances.

Property Crimes

Property crimes are more prevalent in ZIP Code 90201, encompassing burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson.

  • Burglary: Residential burglaries are more common than commercial, often occurring during daytime when homes are unoccupied.
  • Larceny-Theft: Instances of larceny-theft are relatively high, often linked to vehicle break-ins and shoplifting.
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: Auto theft rates are a significant concern, typically involving older model vehicles without modern anti-theft systems.
  • Arson: Rare but impactful, arson cases often involve abandoned properties or storage areas.

Trend Analysis

Analyzing the trends over the past five years shows a decline in violent crimes but an uptick in specific property crimes like motor vehicle theft. This indicates that while personal safety may have improved, there is still work to be done to secure property.

Local Law Enforcement and Safety Measures

Police Presence

The local police department in Bell actively patrols the area and implements community-focused initiatives to enhance public safety. Increased patrols are particularly visible during high-risk times and in crime-prone areas.

Community Programs

The city has instituted various community programs aimed at crime prevention and education. These include:

  • Neighborhood Watch Programs
  • Public Safety Workshops
  • Juvenile Diversion Programs

Community engagement is a cornerstone of these initiatives, helping bridge the gap between law enforcement and residents.

Technological Integration

Advancements in technology have also played a role in reducing crime rates. The integration of surveillance cameras, improved street lighting, and the use of data analytics to predict crime hotspots are notable advancements.

Emergency Services and Resources

In ZIP Code 90201, several emergency services are available to ensure swift responses to crime and safety incidents.

Emergency Hotlines

Residents can call 911 for immediate response. Additionally, non-emergency issues can be reported through the local police department’s direct line.

Fire Department

The local fire department is equipped to handle emergency medical services, fires, and hazardous situations, ensuring community safety beyond just policing efforts.

Public Perceptions and Feedback

Surveys and public forums indicate that residents feel safer than five years ago, although property crimes remain a major concern. Community members consistently call for heightened security measures and continued efforts to maintain low violent crime rates.


For more detailed statistics, residents can refer to the Crime Mapping website and the CrimeReports platform for real-time updates and in-depth data.


The safety and crime rates in ZIP Code 90201 present a mixed picture. While violent crimes have seen a decline, property crimes continue to pose significant challenges. Ongoing efforts by law enforcement, community programs, and technological integrations are vital in advancing public safety.

Proximity to Essential Services in ZIP Code 90201

Healthcare Facilities

The ZIP code 90201, encompassing parts of Bell, Cudahy, and Bell Gardens in California, offers convenient access to a variety of healthcare facilities. Residents have access to top-rated hospitals such as the Los Angeles Community Hospital, located just a few miles away. Additionally, numerous urgent care centers and primary care clinics are distributed evenly throughout the area, ensuring timely medical assistance. Pharmacies like CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens are also readily available for prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Education Institutions

Educational institutions within ZIP code 90201 are ample and diverse, offering high-quality education from kindergarten through high school. Notable schools include Bell High School, Nueva Vista Elementary School, and Nimitz Middle School. Additionally, there are several pre-schools and daycares that cater to early childhood education. The proximity to these educational institutes makes 90201 an attractive location for families.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Access to fresh food and daily necessities is essential for any community, and ZIP code 90201 offers numerous options. Major grocery store chains such as Ralphs, Vallarta Supermarkets, and Smart & Final provide a wide selection of groceries and household items. For specialty foods, local markets and farmers’ markets offer organic and ethnic products. Convenience stores like 7-Eleven and AMPM are also scattered throughout the area for quick purchases.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is highly accessible in 90201, making it easier for residents to commute to and from work, school, or leisure activities. The area is serviced by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro), featuring numerous bus routes and rail lines that connect to greater Los Angeles. Additionally, ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft are readily available for quick and convenient travel.

Parks and Recreational Facilities

For those seeking outdoor activities, ZIP code 90201 offers several parks and recreational facilities. Veteran’s Park and Clara Street Park offer green spaces, walking trails, and playgrounds, perfect for family outings and physical activities. Additionally, recreational centers such as the Bell Community Center provide sports facilities and classes for various age groups, promoting an active lifestyle.

Dining and Entertainment

The dining and entertainment options in 90201 are diverse, catering to a wide array of culinary tastes and leisure preferences. From well-known chains like In-N-Out Burger and Starbucks to local favorites offering authentic Mexican cuisine, the area has it all. In terms of entertainment, residents can enjoy movies at the Edwards Atlantic Towne Center Cinema or catch live performances at nearby venues.

Financial Services

Access to financial services is crucial for managing personal and business finances. ZIP code 90201 is well-served by several banks including Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo. Additionally, there are multiple ATMs and credit unions throughout the area, ensuring convenient access to financial resources.

Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

Gas stations such as Shell and Chevron are conveniently located within the ZIP code, offering fuel and convenience store items. These stations often operate 24/7, providing round-the-clock services to meet the needs of the community.

Postal Services

The United States Postal Service (USPS) operates a central post office in Bell, CA, within ZIP code 90201. In addition, there are several private mailing services like UPS and FedEx that provide a range of postal and package delivery options.

Community and Social Services

Community support services are vital for maintaining a well-functioning society. ZIP code 90201 houses various organizations and centers dedicated to social services, including the Bell Shelter for housing and support services, and the Bell Community Empowerment Center for job training and educational programs.

Emergency Services

Emergency services are well-represented in the 90201 area, with multiple fire stations and police departments ensuring the safety and security of the residents. The proximity to these essential services provides peace of mind and a rapid response in case of emergencies.

Quality of Local Schools for ZIP Code 90201

Schools Overview

The ZIP Code 90201, located in Bell, California, features a variety of educational institutions ranging from pre-schools to high schools. The region is served by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), known for its large and diverse student population.

Educational Institutions

Elementary Schools

Bell’s elementary schools are recognized for their commitment to providing a solid educational foundation. Some of the noteworthy institutions include:

  • Bell Elementary School: Known for its robust academic programs and extracurricular activities.
  • Woodlawn Avenue Elementary School: Offers a variety of programs aimed at fostering critical thinking and creativity.

Middle Schools

Middle schools in 90201 strive to bridge the gap between elementary education and high school, ensuring students are well-prepared for the next phase in their academic journey. Key institutions include:

  • Nimitz Middle School: Offers comprehensive programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
  • Bell Gardens Intermediate: Known for its inclusive education system and diverse student body.

High Schools

High schools in ZIP Code 90201 are known for their strong academic performance, diverse extracurricular activities, and sports programs. Key high schools include:

  • Bell High School: An institution with a long-standing history of academic excellence and community involvement.
  • International Studies Learning Center: Provides a global perspective on education, preparing students for higher education and beyond.

Academic Performance

Test Scores and Ratings

Academic performance in the 90201 area varies among schools, but generally, institutions show a commitment to improvement and excellence. Test scores and ratings, provided by organizations like GreatSchools, give insight into the achievements:

  • Bell High School: Rated 6 out of 10 by GreatSchools, it has shown consistent improvement in student performance.
  • Woodlawn Avenue Elementary School: Rated 5 out of 10, focusing on steady development in core subjects.

These ratings are based on standardized test scores, student progress, and college readiness metrics.

College Preparation

High schools in 90201 emphasize college readiness through Advanced Placement (AP) courses, career technical education (CTE) pathways, and partnerships with local colleges.

  • Bell High School: Offers multiple AP courses and dual enrollment programs with East Los Angeles College.
  • International Studies Learning Center: Focuses on international baccalaureate (IB) programs and global awareness initiatives.

School Facilities


Many schools in 90201 have benefited from LAUSD’s investments in infrastructure. New buildings, updated facilities, and technological advancements are hallmarks of these improvements:

  • Woodlawn Avenue Elementary: Recently renovated with new classrooms, a modern library, and upgraded playgrounds.
  • Nimitz Middle School: Features state-of-the-art science labs, a new gymnasium, and updated computer labs.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities play a significant role in the holistic development of students. Schools in 90201 offer a range of activities, including sports, arts, and club participation:

  • Bell High School: Renowned for its sports teams, drama club, and robotics team.
  • International Studies Learning Center: Offers language clubs, cultural exchange programs, and music ensembles.

Community Involvement

Community involvement is strong in the 90201 area, with schools actively engaging parents and local businesses in educational activities. PTA meetings, volunteer opportunities, and local sponsorships are common:

  • Bell Elementary School: Hosts regular community clean-ups and literacy programs involving local libraries.
  • Bell Gardens Intermediate: Organizes health fairs and career days with local businesses and professionals.

Final Thoughts about ZIP Code 90201 Schools

While challenges remain, such as resource allocation and class sizes, the schools in ZIP Code 90201 are dedicated to providing quality education and supportive environments. Efforts from educators, administrators, and the community contribute to the continuous improvement of these institutions.

Public Transportation Access in ZIP Code 90201

ZIP Code 90201, covering Bell, Cudahy, and Bell Gardens in California, offers a variety of public transportation options to its residents and visitors. The following detailed report provides insights into the available modes, routes, and accessibility features of public transportation within this area.

Bus Services

The primary public transportation mode in ZIP Code 90201 is bus services, facilitated by several operators providing extensive coverage throughout the region.

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)

  • Metro Local Lines: Metro operates several local lines, ensuring frequent stops and coverage across major streets and neighborhoods in Bell, Cudahy, and Bell Gardens. Key routes include Metro Local Line 110, which connects major points of interest and provides easy transfers to other lines.
  • Metro Rapid Lines: For faster service, the Metro Rapid buses, such as Line 760, provide limited-stop services, reducing travel time for passengers commuting to downtown Los Angeles and other key destinations.
  • Metro Express: For long-distance travel, Metro Express services such as Lines 577 and 460 offer expeditious routes connecting ZIP Code 90201 to broader Los Angeles areas, including employment hubs and leisure spots.

Montebello Bus Lines

  • Montebello Bus Lines operate several routes passing through Bell, Cudahy, and Bell Gardens, complementing Metro services. Routes like Line 10 link this region directly to Montebello and neighboring cities.

Bell Gardens Transit

  • Bell Gardens Transit provides a local shuttle service within the city of Bell Gardens, offering residents convenient access to local amenities, including shopping centers, schools, and healthcare facilities.

Accessibility Features

Public transportation in ZIP Code 90201 is equipped with various accessibility features to accommodate passengers with disabilities and special needs.

  • Wheelchair Access: All buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts or ramps, ensuring easy boarding and alighting for passengers using wheelchairs.
  • Priority Seating: Designated priority seating areas are available for seniors and disabled passengers, to enhance comfort and convenience during travel.
  • Audio and Visual Announcements: Buses are equipped with audio and visual announcement systems, providing real-time information on upcoming stops and routes to aid visually and hearing-impaired passengers.

Connectivity and Transfer Options

Connectivity is a key feature of the public transportation network in ZIP Code 90201, enhanced by multiple transfer options among various lines and services.

  • Passengers can easily transfer between Metro Local, Rapid, and Express lines at several interconnected bus stops and transit centers.
  • Montebello Bus Lines and Bell Gardens Transit services synchronize schedules with Metro services, allowing seamless transfers with minimal waiting time.

Public Transport Apps and Real-Time Updates

Modern technology tools enhance the public transportation experience in ZIP Code 90201.

  • Metro App: The Metro App offers real-time bus tracking, route planning, and service notifications.
  • Transit App: Widely used in the region, the Transit App consolidates data from multiple operators, providing real-time updates and trip planning assistance.
  • NextBus: This app displays live arrival times, helping passengers manage their time effectively.

Park and Ride Facilities

Park and ride facilities are strategically located to support commuters using the public transportation network.

  • Several park and ride lots are available near major bus routes, allowing commuters to park their vehicles and board the bus for the remainder of their journey.
  • Facilities such as the Bell Gardens Park & Ride offer secure parking options close to transit stops, enhancing convenience for long-distance travelers.

Environmental Impact and Community Benefits

Public transportation in ZIP Code 90201 contributes significantly to environmental sustainability and community well-being.

  • Reduction in Carbon Footprint: By utilizing public transportation, residents contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduced traffic congestion.
  • Community Connectivity: Enhanced public transportation foster better connectivity between neighborhoods, improving access to services, employment, and social activities.

Neighborhood Atmosphere in ZIP Code 90201


ZIP Code 90201 covers Bell Gardens, a diverse and vibrant suburban community in Los Angeles County, California. Known for its welcoming atmosphere and rich cultural heritage, Bell Gardens offers a unique blend of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.


The population in Bell Gardens is a mix of various age groups and ethnic backgrounds, contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of the area. The predominant ethnic groups include Hispanic and Latino communities, which influence the local cuisine, festivals, and daily life. Family units are a common sight, with many multi-generational households.

Residential Areas

The residential landscape in Bell Gardens is varied, featuring single-family homes, apartments, and townhouses. Many of the houses reflect the Spanish-style architecture that is common in Southern California. Streets are typically lined with trees, providing a serene environment.

Recreational Facilities

Residents of 90201 have access to numerous parks and recreational facilities. Veterans Park and John Anson Ford Park are popular spots offering playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas. Community events and sports leagues are frequently organized, fostering a strong sense of community.


ZIP Code 90201 is served by several public and private schools, catering to various educational needs. Notable institutions include Bell Gardens High School and St. Gertrude School. These schools are known for their commitment to academic excellence and extracurricular activities.

Local Economy

The local economy in Bell Gardens is bolstered by a mix of small businesses, retail shops, and service providers. The Bicycle Hotel & Casino is a significant landmark, attracting visitors and adding to the economic vibrancy of the area. Additionally, local markets and restaurants offer a variety of goods and services, reflecting the community’s cultural diversity.

Transport and Accessibility

Bell Gardens is well-connected via public transportation and major roadways. The proximity to Interstate 710 and other major highways ensures convenient access to neighboring cities and attractions. Public transit options include bus routes operated by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA), making commuting straightforward for residents.

Community and Culture

Cultural activities and community engagement are integral parts of life in Bell Gardens. The city organizes various cultural festivals, parades, and community service events throughout the year. These activities not only celebrate the diverse heritage of the residents but also promote unity and social cohesion.

Safety and Services

Safety in Bell Gardens is a priority, with local law enforcement actively working to maintain a secure environment. Community policing, along with neighborhood watch programs, helps to foster a sense of safety among residents. Essential services, such as healthcare and public utilities, are readily available, ensuring the well-being of the community.

Neighborhood Reviews

Residents often praise Bell Gardens for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Reviews highlight the sense of community, diverse culture, and accessibility to amenities as major positives. However, some areas are noted for needing improvement in terms of infrastructure and public services.


ZIP Code 90201, encompassing Bell Gardens, offers a diverse and engaging neighborhood atmosphere. Its mix of cultural richness, residential tranquility, and community spirit make it an attractive place to live for many. The area’s amenities, educational opportunities, and vibrant community life contribute to its unique charm.

Real Estate Market Trends for ZIP Code 90201

Overview of the 90201 Market

The real estate market in the ZIP Code 90201, located in Bell, California, is characterized by a variety of factors, including median home prices, the number of listings, and overall market dynamics. This report provides an in-depth analysis of current trends in this specific area.

Median Home Prices

As of the latest data, the median home price in 90201 stands at approximately $540,000. This reflects a year-over-year increase of around 8.5%, showcasing robust growth in property values within this ZIP code. Understanding the median price is vital for both buyers and sellers who are navigating through the local market.

Market Inventory and Listings

The number of active listings in ZIP Code 90201 has seen a slight decrease over the past year. Currently, there are about 75 active listings, indicating a possible trend towards a seller’s market. A lower inventory often results in increased competition among buyers, pushing home prices higher.

Days on Market (DOM)

Homes in the 90201 area typically spend an average of 42 days on the market before going under contract. This is slightly lower than the national average, suggesting that properties in this ZIP code are in relatively high demand.

Price per Square Foot

The average price per square foot in 90201 is currently $420. This figure has seen a noticeable rise of about 6% over the past year, reflecting increasing property values and buyer interest.

Rental Market Insights

The rental market in 90201 also shows significant activity. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $1,850 per month. This marks an increase of roughly 4% compared to the previous year, indicating strong demand for rental properties as well.

New Construction and Development

Several new construction projects are underway in and around the 90201 ZIP code, which is expected to add more residential units to the market. This development boom may help temper home prices slightly by increasing supply, but it’s also a sign of continued investment and optimism in the area.

Community and Amenities

The real estate market in 90201 is bolstered by a strong sense of community and a variety of local amenities. Excellent schools, parks, and proximity to major highways make this area particularly attractive to families and young professionals.

Investment Opportunities

For real estate investors, ZIP code 90201 presents a variety of opportunities. The steady rise in home prices and rental demand makes it a compelling area for both long-term growth and rental income. Investors should consider the current trends and projected developments when making their decisions.


The real estate market in ZIP code 90201 is experiencing significant growth in home values and rental rates, driven by high demand and limited supply. With ongoing developments and a strong community infrastructure, 90201 remains a competitive and attractive market for buyers, sellers, and investors alike.

Property Taxes for ZIP Code 90201

Overview of Property Taxes in 90201

The 90201 ZIP Code corresponds to Bell Gardens, California, a city in Los Angeles County. Property taxes in this area are an important aspect of homeownership and contribute to various public services such as schools, infrastructure, and emergency services. Understanding the dynamics of property taxes in Bell Gardens is essential for current and prospective property owners.

How Property Taxes are Calculated

Property taxes in Bell Gardens, like other parts of California, are primarily calculated based on the assessed value of the property. The assessment process involves:

  • Assessed Value: This value is determined by the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office and is typically based on the purchase price of the property. For properties that haven’t changed ownership, the assessed value increases annually by no more than 2%, as governed by Proposition 13.
  • Tax Rate: The base tax rate is approximately 1% of the assessed value. However, additional voter-approved taxes and special assessments may apply.

The formula to calculate property taxes is generally:

Property Tax = Assessed Value × Tax Rate + Special Assessments

Historical Property Tax Rates

Over the past decade, the property tax rates in Bell Gardens have remained relatively stable due to Proposition 13. Here is a summary of the rate components:

Year Base Tax Rate Special Assessments
2013 1.00% 0.15%
2015 1.00% 0.20%
2018 1.00% 0.25%
2021 1.00% 0.30%

Payment of Property Taxes

Property taxes in 90201 are typically due in two installments:

  1. First Installment: Due on November 1, delinquent after December 10.
  2. Second Installment: Due on February 1, delinquent after April 10.

Payments can be made online, via mail, or in person at the Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector’s Office.

Exemptions and Assistance Programs

Various exemptions and assistance programs are available to property owners in Bell Gardens:

  • Homeowner’s Exemption: Reduces the taxable value of a primary residence by $7,000.
  • Senior Citizen Property Tax Postponement: Allows eligible seniors to defer payment of property taxes.
  • Disabled Veterans’ Exemption: Provides significant reductions in assessed value for veterans with a service-connected disability.

Impact of Local Measures and Bonds

Property tax rates in Bell Gardens can be influenced by local measures and bonds approved by voters. These may include funding for schools, public safety, and infrastructure improvements. It is important for property owners to stay informed about upcoming measures and their potential impact on property taxes.

Resources for Property Owners

For more detailed information and assistance, property owners in ZIP Code 90201 can refer to the following resources:

Community Amenities in ZIP Code 90201

Parks and Recreational Facilities

Residents of ZIP Code 90201 enjoy access to several well-maintained parks and recreational facilities. Key locations include:

  • Bell Gardens Veterans Park – Offers sports fields, basketball courts, and a skate park.
  • John Anson Ford Park – Features a large lake, picnic areas, playgrounds, and walking trails.
  • Clara Street Park – Provides a children’s playground, tennis courts, and a community center.

Community Centers

The community centers in ZIP Code 90201 are vibrant hubs that host various programs and activities for all age groups:

  • Bell Gardens Community Center – Offers fitness classes, senior programs, and cultural events.
  • Martha B. Mora Community Center – Provides after-school programs and meeting spaces for community groups.


Libraries serve as educational and cultural resources for the community:

  • Bell Gardens Library – Part of the Los Angeles County Library system, offering a wide range of books, multimedia resources, and public programs.

Educational Facilities

ZIP Code 90201 boasts numerous educational institutions, including:

  • Schools:
    • Bell Gardens High School
    • Bell Gardens Intermediate School
    • Several elementary schools with strong community involvement
  • Higher Education:
    • East Los Angeles College – South Gate Educational Center.

Healthcare Facilities

The community is served by several healthcare providers and facilities:

  • Bell Gardens Medical Clinic – Offers general practice and specialist services.
  • Pioneer Medical Group – Provides comprehensive medical care, including imaging and laboratory services.

Shopping and Dining

Residents have access to a variety of shopping and dining options:

  • The Bicycle Hotel & Casino – Features dining options in addition to gaming facilities.
  • Local shopping centers and eateries – Offer diverse retail and culinary experiences.

Public Safety and Services

Effective public safety and city services contribute to the well-being of the community:

  • Bell Gardens Police Department – Ensures community safety with responsive law enforcement.
  • Fire Services – Provided by the Los Angeles County Fire Department, ensuring quick and efficient emergency response.


Transportation options within ZIP Code 90201 allow for convenient travel:

  • Public Transport – Accessible through multiple bus lines and services offered by Metro and Montebello Bus Lines.
  • Roadways – Easy access to major highways, including Interstate 710 and Interstate 5, connects the community to greater Los Angeles.

Events and Activities

Community events play a vital role in the social fabric of ZIP Code 90201:

  • Annual Festivals – Seasonal events and cultural festivals foster community spirit.
  • Local Markets – Regular farmers’ markets provide fresh produce and artisanal goods.
  • Volunteer Opportunities – Various nonprofits and community groups offer ways to get involved and give back.

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