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Safety and Crime Rates in ZIP Code 37013

Understanding the safety and crime rates in the ZIP Code 37013 can provide valuable insight for residents, potential movers, and businesses. This comprehensive report dives into various aspects of safety, crime statistics, and community initiatives within this area.

Crime Statistics


The ZIP Code 37013, encompassing parts of Antioch, Tennessee, has a mixed crime rate that varies depending on the specific neighborhoods. According to recent data, both violent and property crimes have been reported in the area:

  • Violent Crimes: Homicides, assaults, and robberies.
  • Property Crimes: Burglaries, motor vehicle thefts, and larceny-thefts.

Violent Crime Rates

Violent crime in 37013 is slightly above the national average. The most common types include:

  • Assault: Assault cases form a significant portion of violent crime rates.
  • Robbery: There have been several reported cases of robbery in various neighborhoods.
  • Homicide: Homicide rates are relatively low but still notable.

Property Crime Rates

Property crime is a significant concern in 37013, with the following details:

  • Burglary: Home and business burglaries are reported occasionally.
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: Car thefts have been recorded, especially in areas with less secure parking options.
  • Larceny-Theft: Incidents of larceny-theft often involve the stealing of personal belongings.

Community Safety Initiatives

Neighborhood Watch Programs

Several neighborhoods in 37013 have established Neighborhood Watch Programs to enhance safety. These programs encourage residents to monitor and report suspicious activities.

Police Presence

The local police department has increased its presence in high-crime areas, focusing on both prevention and rapid response to incidents. Regular patrols and community policing efforts have been intensified.

Community Engagement

Local community organizations frequently hold events and meetings aimed at improving neighborhood safety. These initiatives often include:

  • Safety Workshops: Training residents on how to protect themselves and their properties.
  • Youth Programs: Engaging young people in activities to deter them from criminal activities.
  • Public Forums: Allowing residents to voice their concerns and work together on solutions.

Comparative Analysis

Comparatively, ZIP Code 37013 has a higher crime rate than some neighboring ZIP Codes but similar rates to other urban areas within the same metropolitan region.

  • Urban Areas: Crime rates in 37013 are typical for urban settings with diverse populations and economic conditions.
  • Neighboring ZIP Codes: Some nearby ZIP Codes may report lower crime rates due to differing socioeconomic factors and population densities.


While ZIP Code 37013 faces challenges related to crime and safety, ongoing community and law enforcement efforts aim to improve conditions. Residents are encouraged to participate in neighborhood initiatives and stay informed about local safety measures.

Proximity to Essential Services in ZIP Code 37013, United States

Healthcare Facilities

Residents of ZIP Code 37013 have access to a range of healthcare facilities. The area is served by several prominent hospitals and clinics, including:

  • TriStar Southern Hills Medical Center: A full-service hospital offering emergency care, surgery, and specialized treatments.
  • Family Health Center: Provides primary care services along with preventive health screenings and routine check-ups.
  • Urgent Care Clinics: Multiple urgent care centers are available, providing immediate medical attention for non-life-threatening conditions.

Educational Institutions

Education is well-catered for in ZIP Code 37013, with options ranging from elementary to higher education. Key institutions include:

  • Henry Maxwell Elementary School: Known for its comprehensive K-5 education program and community involvement.
  • Antioch Middle School: Offers a variety of academic and extracurricular programs for grades 6-8.
  • Nashville State Community College – South Campus: Provides higher education opportunities, including associate degrees and certification programs.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

The neighborhood boasts a number of major grocery stores, ensuring residents can easily access fresh produce and daily necessities. Notable mentions include:

  • Kroger: A well-known chain offering a diverse range of groceries, meats, and household products.
  • Publix: Renowned for its customer service and extensive selection of organic and specialty foods.
  • Aldi: Popular for its cost-effective pricing and quality products.

Parks and Recreation

ZIP Code 37013 offers several parks and recreational facilities for outdoor activities and family fun. Major parks include:

  • Cane Ridge Park: Features walking trails, sports fields, and playgrounds.
  • Mill Creek Greenway: Provides a scenic route for walking, jogging, and cycling.
  • Antioch Community Center: Offers a variety of community programs and activities, including fitness classes and youth sports.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is readily available, making commuting convenient for residents. Options include:

  • WeGo Public Transit: Offers several bus routes serving the 37013 area, providing connectivity to key locations within Nashville.
  • Park-and-Ride Facilities: Located at strategic points to assist commuters in accessing public transit easily.
  • Ridesharing Services: Easily accessible through popular apps such as Uber and Lyft.

Retail and Shopping Centers

Shopping enthusiasts in the 37013 area have access to a variety of retail centers and malls, including:

  • Global Mall at the Crossings: Features a mix of retail stores, dining options, and entertainment venues.
  • Hickory Hollow Shopping Center: Home to numerous specialty shops and service providers.
  • Century Farms: A newly developed complex offering a blend of shopping, dining, and recreational spaces.

Emergency Services

Emergency services in ZIP Code 37013 are well-coordinated to ensure safety and swift response times. Key facilities include:

  • Antioch Fire Department: Equipped for rapid response to fire emergencies and rescue operations.
  • Metro Nashville Police Department – South Precinct: Provides law enforcement and public safety services to the 37013 area.
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS): Offers quick medical response and transportation to healthcare facilities in case of medical emergencies.


The availability of public libraries enriches the community, fostering educational growth and providing access to a wealth of resources. Notable libraries include:

  • Antioch Branch Library: Part of the Nashville Public Library system, offering books, digital media, and community programs.

Financial Institutions

Residents of ZIP Code 37013 have access to numerous banks and financial institutions for their banking needs. Major banks include:

  • Bank of America: Offers a full suite of banking services, including personal, business, and investment banking.
  • Wells Fargo: Known for its wide range of financial services and customer support.
  • Fifth Third Bank: Provides banking solutions tailored to individual and business needs.

Quality of Local Schools in ZIP Code 37013

The ZIP code 37013 encompasses a diverse array of educational facilities, each varying in quality and offerings. This comprehensive report delves into the various aspects of the local schools within this area, providing insights into their performance, programs, and overall quality.

Elementary Schools

Thurgood Marshall Elementary School

Thurgood Marshall Elementary School stands out for its commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment. According to state assessments, a high percentage of students achieve proficiency in mathematics and reading.

  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 16:1
  • GreatSchools Rating: 7/10
  • Special Programs: STEM, Arts Integration

A.Z. Kelley Elementary School

A.Z. Kelley Elementary is known for its comprehensive curriculum and strong community involvement. The school focuses on holistic education, aiming to develop both the academic and social skills of students.

  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 18:1
  • GreatSchools Rating: 6/10
  • Special Programs: Dual Language Program, Music

Middle Schools

Antioch Middle School

Antioch Middle School offers a range of extracurricular activities and advanced placement options. The school’s diverse student body is supported by dedicated staff and a range of academic resources.

  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 17:1
  • GreatSchools Rating: 5/10
  • Special Programs: Gifted and Talented, Robotics Club

Martha Vaught Middle School

Martha Vaught Middle School has a strong emphasis on technology integration in the classroom. The school provides numerous opportunities for student engagement through clubs and interactive learning methods.

  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 16:1
  • GreatSchools Rating: 6/10
  • Special Programs: Technology Integration, Sports Teams

High Schools

Antioch High School

Antioch High School is recognized for its rigorous academic programs and extensive extracurricular offerings. The school boasts strong graduation rates and a variety of college preparatory courses.

  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 19:1
  • GreatSchools Rating: 5/10
  • Special Programs: Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB)

John Overton High School

John Overton High School is known for its cultural diversity and emphasis on inclusive education. The school provides robust support services and a wide array of advanced coursework options.

  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 18:1
  • GreatSchools Rating: 7/10
  • Special Programs: AP Courses, Arts and Music Programs

Specialty and Charter Schools

Knowledge Academy

Knowledge Academy offers a unique charter school experience with a focus on personalized learning and student achievement. The school prides itself on small class sizes and a detailed individual attention approach.

  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 15:1
  • GreatSchools Rating: 6/10
  • Special Programs: Personalized Learning Plans, Community Service Projects

Nashville School of the Arts

Nashville School of the Arts is a magnet school offering specialized programs in the visual and performing arts. Students benefit from professional-grade facilities and connections to local arts organizations.

  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 14:1
  • GreatSchools Rating: 8/10
  • Special Programs: Dance, Music, Theater, Visual Arts

Performance Metrics

Across the ZIP code 37013, schools present a mix of performance levels, with some demonstrating outstanding academic achievements and others showing room for improvement. Standardized test scores, graduation rates, and college readiness indicators are employed to assess school quality.

  • Average Math Proficiency: 40%
  • Average Reading Proficiency: 38%
  • Average Graduation Rate: 85%

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are abundant in the 37013 area schools, ranging from sports teams to arts clubs. Participation in these activities supports student engagement and fosters a sense of community.

  • Sports: Football, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball
  • Arts: Music Bands, Theatre, Visual Arts Clubs
  • Academic: Debate Club, Math League, Science Olympiad

Public Transportation Access in ZIP Code 37013

Exploring public transportation options within ZIP Code 37013 reveals a variety of services designed to connect residents with the greater metropolitan area and enhance mobility. This comprehensive report details the different public transit components available, routes, schedules, and overall accessibility in this region.

Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Services

Residents in ZIP Code 37013 have access to RTA (Regional Transportation Authority) services, which play a crucial role in providing commuter-friendly options. The RTA manages several bus routes that traverse through this area, linking with wider networks across the city.

  • Route 38X: Antioch Express is a key route within ZIP Code 37013. It provides a direct, quick pathway to downtown Nashville, accommodating peak commuting hours.
  • Route 15: Murfreesboro Pike is another significant route offering extensive coverage, ensuring frequent service and broad accessibility throughout the day.
  • Route 55: Murfreesboro Pike BRT Lite delivers a higher frequency of service with fewer stops, aiming at faster transit times for commuters.

Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Services

The MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) enhances transportation within 37013 by operating several bus routes that serve local and long-distance trips. Key MTA services include:

  • Route 86: Antioch connects residents with major hubs and local destinations within a direct reach allowing for easier navigation and reduced commute times.
  • Route 18: Airport provides regular service to the Nashville International Airport directly from the ZIP Code 37013 area, ideal for travelers and airport employees.

Park and Ride Facilities

The ZIP Code 37013 region supports numerous Park and Ride facilities. These facilities allow residents to park their personal vehicles securely and commute via public transit, promoting environmental sustainability and reducing inner-city traffic. Key locations include:

  • Global Mall at the Crossings: A well-known Park and Ride spot supporting various RTA and MTA routes, fostering commuter convenience.
  • Antioch Pike Park and Ride: Another significant facility offering ample parking and easy access to numerous transit lines servicing the broader area.

Accessibility and Amenities

Public transportation access in ZIP Code 37013 also emphasizes inclusivity and convenience with several amenities:

  • Most buses are equipped with ADA-compliant features, ensuring accessibility for all residents, including those with disabilities.
  • Real-time tracking is available for many bus routes via mobile apps, helping commuters plan their journeys with precision.
  • Bus stops are strategically located, often near community centers, shopping areas, and medical facilities, ensuring essential services are within easy reach.

Future Developments

The transportation infrastructure within ZIP Code 37013 is poised for significant enhancements with ongoing and future development projects aimed at improving coverage, frequency, and overall service quality:

  • NashvilleNext Initiative: aims to expand public transit options, focusing on sustainability and urban planning to better serve the ZIP Code 37013 area.
  • Potential introduction of rapid transit solutions to reduce travel times and further integrate different parts of the metropolitan area.


Public transportation within ZIP Code 37013 offers comprehensive coverage and convenience, facilitated by RTA and MTA services. With several routes, Park and Ride options, and future enhancements in the pipeline, residents and visitors can look forward to a robust and accessible public transportation network.

Neighborhood Atmosphere for ZIP Code 37013

Community Demographics

The ZIP Code 37013, located in Antioch, Tennessee, is known for its diverse community. The area is home to people from various ethnic backgrounds, fostering a rich cultural environment. According to the latest Census data, the population of ZIP Code 37013 is approximately 86,000 residents, with a median age of 33 years.

Residential Areas

Residential areas in the 37013 ZIP Code range from single-family homes to modern apartments. The mix of housing options accommodates a broad spectrum of socio-economic groups, from young professionals to established families and retirees. The neighborhoods boast tree-lined streets, well-maintained parks, and community centers that contribute to a suburban feel.

Schools and Education

Educational institutions in the 37013 area include a variety of public and private schools, providing options for families. The public schools are managed by the Metro Nashville Public Schools district, known for its commitment to academic excellence.

  • Elementary Schools: Examples include Apollo Middle School and Cane Ridge Elementary.
  • High Schools: Cane Ridge High School is a notable option, offering a comprehensive curriculum.
  • Private Schools: Lighthouse Christian School adds to the educational diversity.

Access to Amenities

Residents of 37013 have access to a variety of amenities that contribute to the convenience and quality of life:

  • Shopping: Global Mall at the Crossings offers retail stores and dining options.
  • Parks and Recreation: Antioch Park and Mill Creek Park provide green spaces for outdoor activities.
  • Healthcare: TriStar Southern Hills Medical Center is nearby, offering comprehensive medical services.


The transportation network in ZIP Code 37013 is robust, with several options for commuting:

  • Highways: Interstate 24 runs through the area, connecting residents to downtown Nashville and beyond.
  • Public Transit: The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) provides bus services across Antioch.
  • Air Travel: Nashville International Airport is approximately a 15-minute drive away, convenient for frequent travelers.

Safety and Community Services

Community safety is a top priority in the 37013 area. The Metro Nashville Police Department has a dedicated presence in the neighborhood, ensuring prompt response times. Neighborly spirit is bolstered through neighborhood watch programs and local community events.

Emergency services, including fire stations and urgent care facilities, are readily available, enhancing the sense of security among residents.

Local Events and Culture

The cultural landscape in ZIP Code 37013 is vibrant, with numerous events and activities reflecting the area’s diversity:

  • Community Festivals: Annual events such as the Antioch International Festival celebrate the neighborhood’s multicultural heritage.
  • Arts and Entertainment: The Global Mall hosts various cultural events, performances, and exhibitions.
  • Farmers’ Markets: Local markets offer fresh produce and craft items, fostering a sense of community.

Dining and Nightlife

Dining options in ZIP Code 37013 cater to diverse tastes, from local Southern cuisine to international fare. Popular local eateries include:

  • Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack: Famous for its Nashville hot chicken.
  • Casa Fiesta: A well-loved spot for Mexican cuisine.
  • Vietnamese Pho & Banh Mi: Renowned for authentic Vietnamese dishes.

Nightlife in the area is subdued but accessible, with several bars and lounges offering a relaxed atmosphere for socializing.

Economic Landscape

The economic landscape in ZIP Code 37013 is dynamic, with a mix of small businesses and large enterprises contributing to the local economy. Job opportunities are varied, including sectors such as retail, healthcare, and technology.

Local business associations and chambers of commerce actively support entrepreneurship and business growth, making the area attractive for startups and established companies alike.


The ZIP Code 37013 in Antioch, Tennessee, offers a well-rounded living experience, characterized by its diverse community, reliable amenities, and strong sense of safety and community. These attributes, combined with a vibrant cultural scene and convenient transportation options, make it a favorable choice for individuals and families alike.

Real Estate Market Trends for ZIP Code 37013

Overview of the Market

The real estate market in ZIP Code 37013, located in Antioch, Tennessee, has been experiencing significant changes. This area, known for its suburban feel with an urban influx, is attracting both homebuyers and investors alike.

Median Home Prices

The median home price in ZIP Code 37013 has seen a steady increase over the past few years. As of 2023, the median home price stands at approximately $340,000, up from $290,000 in 2020. This upward trend is indicative of the strong demand for housing in the area.

Inventory Levels

Inventory levels in the 37013 ZIP Code have fluctuated over the years. Currently, the market is experiencing a low inventory level, contributing to the competitive nature of purchasing homes in the area. This low inventory is partially due to the high demand and relatively slow pace of new construction projects.

Days on Market

Homes in ZIP Code 37013 typically spend an average of 20 to 30 days on the market. This relatively short period is a clear indicator of a seller’s market, where buyers must act quickly to secure properties.

Renting vs. Buying

Given the rising home prices, potential homeowners are weighing the cost of renting versus buying. The average monthly rent for a single-family home in ZIP Code 37013 is around $1,800. When compared to a mortgage payment, many find that homeownership, despite higher upfront costs, is a more financially sound long-term decision.

New Construction

New construction projects are underway to meet the growing demand, though they have not kept pace with the skyrocketing demand. These new developments are primarily focused on single-family homes and townhouses, aiming to offer modern amenities and cater to both families and young professionals.

Market Drivers

Several key factors are driving the real estate market in ZIP Code 37013:

  • Economic Growth: The area is experiencing economic growth, with new businesses and job opportunities attracting new residents.
  • Proximity to Nashville: The neighborhood’s proximity to Nashville, combined with more affordable housing options, makes it an attractive place to live.
  • Quality of Life: Good schools, parks, and community facilities contribute significantly to the desirability of the area.

Future Projections

Experts predict that the real estate market in ZIP Code 37013 will continue to grow. Factors such as economic stability, continued demand for housing, and ongoing development projects suggest that home prices will keep rising, albeit at a more moderate pace than in recent years.

Investment Opportunities

For real estate investors, ZIP Code 37013 offers numerous opportunities. The rental market is strong, and with rising home values, properties in this area promise good returns on investment. Investors should consider both rental properties and fix-and-flip opportunities to maximize their potential gains.


The real estate market in ZIP Code 37013 is robust, driven by economic growth and high demand for housing. While the market favors sellers, buyers can still find valuable opportunities with proper strategy and timing. For investors, the area offers promising returns, making it a worthwhile consideration for real estate portfolios.

Property Taxes in ZIP Code 37013

Overview of Property Taxes

The ZIP Code 37013, located in Antioch, Tennessee, falls under the jurisdiction of Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County. This area is subject to specific property tax regulations that influence homeowners, real estate investors, and businesses within the community. Understanding these tax details is crucial for current and prospective property owners.

Property Tax Rates

The property tax rate for ZIP Code 37013 is determined by the Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County Assessor of Property. The assessments are based on a percentage of the property’s market value, and the rates can fluctuate based on local government budget requirements and overall economic conditions.

For 2023, the property tax rate in ZIP Code 37013 is approximately 3.155 per $100 of assessed value. This rate may vary slightly due to legislative changes or reassessments.

Assessment Process

Properties in the 37013 ZIP Code are assessed periodically by the county assessor’s office to determine their current market value. This assessment process typically occurs every four years and involves a detailed analysis of recent sales, property conditions, and improvements or changes made to the property.

After the assessment, property owners receive a notice that details their property’s assessed value and the corresponding tax obligations.

Calculating Property Taxes

To calculate the property taxes in ZIP Code 37013, you can use the following formula:

Property Tax = (Assessed Value / 100) * Tax Rate

For instance, if a property in Antioch is assessed at $250,000, the calculation for the annual property tax would be:

Property Tax = ($250,000 / 100) * 3.155 = $7,887.50

Payment and Due Dates

Property tax payments for properties in ZIP Code 37013 are typically due by the end of February each year. Homeowners have the option to pay their taxes online, by mail, or in person at designated county offices. In some cases, taxpayers can arrange installment plans to manage their financial responsibilities more effectively.

Exemptions and Relief Programs

Several property tax relief programs are available for eligible property owners in ZIP Code 37013. These programs can significantly reduce the amount of tax payable and are particularly beneficial for senior citizens, disabled veterans, and low-income homeowners.

Common exemptions and relief programs include:

  • Senior Citizen Property Tax Relief: Available for residents aged 65 and older, with income criteria to qualify.
  • Disabled Veteran Exemptions: Significant tax relief for disabled veterans based on the level of disability and other qualifying conditions.
  • Tax Freeze Program: Allows qualifying senior citizens to “freeze” their property taxes at current levels, preventing future increases.

Appealing Property Tax Assessments

If property owners in ZIP Code 37013 believe their property’s assessed value is inaccurate, they have the right to appeal. The appeal process involves submitting a formal request to the Metropolitan Board of Equalization, presenting evidence that justifies a different valuation.

Property owners can appeal in writing or through a scheduled hearing, providing comparative sales data, property appraisals, or physical property condition assessments to support their case.

Impact on Homeowners and Real Estate Market

Property taxes play a crucial role in the financial planning of homeowners and influence the overall real estate market in ZIP Code 37013. Higher property taxes can affect property values and, consequently, buyer demand and market activity. Conversely, favorable tax rates and relief programs can enhance market attractiveness and stimulate property investments.


Property taxes in ZIP Code 37013 are a decisive factor for homeowners and prospective buyers. Keeping informed about tax rates, assessment procedures, payment options, exemptions, and appeal processes can help property owners navigate their responsibilities and make informed decisions about their investments.

Community Amenities in ZIP Code 37013

Parks and Recreational Areas

ZIP Code 37013, located in Antioch, Tennessee, offers a variety of parks and recreational areas for residents and visitors. The Mill Creek Greenway is a popular choice, featuring scenic walking and biking trails along the creek. Another highlight is Cane Ridge Park, which boasts sports fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas.

Shopping and Dining

Residents of 37013 can enjoy a diverse range of shopping and dining options. Global Mall at the Crossings serves as a significant retail hub, offering a variety of stores and eateries. For those who love dining out, the area presents everything from popular chains to local gems like La Cocina Mexican Restaurant and Joe’s Crab Shack.

Educational Facilities

The ZIP Code 37013 region is well-served by educational institutions. Cane Ridge High School and Antioch Middle School provide quality education and various extracurricular activities. Moreover, the Southeast Branch Library offers a vast collection of books, community programs, and study rooms.

Healthcare Services

Residents have access to comprehensive healthcare services. The TriStar Southern Hills Medical Center is located nearby, offering emergency care, specialized treatments, and outpatient services. Various clinics and dental offices, such as Antioch Medical Clinic and My New Smile Dental, cater to everyday health needs.

Fitness and Wellness Centers

Fitness enthusiasts in 37013 have plenty of options to stay active. Planet Fitness and Gold’s Gym provide modern facilities equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. For a more tailored fitness experience, Title Boxing Club and Hot Yoga Plus offer specialized workout classes.

Community Events and Activities

37013 is known for its vibrant community events that bring people together. The Antioch Community Center frequently hosts festivals, farmer’s markets, and cultural fairs. Regular events like the Antioch Music & Arts Festival celebrate local talent and cultural diversity with live music, art exhibits, and food vendors.

Public Transportation

The public transportation system efficiently serves the 37013 area. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) buses provide convenient routes connecting residents to the wider Nashville area. Additionally, the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) offers commuter services for those traveling to surrounding suburbs and downtown Nashville.

Community Resources

Several community resources underpin the robust social fabric of 37013. The Antioch Community Center not only hosts events but also provides essential services such as job training programs, senior activities, and childcare support. Various non-profits and religious organizations, like Project Return and Antioch United Methodist Church, offer additional community support and resources.

Safety and Public Services

Ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents, 37013 is covered by dedicated police and fire services. The Nashville Police Department’s South Precinct collaborates with the community to maintain safety and address concerns. Fire protection is managed by the Nashville Fire Department Station 29, ensuring rapid response to emergencies.

Housing and Real Estate

Housing options in ZIP Code 37013 range from affordable apartments to spacious single-family homes. Real estate developments like The Point at Waterford Crossing and Hamilton Chase provide modern living choices with amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and clubhouses.

Religious and Spiritual Centers

Diverse religious and spiritual needs are met by various houses of worship within 37013. Prominent locations include LifePoint Church and The Islamic Center of Tennessee, each offering worship services, community programs, and spiritual support for their congregations.

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